Monday 19th of November 2018
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Innocent Blood (1992)





(5 / 5)

by Ian Shutter
directed by John Landis

Anne Parillaud from Nikita stars as Marie, a sexy vampire taking advantage of a Mafioso street war to feed on gangsters. She’s a superhuman femme fatale, tackling heavyweight mob boss Sal ‘the Shark’ (Robert Loggia), eluding cops (including Anthony LaPaglia’s suspicious detective) by scaling rooftops, and covering her tracks with a shotgun blast.

As the undead body count rises amidst lots of extremely messy gore effects, genre chills turn to urban thrills as contemporary vampire horror becomes ultra-violent action movie. French beauty Parillaud is superbly confident in her first Hollywood picture, conveying a languid sensuality with a melancholy edge befitting a character of… ‘indeterminate’ age. John Landis struggles to do for vampires what An American Werewolf In London did for lycanthropes, but the flaws of Innocent Blood are relatively minor when compared to most of today’s vampire films, and the director almost succeeds in finding the ideal balance of animalistic horror and aggressive comedy, with an element of modern fantasy romance thrown in.