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Each year, American residents, businesses, and industries spend billions on their energy costs. Dramatic recent developments in electric markets; energy policy; and global climate disruption will substantially affect America’s economy, environment, and energy costs in the foreseeable future. Electric industry restructuring is well underway in wholesale markets and has begun to penetrate into retail markets as well.  America faces the substantial challenge of structuring competition to be efficient, equitable, and environmentally sound.

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3 Reasons Why This Credit Bubble is worse than 1929

by Marc Parent


Precursors to a Recession: Complicit Fed, Population Involved, and Greater Dependence on Credit

The market seems to have taken well to the liquidity injection by the Federal Reserve. Since the past two weeks of subprime debacles and stockmarket woes, the market is slowly gaining a foothold.  Investorslending companies are collapsing and firing thousands of people. Growing foreclosure numbers, housing pricesdepreciating, and consumer spending cut backs don’t seem to matter.  The sentiment is we will be back to good times in a matter of weeks. Just to give you some idea of how quickly the market is turning take a look at the number of foreclosure filings in California: don’t seem to care that each day a few this is no small increase.


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The Age Of Disaster Capitalism

by Naomi Klein

In the days after 9/11, America’s firefighters, nurses and teachers were hailed as the country’s heroes. But President Bush’s embracing of the public sector didn’t last long. As the dust settled on the twin towers, the White House launched an entirely new economy, based on security – with the belief that only private firms could meet the challenge. In this exclusive extract from her new book, Naomi Klein reports on those who see a profitable prospect in a grim future.