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1. “Citizen Kane” 1941
Citizen Kane (1941) No doubt the greatest of American films, Orson Welles’s 1941 masterpiece made when he was only in his twenties, still seems fresh today. Orson Welles plays newspaper tycoon Charles Foster Kane (based on William Randolph Hearst) who was taken from his mother as a boy, made the ward of a rich industrialist and then went on to become a rich and bitter man. Written by Welles and Herman J. Mankiewicz and photographed by Gregg Toland using camera techniques that were revolutionary for their time.
from RKO Radio Pictures

Directed by
Orson Welles

Orson Welles (Charles Foster Kane)
Joseph Cotten (Jedediah Leland)
Dorothy Comingore (Susan Alexander)
Agnes Moorehead (Mrs. Kane)
Ruth Warrick (Emily Norton)
Ray Collins (Boss Jim Gettys)
Erskine Sanford (Herbert Carter)
Everett Sloane (Bernstein)
William Alland (Jerry Thompson)

Written by
Herman J. Mankiewicz
Orson Welles

Original Music by
Bernard Herrmann

2. “Casablanca” 1942
Humphrey Bogart is the American expatriate and war profiteer Rick Blaine in World War II Morocco, content to merely run the Cafe Americain until love (in the form of his ex-love luminous Ingrid Bergman) returns to his life and inspires him to stand up for the French Resistance. Paul Heinreid is her husband Victor Laszlo.
from Warner Brothers

Directed by
Michael Curtiz

Humphrey Bogart (Rick Blaine)
Ingrid Bergman (Ilsa Lund Laszlo)
Paul Henreid (Victor Laszlo)
Claude Rains (Captain Louis Renault)
Conrad Veidt (Major Heinrich Strasser)
Sydney Greenstreet (Senor Ferrari)
Peter Lorre (Ugarte)
S.Z. Sakall (Carl, the Headwaiter)
Madeleine Lebeau (Yvonne)
Dooley Wilson (Sam)
Joy Page (Annina Brandel)

Written by
Julius J. Epstein
Philip G. Epstein
Howard Koch
Murray Burnett (play)
Joan Alison (play)

Original Music by
Max Steiner

3. “The Godfather” 1972
The quintessential film depiction of the Cosa Nostra or Mafia and how it came to attain and keep its power in the Italian-American community. Five families control the interests of the New York-New Jersey area in the World War II and post-war era; the most powerful one headed by Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando). The aging Don must transfer power to one of his three sons. He would prefer to give it to Sonny (James Cann), already in the business. But the position goes to Michael (Al Pacino), the youngest, the most even-tempered of the Corleone sons. The film centers around Michael’s adaptation to his new position, his handling of the violence that goes with the job and which is often leveled against his family, and his tragically aborted marriage to his Sicilian fiancee. Based on Mario Puzo’s novel.
from Paramount Pictures

Directed by
Francis Ford Coppola

Marlon Brando (Vito Corleone)
Al Pacino (Michael Corleone)
James Caan (Sonny Corleone)
Richard S. Castellano (Clemenza)
Robert Duvall (Tom Hagen)
Sterling Hayden (Police Captain McCluskey)
John Marley (Jack Woltz)
Richard Conte (Barzini)
Al Lettieri (Sollozzo)
Diane Keaton (Kay Adams)
Abe Vigoda (Tessio)
Talia Shire (Connie Corleone Rizzi)
Gianni Russo (Carlo Rizzi)
John Cazale (Fredo Corleone)
Alex Rocco (Moe Green)

Written by
Francis Coppola
Mario Puzo (novel)

Original Music by
Nino Rota
Carmine Coppola

4. “Gone With The Wind” 1939
The beautiful Southern belle Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh) loves and loses and loves again a slyly dashing war profiteer named Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) as she struggles to protect her family and beloved plantation, Tara, from the ravages of the Civil War. Based on Margaret Mitchell’s 1936 novel, which at the time of the film’s release, had surpassed 1,500,000 copies sold. Selznick paid $50,000 for rights to the book.
from Selznick International Pictures

Directed by
Victor Fleming

Vivien Leigh (Scarlett O’Hara)
Clark Gable (Rhett Butler)
Leslie Howard (Ashley Wilkes)
Olivia De Havilland (Melanie Hamilton)
Hattie McDaniel (Mammy)
Evelyn Keyes (Suellen O’Hara)
Ann Rutherford (Carreen)
Butterfly McQueen (Prissy)
George Reeves (Stuart Tarleton)
Fred Crane (Brent Tarleton)
Thomas Mitchell (Gerald O’Hara)
Barbara O’Neil (Ellen)

Written by
Margaret Mitchell (novel)
Sidney Howard

Original Music by
Max Steiner

5. “Lawrence Of Arabia” 1962
Lawrence of Arabia is in essence a sweeping biography of T.E. Lawrence (Peter O’Toole), the eccentric British officer who united the desert tribes of Arabia against Turkey during World War I. A beautifully filmed movie, Lawrence of Arabia really gives you a sense of the vast beauty of the desert. Really needs to be seen in wide screen format or on the big screen to be fully appreciated.
from Columbia Pictures

Directed by
David Lean

Peter O’Toole (T.E. Lawrence)
Alec Guinness (Prince Feisal)
Anthony Quinn (Auda abu Tayi)
Jack Hawkins (General Allenby)
Omar Sharif (Sherif Ali ibn el Kharish)
Jose Ferrer (Bey of Deraa)
Anthony Quayle (Colonel Harry Brighton)
Claude Rains (Mr. Dryden)
Arthur Kennedy (Jackson Bentley)

Written by
T.E. Lawrence (writings)
Robert Bolt
Michael Wilson

Original Music by
Maurice Jarre

6. “The Wizard Of Oz” 1939
Based on L. Frank Baum’s novel, The Wizard of Oz follows the tale of Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland) with her dog Toto as she is mysteriously transported to the land of Oz where she meets up with a Scarecrow (Ray Bolger), a Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr), and a Tin Woodsman (Jack Haley) who travel with her to find the Wizard (Frank Morgan) who can get her back home
from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Directed by
Victor Fleming

Judy Garland (Dorothy Gale)
Frank Morgan (Professor Marvel / Guardian / Wizard)
Ray Bolger (Hunk Andrews / Scarecrow)
Bert Lahr (Zeke / Cowardly Lion)
Jack Haley (Hickory Twicker / Tin Woodsman)
Billie Burke (Glinda, the Good Witch)
Margaret Hamilton (Miss Almira Gulch / The Wicked Witch of the West)
Charley Grapewin (Uncle Henry)
Pat Walshe (Nikko)
Clara Blandick (Aunt Em)
Charley Becker (Mayor)
Meinhardt Raabe (Coroner)

Written by
L. Frank Baum (novel)
Noel Langley
Florence Ryerson
Edgar Allan Woolf

Original Music by
Harold Arlen
E. Y. Harburg
Herbert Stothart

7. “The Graduate” 1967
Dustin Hoffman, in his first major screen role, stars as a naive college graduate who falls in love with Elaine Robinson (Katherine Ross) but finds himself seduced by her mother, the sexy Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft). Simon and Garfunkel lend their talents to the soundtrack.
from Embassy Pictures

Directed by
Mike Nichols

Anne Bancroft (Mrs. Robinson)
Dustin Hoffman (Benjamin Braddock)
Katharine Ross (Elaine Robinson)
William Daniels (Mr. Braddock)
Murray Hamilton (Mr. Robinson)
Elizabeth Wilson (Mrs. Braddock)
Buck Henry (Room Clerk)
Brian Avery (Carl Smith)
Walter Brooke (Mr. McGuire)
Norman Fell (Mr. McCleery)
Alice Ghostley (Mrs. Singleman)
Marion Lorne (Miss De Witt)
Eddra Gale (Woman on Bus)
Richard Dreyfuss (Hotel resident)

Written by
Buck Henry
Charles Webb (novel)
Calder Willingham

Original music by
Simon & Garfunkel
Dave Grusin

8. “On The Waterfront” 1954
Terry Malloy (Marlon Brando), a handsome but inarticulate longshoreman (and an ex-prize fighter), gets involved in a labor scandal when a fellow dock worker is murdered. He knows that the victim was killed by the oppressive labor union for squealing to a commission investigating misdoings. Terry intends to keep his mouth shut and his job safe. But when Edie (Eva Marie Saint), the dead man’s beautiful sister, comes to town, he must choose between his allegiance to a corrupt union and his loyalty to Edie. Rob Steiger plays Terry’s older brother Charley and Lee J. Cobb plays the violent boss Johnny Friendly.
from Columbia Pictures

Directed by
Elia Kazan

Marlon Brando (Terry Malloy)
Karl Malden (Father Barry)
Lee J. Cobb (Johnny Friendly)
Rod Steiger (Charley Malloy)
Eva Marie Saint (Edie Doyle)
Pat Henning (Kayo Dugan)
Leif Erickson (Glover)
James Westerfield (Big Mac)
Tony Galento (Truck)
Tami Mauriello (Tullio)
John Hamilton (Pop Doyle)
John Heldabrand (Mutt)
Rudy Bond (Moose)
Don Blackman (Luke)
Arthur Keegan (Jimmy)
Abe Simon (Barney)

Written by
Malcolm Johnson (articles)
Budd Schulberg

Original Music by
Leonard Bernstein

9. “Schindler’s List” 1993
Adapted from the book by Thomas Keneally and directed by Steven Spielberg, Schindler’s List is the story of Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson), a Catholic war profiteer who risked his own life and eventually went bankrupt to save the lives of more than 1,000 Jews who worked in his factory. Filmed in Poland and entirely in black and white (except for two exceptions), Schindler’s List stands as one of the greatest films ever about the Holocaust during World War II. Ben Kingsley plays Itzhak Stern, Schindler’s accountant who helps Schindler walk the fine line with the Nazis that he needed to do in order to keep his business afloat. Ralph Fiennes plays Amon Goeth, the vicious Nazi camp commandant who enjoys shooting Jews for target practice from his balcony.
from Universal Pictures

Directed by
Steven Spielberg

Liam Neeson (Oskar Schindler)
Ben Kingsley (Itzhak Stern)
Ralph Fiennes (Amon Goeth)
Caroline Goodall (Emilie Schindler)
Jonathan Sagalle (Poldek Pfefferberg)
Embeth Davidtz (Helen Hirsch)
Malgoscha Gebel (Victoria Klonowska)
Shmulik Levy (Wilek Chilowicz)
Mark Ivanir (Marcel Goldberg)
Beatrice Macola (Ingrid)
Andrzej Seweryn (Julian Scherner)
Friedrich von Thun (Rolf Czurda)
Krzysztof Luft (Herman Toffel)
Harry Nehring (Leo John)
Norbert Weisser (Albert Hujar)
Adi Nitzan (Mila Pfefferberg)
Michael Schneider (Juda Dresner)
Miri Fabian (Chaja Dresner)
Anna Mucha (Danka Dresner)
Albert Misak (Mordecai Wulkan)
Michael Gordon (Mr. Nussbaum)
Aldona Grochal (Mrs. Nussbaum)
Jacek Wojcicki (Henry Rosner)
Beata Paluch (Manci Rosner)
Piotr Polk (Leo Rosner)

Written by
Steven Zaillian
Thomas Keneally (novel)

10. “Singin’ In The Rain” 1952
One of the most charming Hollywood musicals ever made. Singin’ in the Rain takes a loving look at the end of the silent film era, and cinema’s rocky transition to sound. After years of honing his skills on the vaudeville stage, hoofer Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) has finally reached the top and become a swashbuckling star of the silver screen. Then the self-satisfied celebrity has his confidence shattered when ingenue Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds) dismisses film actors as “shadows” without substance. Of course, after getting over the insult, he falls hard for her — much to the consternation of his costar, the sexy, selfish Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen), who wants Don all to herself. But Don and Lina have more to worry about than romantic troubles. Sound’s come in, and, thanks to Lina’s shrill, shrieking voice, their first “talkie” has left the preview audience roaring with laughter. Now there’s only one way to save the movie and their careers: turn “The Dueling Cavalier” into a musical… with Kathy secretly dubbing in Lina’s lines. Musical numbers include: “Singin’ in the Rain,” “You Were Meant for Me,” “Make ‘Em Laugh,” and “All I Do Is Dream of You.”
from MGM

Directed by
Stanley Donen
Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly (Don Lockwood)
Donald O’Connor (Cosmo Brown)
Debbie Reynolds (Kathy Selden)
Jean Hagen (Lina Lamont)
Millard Mitchell (R. F. Simpson)
Cyd Charisse (Dancer)
Douglas Fowley (Roscoe Dexter)
Rita Moreno (Zelda Zanders)

Written by
Betty Comden
Adolph Green

11. “It’s A Wonderful Life” 1946
George Bailey (James Stewart) grows up in the small town of Bedford Falls, dreaming of adventure and travel, but life conspires to keep him from realizing his dreams. Frustrated and frightened by the implications of an impending scandal, George prepares to commit suicide on Christmas Eve. An angel (Henry Travers) arrives in the nick of time to show him what Bedford Falls would have been like had he never been born.
from Liberty Films / RKO Radio Pictures

Directed by
Frank Capra

James Stewart (George Bailey)
Donna Reed (Mary Hatch)
Lionel Barrymore (Mr. Potter)
Thomas Mitchell (Uncle Billy)
Henry Travers (Clarence)
Beulah Bondi (Mrs. Bailey)
Frank Faylen (Ernie)
Ward Bond (Bert)
Gloria Grahame (Violet)
H.B. Warner (Mr. Gower)
Frank Albertson (Sam Wainwright)
Todd Karns (Harry Bailey)
Samuel S. Hinds (Pa Bailey)
Mary Treen (Cousin Tilly)
Virginia Patton (Ruth Dakin)
Charles Williams (Cousin Eustace)
Sarah Edwards (Mrs. Hatch)
William Edmunds (Mr. Martini)
Lillian Randolph (Annie)
Argentina Brunetti (Mrs. Martini)
Bobbie Anderson (Little George)
Ronnie Ralph (Little Sam)
Jean Gale (Little Mary)
Jeanine Anne Roose (Little Violet)
Danny Mummert (Little Marty Hatch)
Georgie Nokes (Little Harry Bailey)
Sheldon Leonard (Nick)
Frank Hagney (Potter’s Bodyguard)
Ray Walker (Joe (Luggage Shop))
Charles Lane (Real Estate Salesman)
Edward Keane (Tom (Bldg. & Loan))
Carol Coomes (Janie Bailey)
Karolyn Grimes (Zuzu Bailey)
Larry Simms (Pete Bailey)
Jimmy Hawkins (Tommy Bailey)

Written by
Philip Van Doren Stern (story)
Frances Goodrich
Albert Hackett
Frank Capra
Jo Swerling

12. “Sunset Boulevard” 1950
The aging and deluded silent-film queen Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) refuses to allow the sun to set on her career and hires the young screenwriter Joe Gillis (William Holden) to help her make a comeback. Erich von Stroheim plays her butler Max. One of the best black comedies.
from Paramount Pictures

Directed by
Billy Wilder

William Holden (Joe Gillis)
Gloria Swanson (Norma Desmond)
Erich von Stroheim (Max Von Mayerling)
Nancy Olson (Betty Schaefer)
Fred Clark (Sheldrake)
Lloyd Gough (Morino)
Jack Webb (Artie Green)
Franklyn Farnum (Undertaker)
Larry J. Blake (First Finance Man)
Charles Dayton (Second Finance Man)
Cecil B. DeMille (Himself)
Hedda Hopper (Herself)
Buster Keaton (Himself)
Anna Q. Nilsson (Herself)
H.B. Warner (Himself)
Ray Evans (Himself)
Jay Livingston (Himself)

Written by
Charles Brackett
D.M. Marshman Jr.
Billy Wilder

13. “The Bridge On The River Kwai” 1957
A classic story of English World War II POWs in Burma forced to build a bridge for their Japanese captors. British and American intelligence officers, led by a British Major Warden (Jack Hawkins) and guided by an American escapee named Shears (William Holden),conspire to blow up the structure, but the commander Colonel Nicholson (Alec Guinness) who supervised the bridge’s construction has acquired a sense of pride in his creation and tries to foil their plans. Too late, he realizes the devastating consequences of his actions. Academy Award Nominations: 8, including Best Supporting Actor — Sessue Hayakawa. Academy Awards: 7, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor–Alec Guinness, Best (Adapted) Screenplay.
from Columbia Pictures / Horizon Films

Directed by
David Lean

William Holden (Shears)
Alec Guinness (Colonel Nicholson)
Jack Hawkins (Major Warden)
Sessue Hayakawa (Colonel Saito)
James Donald (Major Clipton)
Geoffrey Horne (Lieutenant Joyce)
Andre Morell (Colonel Green)
Peter Williams (Major Reeves)
John Boxer (Major Hughes)
Percy Herbert (Grogan)
Harold Goodwin (Baker)
Keiichiro Katsumoto (Lieutenant Miura)
Henry Okawa (Captain Kanematsu)
Ann Sears (Nurse)
M.R.B. Chakrabandhu (Yai)
Kannikar Dowklee
Javanart Punynchoti
Vilaiwan Seeboonreaung
Ngamta Suphaphongs

Written by
Pierre Boulle (novel)
Carl Foreman
Michael Wilson
Calder Willingham

14. “Some Like It Hot” 1959
Set in Prohibition era Chicago, Some Like It Hot is the outlandish story of two musicians (Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis) who accidentally witness a gangland murder. They pose as members (in drag) of an all girl band in order to avoid the gangland chief Spats Colombo (George Raft). Marilyn Monroe plays the sexy lead singer of the band, Sugar Kane.
from United Artists

Directed by
Billy Wilder

Marilyn Monroe (Sugar Kane)
Tony Curtis (Joe)
Jack Lemmon (Jerry)
George Raft (Spats Colombo)
Pat O’Brien (Mulligan)
Joe E. Brown (Osgood Fielding III)
Nehemiah Persoff (Bonaparte)
Joan Shawlee (Sweet Sue)
Billy Gray (Sig Poliakoff)
George E. Stone (Toothpick)
Dave Barry (Beinstock)
Mike Mazurki (Spats’ Henchman)
Harry Wilson (Spats’ Henchman)
Beverly Wills (Dolores)
Barbara Drew (Nellie)
Edward G. Robinson Jr. (Paradise)
Marian Collier (Olga)
Helen Perry (Rosella)

Written by
I.A.L. Diamond
M. Logan (story)
Robert Thoeren (story)
Billy Wilder

Original Music by
Adolph Deutsch

15. “Star Wars” 1977
Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) joins a desperate rebellion against the evil galactic Empire after his aunt and uncle are murdered by Imperial stormtroopers. Along the way, he joins up with Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and they… oh, you know the rest. Use the force.
from 20th Century Fox

Directed by
George Lucas

Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker)
Harrison Ford (Han Solo)
Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia Organa)
Peter Cushing (Grand Moff Tarkin)
Alec Guinness (Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi)
Anthony Daniels (C-3PO)
Kenny Baker (R2-D2)
Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca)
David Prowse (Lord Darth Vader)
James Earl Jones (Lord Darth Vader) (voice)
Phil Brown (Uncle Owen Lars)
Shelagh Fraser (Aunt Beru Lars)
Alex McCrindle (General Dodonna)
Eddie Byrne (Commander Willard)
Drewe Henley (Red Leader)
Denis Lawson (Wedge Antilles (Red 2))
Garrick Hagon (Biggs Darklighter (Red 3))
William Hootkins (Jek Porkins (Red 6))
Angus MacInnes (Dutch (Gold Leader))
Jeremy Sinden (Tiree)
Graham Ashley (Tiree (Gold 2))
Don Henderson (General Tagge)
Richard Le Parmentier (Admiral Motti)
Leslie Schofield (Imperial Commander #1)

Written by
George Lucas

16. “All About Eve” 1950
This brilliant, acerbic look at theatre life features Bette Davis as the aging Broadway star Margo Channing who takes the seemingly naive fan Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter) under her wing, only to discover the waif is scheming to take her throne. All About Eve was nominated for a record-setting 14 Academy Awards® and won 7.
from 20th Century Fox

Directed by
Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Bette Davis (Margo Channing)
Anne Baxter (Eve Harrington)
George Sanders (Addison De Witt)
Celeste Holm (Karen Richards)
Gary Merrill (Bill Sampson)
Hugh Marlowe (Lloyd Richards)
Gregory Ratoff (Max Fabian)
Barbara Bates (Phoebe)
Marilyn Monroe (Claudia Caswell)
Thelma Ritter (Birdie)
Walter Hampden (Aged Actor)
Randy Stuart (Girl)
Craig Hill (Leading Man)
Leland Harris (Doorman)
Barbara White (Autograph Seeker)
Eddie Fisher (Stage Manager)
William Pullen (Clerk)
Claude Stroud (Pianist)
Eugene Borden (Frenchman)
Helen Mowery (Reporter)
Steven Geray (Captain of Waiters)

Written by
Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Mary Orr (story)

17. “The African Queen” 1951
Charlie Allnut (Humphrey Bogart) the boozing, smoking, cussing captain of a tramp steamer saves prim and proper Rose Sayer (Katharine Hepburn) after her brother is killed by German soldiers at the beginning of World War I in Africa. Many quarrels later, the two set sail on the Ulonga-Bora in order to sabotage a German ship. Based on the 1935 novel by C.S. Forester. Academy Award Nominations: 4, including Best Director, Best Actress–Katharine Hepburn.
from Horizon Films / Romulus Productions

Directed by
John Huston

Humphrey Bogart (Charlie Allnut)
Katharine Hepburn (Rose Sayer)
Robert Morley (Reverend Samuel Sayer)
Peter Bull (Captain of Louisa)
Theodore Bikel (First Officer)
Walter Gotell (Second Officer)
Gerald Onn (Petty Officer)
Peter Swanwick (First Officer of Shona)
Richard Marner (Second Officer of Shona)

Written by
James Agee
C.S. Forester (novel)
John Huston

18. “Psycho” 1960
Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), the tremulous manager of a dilapidated roadside hotel and an amateur taxidermist with a predilection for birds, suffers under the domination of his “mother,” who rather savagely disapproves of fast women. Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) is the blond who impulsively steals $40,000 and has the bad luck to pick the Bates Motel while on the run. Generally considered the progenitor of the horror genre, and an unmitigated masterpiece. Based on the eponymous novel by Robert Bloch.

In its original release, which was before the MPAA, the film had no rating; It was rated M (for Mature Audiences) by the MPAA for a 1968 re-issue; then re-rated R in 1984. Psycho was the first Hollywood film to show an image of a toilet flushing.
from Shamley Productions

Directed by
Alfred Hitchcock

Anthony Perkins (Norman Bates)
Vera Miles (Lila Crane)
John Gavin (Sam Loomis)
Martin Balsam (Milton Arbogast)
John McIntire (Sheriff Chambers)
Simon Oakland (Dr. Richmond)
Vaughn Taylor (George Lowery)
Frank Albertson (Tom Cassidy)
Lurene Tuttle (Mrs. Chambers)
Patricia Hitchcock (Caroline)
John Anderson (California Charlie)
Mort Mills (Highway Patrolman)
Janet Leigh (Marion Crane)

Written by
Robert Bloch (novel)
Joseph Stefano

Original Music by
Bernard Herrmann

19. “Chinatown” 1974
J. J. “Jake” Gittes (Jack Nicholson), a private-eye who specializes in adultery cases, is hired by a woman (Faye Dunaway) to investigate the infidelities of her alleged husband, the water commissioner for the city of Los Angeles. As the film noir plot unfolds, the detective gets in way over his head in a case involving the illegal damming of water out of a drought-striken area, corrupt politicians grabbing up land, and a prominent family’s long-hidden dark secret. The various plot strains come together at the end of the film in the Chinatown section of the city, the part of town where the law always seems to lose out to other “mysterious” forces at play. Oscar for Best Original Screenplay (Robert Towne). A sequel was made in 1990 by Jack Nicholson “The Two Jakes”.
from Paramount Pictures

Directed by
Roman Polanski

Jack Nicholson (J. J. “Jake” Gittes)
Faye Dunaway (Evelyn Cross Mulwray)
John Huston (Noah Cross)
Perry Lopez (Escobar)
John Hillerman (Yelburton)
Darrell Zwerling (Hollis Mulwray)
Diane Ladd (Ida Sessions)
Roy Jenson (Claude Mulvihill)
Richard Bakalyan (Loach)
Roman Polanski (Man with Knife)
Joe Mantell (Walsh)
Bruce Glover (Duffy)
Nandu Hinds (Sophie)
James O’Rear (Lawyer)
James Hong (Evelyn’s Butler)
Beulah Quo (Maid)
Jerry Fujikawa (Gardener)
Belinda Palmer (Katherine)
Roy Roberts (Mayor Bagby)
George Justin (Barber)
Noble Willingham (Councilman)
Elliott Montgomery (Councilman)
Rance Howard (Irate Farmer)
Doc Erickson (Customer)
Fritzie Burr (Mulwray’s Secretary)
Charles Knapp (Mortician)
Claudio Martinez (Boy on Horseback)
Federico Roberto (Cross’ Butler)
Allan Warnick (Clerk)
John Holland (Farmer in the Valley)
Jesse Vint (Farmer in the Valley)
Jim Burke (Farmer in the Valley)

Denny Arnold (Farmer in the Valley)
Burt Young (Curly)
Elizabeth Harding (Curly’s Wife)
John Rogers (Mr. Palmer)
Cecil Elliott (Emma Dill)
Bob Golden (Policeman)
Paul Jenkins (Policeman)
Lee de Broux (Policeman)

Written by
Robert Towne

Original Music by
Jerry Goldsmith

20. “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” 1975
An award-winning cinematic adaptation of Ken Kesey’s celebrated novel that captures the rebellious and anarchic energy of the 1960s . Randle P. McMurphy (Jack Nicholson), a mental patient, bucks the rigid administrative system at the asylum where he’s incarcerated — and pays a high price for his nonconformity. McMurphy, who’s seemingly just a misdiagnosed free spirit, invigorates the previously zombified patients with his independent ways. But the authoritarian staff, led by the cold Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher) cannot accept such behavior, and they’ll do whatever it takes to bring him down. Academy Award® Nominations: 9, including Best Supporting Actor–Brad Dourif.
from Fantasy Films / United Artists

Directed by
Milos Forman

Jack Nicholson (Randle P. McMurphy)
Louise Fletcher (Nurse Ratched)
William Redfield (Harding)
Brad Dourif (Billy Bibbit)
Will Sampson (Chief Bromden)
Danny DeVito (Martini)
Christopher Lloyd (Taber)
Scatman Crothers (Orderly Turkle)
Marya Small (Candy)
Sydney Lassick (Cheswick)
Nathan George (Attendant Washington)
Mwako Cumbuka (Warren)
William Duell (Sefelt)
Delos V. Smith Jr. (Scanlon)
Dean R. Brooks (Dr. Spivey)
Mimi Sarkisian (Nurse Pilbow)
Vincent Schiavelli (Frederickson)
Josip Elic (Bancini)
Peter Brocco (Col. Matterson)
Michael Berryman (Ellis)
Louisa Moritz (Rose)
Alonzo Brown (Miller)
Lan Fendors (Nurse Itsu)
Ken Kenny (Beans Garfield)
Mel Lambert (Harbor Master)
Kay Lee (Night Nurse)
Dwight Marfield (Ellsworth)
Ted Markland (Hap Arlich)
Philip Roth (Woolsey)
Tin Welch (Ruckley)

Written by
Bo Goldman
Lawrence Hauben
Ken Kesey (novel)

Original Music by
Jack Nitzsche

21. “The Grapes Of Wrath” 1940
John Ford’s classic screen translation of Steinbeck’s searing Depression-era novel, “The Grapes of Wrath.” Unable to earn enough money to live, or grow enough food to eat, the Joads leave behind the dust-laden farms of the 1930s Midwest and head for what they imagine to be the gold mountains of California. But when they arrive, the naive and trustful family runs up against innumerable disasters, both natural and man-made.
from 20th Century Fox

Directed by
John Ford

Henry Fonda (Tom Joad)
Jane Darwell (Ma Joad)
John Carradine (Reverend Jim Casy)
Charley Grapewin (Grandpa Joad)
Dorris Bowdon (Rose of Sharon)
Russell Simpson (Pa Joad)
O.Z. Whitehead (Al)
John Qualen (Muley Graves)
Eddie Quillan (Connie)
Zeffie Tilbury (Gramma)
Irving Bacon (Roy, conductor)
Trevor Bardette (Jule)
Ward Bond (Policeman)
Charles D. Brown (Wilkie)
Cliff Clarke (Townsman)
Frank Darien (Uncle John)
Frank Faylen (Tim Wallace)
Paul Guilfoyle (Floyd)
Darryl Hickman (Winfield Joad)
Robert Homans (Spencer)
David Hughes (Frank)
Roger Imhof (Thomas)
Selmer Jackson (Inspector)
Hollis Jewell (Muley’s Son)
Mae Marsh (Floyd’s Wife)
Kitty McHugh (Mae)
Charles Middleton (Leader)
Shirley Mills (Ruth Joad)
Grant Mitchell (Caretaker)
Adrian Morris (Agent)
William Pawley (Bill)
Steve Pendleton (Attendant)
Jack Pennick (Camp helper)
Joe Sawyer (Accountant)
Frank Sully (Noah)
Charles Tannen (Joe)
Harry Tyler (Bert)
Eddy Waller (Proprietor)
Tom Tyler (Deputy)

Written by
Nunnally Johnson
John Steinbeck (novel)

22. “2001: A Space Odyssey” 1968
2001: A Space Odyssey is one of those films that defy a synopsis. With a plot that unfolds extremely slowly (yet encompasses a theme no less than the development of life itself), the film is of the sort that cannot be described but must be experienced. Following a prologue in pre-historic times, in which groups of apes learn to use tools and discover an unusual structure (a “monolith”), 21st century technology is displayed in painstaking detail (with the emphasis on space travel and exploration). In the year 2001, a team of astronauts is being sent to Jupiter to investigate the appearance of a radio transmission. When the on-board computer (HAL) begins to function strangely, this forces the surviving member of the team David Bowman (Keir Dullea) to abort the mission, and he is hurtled towards the unknown.
from MGM

Directed by
Stanley Kubrick

Keir Dullea (David Bowman)
Gary Lockwood (Frank Poole)
William Sylvester (Heywood Floyd)
Daniel Richter (Moonwatcher)
Leonard Rossiter (Smyslov)
Margaret Tyzack (Elena)
Robert Beatty (Halvorsen)
Sean Sullivan (Michaels)
Douglas Rain (HAL 9000 (voice))
Frank Miller (Mission Controller)
Bill Weston
Ed Bishop (Lunar shuttle captain)
Glenn Beck
Alan Gifford (Poole’s Father)
Ann Gillis
Edwina Carroll (Stewardess)
Penny Brahms (Stewardess)

Written by
Arthur C. Clarke (story)
Stanley Kubrick

Music by
Aram Khachaturian
György Ligeti
Richard Strauss
Johann Strauss

23. “The Maltese Falcon” 1941
Hard-drinking private eye Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart) sleuths the backyard of San Francisco in search of an elusive black bird statuette while evading the setups of three disparate miscreants: the duplicitous Brigid (Mary Astor), the perfumed Mr. Cairo (Peter Lorre), and the scheming Fat Man. Huston’s brilliant directorial debut is aided by first-rate performances, excellent camera work, as well as the director’s acute attention to detail while shooting the film. Based on the crime novel by Dashiell Hammett. Previous versions of the story were filmed in 1931 (a.k.a. “Dangerous Female”) and in 1936 (as “Satan Met a Lady,” starring Bette Davis), and poorly redone in 1975 (“The Black Bird”).
from Warner Brothers

Directed by
John Huston

Humphrey Bogart (Sam Spade)
Mary Astor (Brigid O’Shaughnessy)
Gladys George (Iva Archer)
Peter Lorre (Joel Cairo)
Barton MacLane (Detective Lieutenant Dundy)
Lee Patrick (Effie Perine)
Sydney Greenstreet (Kasper Gutman)
Ward Bond (Detective Tom Polhaus)
Jerome Cowan (Miles Archer)
Elisha Cook Jr (Wilmer Cook)
James Burke (Luke)
Murray Alper (Frank Richman)
John Hamilton (Attorney Bryan)

Written by
Dashiell Hammett (novel)
John Huston

Original music by
Adolph Deutsch

24. “Raging Bull” 1980
Starring Robert De Niro in an Academy Award-winning performance, “Raging Bull” is one of the most unforgiving and unforgettable character studies ever filmed. The hero, Jake La Motta (De Niro), is an Italian-American, Bronx-born boxer plagued by the demons of his Catholic upbringing and by his insane machismo. Mentally and emotionally limited to the extreme, La Motta’s only mode of expression is violence, both in the ring and out. “Raging Bull” chronicles the downward spiral of La Motta’s life, as his inability to control his brutal rage destroys his marriage, his relationship with his brother (Joe Pesci) and, eventually, his career.
from United Artists

Directed by
Martin Scorsese

Robert De Niro (Jake La Motta)
Cathy Moriarty (Vickie La Motta)
Joe Pesci (Joey La Motta)
Frank Vincent (Salvy)
Nicholas Colasanto (Tommy Como)
Theresa Saldana (Lenore)
Mario Gallo (Mario)
Frank Adonis (Patsy)
Joseph Bono (Guido)
Frank Topham (Toppy)
Lori Anne Flax (Irma)
Charles Scorsese (Charlie)
Don Dunphy (Himself/Radio Announcer)
Bill Hanrahan (Eddie Eagan)
Rita Bennett (Emma – Miss 48’s)
James V. Christy (Dr. Pinto)
Bernie Allen (Comedian)
Floyd Anderson (Jimmy Reeves)
Harold Valan (Referee)
Victor Magnotta (Fighting Soldier)
Johnny Barnes (Sugar Ray Robinson)
John Thomas (Sugar Ray’s Trainer)
Kenny Davis (Referee (1st Robinson Fight))
Paul Carmello (Ring Announcer (1st Robinson Fight))
Jimmy Lennon (Ring Announcer (2nd Robinson Fight/Dauthuille Fight))
Bobby Rings (Referee (2nd Robinson Fight))
Kevin Mahon (Tony Janiro)
Marty Denkin (Referee (Janiro Fight))
Shay Duffin (Ring Announcer (Janiro Fight))
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad (Billy Fox)
‘Sweet’ Dick Whittington (Ring Announcer (Fox Fight))
Jack Lotz (Referee (Fox Fight) )
Kevin Breslin (Heckler)
Louis Raftis (Marcel Cerdan)
Frank Shain (Ring Announcer (Cerdan Fight))
Coley Wallace (Joe Louis)

Written by
Jake La Motta (book)
Joseph Carter (book)
Peter Savage (book)
Paul Schrader
Mardik Martin

25. “E.T – The Extra-Terrestrial” 1982
A 10 year old boy named Elliott (Henry Thomas) finds a friendly alien from another planet in the family’s back yard shed and hides him in his bedroom. He can’t keep his secret for long and soon his sister Gertie (Drew Barrymore) and brother Michael (Robert MacNaughton) are in on the plan to help the alien return to his home planet. Directed masterfully by Steven Spielberg.
from Universal Pictures

Directed by
Steven Spielberg

Dee Wallace-Stone (Mary)
Henry Thomas (Elliott)
Peter Coyote (Keys)
Robert MacNaughton (Michael)
Drew Barrymore (Gertie)
K.C. Martel (Greg)
Sean Frye (Steve)
C. Thomas Howell (Tyler)
Erika Eleniak (Pretty Girl)
David M. O’Dell (Schoolboy)
Richard Swingler (Science Teacher)
Frank Toth (Policeman)
Robert Barton (Ultrasound Man)
Michael Durrell (Van Man)
David Berkson (Medic)
David Carlberg (Medic)
Milt Kogan (Medic)
Alexander Lampone (Medic)
Rhoda Makoff (Medic)
Robert Murphy (Medic)
Richard Pesavento (Medic)
Tom Sherry (Medic)
Susan Cameron (Medic)
Will Fowler Jr. (Medic)
Barbara Hartnett (Medic)
Diane Lampone (Medic)
Mary Stein (Medic)
Mitchell Suskin (Medic)
Pat Walsh (E.T. (voice) (uncredited))
Debra Winger (E.T. (voice) (uncredited))

Written by
Melissa Mathison

Original Music by
John Williams

26. “Dr. Strangelove” 1964
Stanley Kubrick’s classic black comedy about nuclear holocaust and an out-of-control armed forces. A mad Air Force general, convinced that the Russians have found a unique means of poisoning the American water supply, sends forth a plane to drop nuclear bombs on the Soviet Union. Pity that no one knows the code to bring it back. Exacerbating the problem: the “doomsday machine,” a new Russian weapon programmed to blow up earth in the event of an attack. And no one knows how to stop that, either. As the American plane, piloted by a gung-ho, good-old-boy Texan, nears its target, pandemonium breaks out in the war room as the hapless, hopeless President, a megalomaniac scientist, and a randy, macho general, struggle fruitlessly over what to do — or whether to do anything at all.
from Columbia Pictures

Directed by
Stanley Kubrick

Peter Sellers (Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake / President Merkin Muffley / Dr. Strangelove)
George C. Scott (General “Buck” Turgidson)
Sterling Hayden (General Jack D. Ripper)
Keenan Wynn (Colonel “Bat” Guano)
Slim Pickens (Major T. J. “King” Kong)
Peter Bull (Ambassador de Sadesky)
James Earl Jones (Lieutenant Lothar Zogg)
Tracy Reed (Miss Scott)
Jack Creley (Mr. Staines)
Frank Berry (Lieutenant H. R. Dietrich)
Robert O’Neil (Admiral Randolph)
Glen Beck (Lieutenant W. D. Kivel)
Roy Stephens (Frank)
Shane Rimmer (Captain G. A. “Ace” Owens)
Hal Galili (Burpelson Defense Team Member)
Paul Tamarin (Lieutenant B. Goldberg)
Laurence Herder (Burpelson Defense Team Member)
Gordon Tanner (General Faceman)
John McCarthy (Burpelson Defense Team Member)

Written by
Peter George (novel)
Stanley Kubrick
Terry Southern

Original Music by
Laurie Johnson

27. “Bonnie And Clyde” 1967
Based on the true-life exploits of the notorious Depression-era bank robbers Bonnie Parker (Faye Dunaway) and Clyde Barrow (Warren Beatty). Gun-toting drifter Clyde rescues dreamer Bonnie from her drab existence by regaling her with colorful tales of the outlaw life. Joined by Clyde’s brother Buck (Gene Hackman), his wife Blanche (Estelle Parsons), and the gas-station attendant C. W. Moss (Michael J. Pollard), they go on a crime spree through Texas and Oklahoma. Controversial when released, it heralded the coming increase in cinematic violence and naturalism.
from Warner Bros.

Directed by
Arthur Penn

Warren Beatty (Clyde Barrow)
Faye Dunaway (Bonnie Parker)
Michael J. Pollard (C.W. Moss)
Gene Hackman (Buck Barrow)
Estelle Parsons (Blanche)
Denver Pyle (Frank Hamer)
Dub Taylor (Ivan Moss)
Gene Wilder (Eugene Grizzard)
Evans Evans (Velma Davis)
Martha Adcock (Bank Customer)
Harry Appling (Bonnie’s Uncle)
Mabel Cavitt (Bonnie’s Mother)
Frances Fisher (Bonnie’s Aunt)
Sadie French (Bank Customer)
Garry Goodgion (Billy)
Clyde Howdy (Deputy)
Russ Marker (Bank Guard)
Ken Mayer (Sheriff Smoot)
Ann Palmer (Bonnie’s Sister)
James Stiver (Grocery Store Owner)
Ada Waugh (Bonnie’s Aunt)

Written by
Robert Benton
David Newman
Robert Towne

Original music by
Charles Strouse

28. “Apocalypse Now” 1979
A masterful film about the moral madness of the Vietnam War, inspired by the novella “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad. A soldier named Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) is sent into the Cambodian jungle to assassinate a Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando) who has become insane and now runs his own fiefdom. The grueling production and Coppola’s insistence on authenticity led to vast budget overruns and physical and emotional breakdowns. Considered by many to be the best war movie of all time, incredible performances and beautifully chaotic visuals make it an absolute must-see.
from United Artists / Zoetrope Studios

Directed by
Francis Coppola

Marlon Brando (Colonel Walter E. Kurtz)
Robert Duvall (Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore)
Martin Sheen (Captain Benjamin L. Willard)
Frederic Forrest (Chef)
Albert Hall (Chief Phillips)
Sam Bottoms (Lance Johnson)
Laurence Fishburne (Mr. Clean)
Dennis Hopper (Freelance Photographer)
G.D. Spradlin (General)
Harrison Ford (Colonel G Lucas)
Jerry Ziesmer (Civilian)
Scott Glenn (Colby)
Bo Byers (Sergeant MP #1)
James Keane (Kilgore’s Gunner)
Kerry Rossall (Mike from San Diego)
Ron McQueen (Injured Soldier)
Tom Mason (Supply Sergeant)
Cynthia Wood (Playmate of the Year)
Colleen Camp (Playmate)
Linda Carpenter (Playmate)
Jack Thibeau (Soldier in Trench)
Glenn Walken (Lieutenant Carlsen)
George Cantero (Soldier with Suitcase)
Damien Leake (Machine Gunner)
Herb Rice (Roach)
William Upton (Spotter)
Larry Carney (Sergeant MP #2)
Marc Coppola (AFRS Announcer)
Daniel Kiewit (Major from New Jersey)
Father Elias (Catholic Priest)
Bill Graham (Agent)
Hattie James (Cleans Mother (voice))
Jerry Ross (Johnny from Malibu)
Dick White (Helicopter Pilot)

Written by
Joseph Conrad (novel Heart of Darkness)
Francis Coppola
Michael Herr (narration)
John Milius

29. “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” 1939
Two slimy fat-cat legislators recruit Jefferson Smith (James Stewart), an innocent and staunchly principled scout leader, as the state’s new Senator, hoping to exploit his naivete and community pride to bring home pork-barrel funds. Once he ascends to Capitol Hill, however, Mr. Smith finds nothing but deep-rooted corruption in Washington, D.C., and, absolutely refusing to submit to cynicism, he tirelessly takes the message of the American people right to their out-of-touch representatives. Based on Lewis R. Foster’s novel “The Gentleman From Montana.” Academy Award Nominations: 11, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (James Stewart), Best Supporting Actor (Harry Carey). Academy Awards: Best Original Story (Lewis R. Foster).
from Columbia Pictures

Directed by
Frank Capra

Jean Arthur (Clarissa Saunders)
James Stewart (Jefferson Smith)
Claude Rains (Senator Joseph Payne)
Edward Arnold (Jim Taylor)
Guy Kibbee (Governor Hubert Hopper)
Thomas Mitchell (Diz Moore)
Eugene Pallette (Chick McCann)
Beulah Bondi (Ma Smith)
H.B. Warner (Senator Fuller)
Harry Carey Sr. (President of Senate)
Astrid Allwyn (Susan Payne)
Ruth Donnelly (Emma Hopper)
Grant Mitchell (Senator MacPherson)
Porter Hall (Senator Monroe)
Pierre Watkin (Senator Barnes)
Charles Lane (Nosey)
William Demarest (Bill Griffith)
Dick Elliott (Carl Cook)
Billy Watson (Hopper Boy)
Delmar Watson (Hopper Boy)
Johnny Russell (Hopper Boy)
Harry Watson (Hopper Boy)
Garry Watson (Hopper Boy)
Baby Dumpling (Hopper Boy)
H.V. Kaltenborn (Broadcaster)

Written by
Lewis R. Foster (story)
Sidney Buchman

30. “The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre” 1948
In the rugged mountains of Mexico a trio of men– Humphrey Bogart as the unappealing Fred C. Dobbs, Tim Holt as the no-nonsense Bob Curtin, and Water Huston (father of the director) as the grizzled old prospector Howard– set out to make a fortune in gold prospecting. After they find gold, their true natures are revealed as greed and paranoia spread among the three.
from Warner Bros.

Directed by
John Huston

Humphrey Bogart (Fred C. Dobbs)
Walter Huston (Howard)
Tim Holt (Bob Curtin)
Bruce Bennett (Cody)
Barton MacLane (McCormick)
Alfonso Bedoya (Gold Hat)
Arturo Soto Rangel (El Presidente)
Manuel Donde ( El Jefe)
José Torvay (Pablo)
Margarito Luna (Pancho)

Written by
B. Traven (novel)
John Huston

31. “Annie Hall” 1977
Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) a neurotic New York Jew is set up with Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) a midwestern woman. He’s a stand-up comedian, she an aspiring singer, and at first the cultural gap seems insurmountable. But despite their differences, they fall in love. As they get to know one another, they invariably attempt to change each other, causing friction and their eventual split. The film watches them try new relationships, as they reluctantly pull away from each other. Costumes in the film (especially those by Ralph Lauren) kicked-off the “Annie Hall look,” which featured menswear for women, big leather and straw shoulder bags, and hats.
from United Artists

Directed by
Woody Allen

Woody Allen (Alvy Singer)
Diane Keaton (Annie Hall)
Tony Roberts (Rob)
Carol Kane (Allison)
Paul Simon (Tony Lacey)
Shelley Duvall (Pam)
Janet Margolin (Robin)
Colleen Dewhurst (Mom Hall)
Christopher Walken (Duane Hall)
Donald Symington (Dad Hall)
Helen Ludlam (Grammy Hall)
Mordecai Lawner (Alvy’s Dad)
Joan Newman (Alvy’s Mom)
Jonathan Munk (Alvy at 9)
Ruth Volner (Alvy’s Aunt)
Martin Rosenblatt (Alvy’s Uncle)
Hy Ansel (Joey Nichols)
Rashel Novikoff (Aunt Tessie)
Russell Horton (Man in Theatre Line)
Marshall McLuhan (Himself)
Christine Jones (Dorrie)
Mary Boylan (Miss Reed)
Wendy Girard (Janet)
John Doumanian (Coke Fiend)
Bob Maroff (Man #1 Outside Theatre)
Rick Petrucelli (Man #2 Outside Theatre)
Lee Callahan (Ticket Seller at Theatre)
Chris Gampel (Doctor)
Dick Cavett (Himself)
Mark Lenard (Navy Officer)
Dan Ruskin (Comedian at Rally)
John Glover (Actor Boy Friend)
Bernie Styles (Comic’s Agent)
Johnny Haymer (Comic)
Ved Bandhu (Maharishi)
John Dennis Johnston (L.A. Policeman)
Lauri Bird (Tony Lacey’s Girlfriend)
Jim McKrell (Lacey Party Guest)
William Callaway (Lacey Party Guest)
Roger Newman (Lacey Party Guest)
Alan Landers (Lacey Party Guest)
Jean Sarah Frost (Lacey Party Guest)
Vince O’Brien (Hotel Doctor)
Humphrey Davis (Alvy’s Psychiatrist)
Veronica Radburn (Annie’s Psychiatrist)
Robin Mary Paris (Actress in Rehearsal)
Charles Levin (Actor in Rehearsal)
Wayne Carson (Rehearsal Stage Manager)
Michael Karm (Rehearsal Director)
Petronia Johnson (Tony’s Date at Nightclub)
Shaun Casey (Tony’s Date at Nightclub)
Ricardo Bertoni (Waiter #1 at Nightclub)
Michael Aronin (Waiter #2 at Nightclub)
Lou Picetti (Street Stranger)
Loretta Tupper (Street Stranger)
James Burge (Street Stranger)
Shelley Hack (Street Stranger)
Albert Ottenheimer (Street Stranger)
Paula Trueman (Street Stranger)
Beverly D’Angelo (Actress in Rob’s TV Show)
Tracey Walter (Actor in Rob’s TV Show)
David Wier (Alvy’s Classmate)
Keith Dentice (Alvy’s Classmate)
Susan Mellinger (Alvy’s Classmate)
Hamit Perezie (Alvy’s Classmate)
James Balter (Alvy’s Classmate)
Eric Gould (Alvy’s Classmate)
Amy Levitan (Alvy’s Classmate)
Gary Allen (School Teacher)
Frank Vohs (School Teacher)
Sybil Bowan (School Teacher)
Margaretta Warwick (School Teacher)
Lucy Lee Flippin (Waitress at Health Food Restaurant)
Gary Mule Deer (Man at Health Food Restaurant)
Sigourney Weaver (Alvy’s Date Outside Theatre)
Walter Bernstein (Annie’s Date Outside Theatre)
Jeff Goldblum (Lacey Party Guest)

Written by
Woody Allen
Marshall Brickman

32. “The Godfather Part II” 1974
In this outstanding sequel to The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola skillfully interweaves past and present, intercutting the story of young Don Corleone (Robert DeNiro), an ambitious immigrant to America, and his son Michael (Al Pacino) who lives up to the family name and his father’s expectations and carries the family business to the modern age.
from Paramount Pictures

Directed by
Francis Ford Coppola

Al Pacino (Don Michael Corleone)
Robert Duvall (Tom Hagen)
Diane Keaton (Kay Corleone)
Robert De Niro (Vito Corleone)
John Cazale (Fredo Corleone)
Talia Shire (Connie Corleone Rizzi)
Lee Strasberg (Hyman Roth)
Michael V. Gazzo (Frankie Pentangeli)
G.D. Spradlin (Senator Pat Gear)
Richard Bright (Al Neri)
Gastone Moschin (Fanucci)
Tom Rosqui (Rocco Lampone)
Bruno Kirby (Young Clemenza)
Frank Sivero (Genco)
Francesca De Sapio (Mama Corleone (younger))
Morgana King (Mama Corleone)
Mariana Hill (Deanna Corleone)
Leopoldo Trieste (Signor Roberto)
Dominic Chianese (Johnny Ola)
Amerigo Tot (Michael’s Bodyguard)
Troy Donahue (Merle Johnson)
John Aprea (Young Tessio)
Joe Spinell (Willi Cicci)
Abe Vigoda (Tessio)
Tere Livrano (Theresa Hagen)
Gianni Russo (Carlo)
Maria Carta (Vito’s Mother)
Oreste Baldini (Vito Andolini (as boy))
Giuseppe Sillato (Don Francesco)
Mario Cotone (Don Tommasino)
James Gounaris (Anthony Corleone)
Fay Spain (Marcia Roth)
Harry Dean Stanton (FBI Man)
David Baker (FBI Man)
Carmine Caridi (Carmine Rosato)
Danny Aiello (Tony Rosato)
Carmine Foresta (Policeman)
Nick Discenza (Bartender)
Father Joseph Medeglia (Father Carmelo)
William Bowers ( Senate Committee Chairman)
Joseph Della Sorte (Michael’s Buttonman #1)
Carmen Argenziano (Michael’s Buttonman #2)
Joe Lo Grippo (Michael’s Buttonman #3)
Ezio Flagello (Impresario)
Livio Giorgi (Tenor in “Senza Mamma”)
Kathleen Beller (Girl in “Senza Mamma)
Saveria Mazzola (Signora Colombo)
Tito Alba (Cuban President)
Johnny Naranjo (Cuban Translator)
Elda Maida (Pentangeli’s Wife)
Salvatore Po (Pentangeli’s Brother)
Ignazio Pappalardo (Mosca)
Andrea Maugeri ( Strelle)
Peter La Corte ( Signor Abbandando)
Vincent Coppola (Street Vendor)
Peter Donat (Questadt)
Tom Dahlgren (Fred Corngeld)
Paul B. Brown (Senator Ream)
Phil Feldman (Senator #1)
Roger Corman (Senator #2)
Ivonne Coll ( Yolanda)
J.D. Nicols (Attendant at Brothel)
Edward Van Sickle (Ellis Island Doctor)
Gabria Belloni (Ellis Island Nurse)
Richard Watson (Custom Offical)
Venancia Grangerard (Cuban Nurse)
Erica Yohn (Governess)
Theresa Tirelli (Midwife)

Written by
Francis Ford Coppola
Mario Puzo (novel)

33. “High Noon” 1952
High Noon stars Gary Cooper as the newly married lawman Will Kane, who is about to retire as a small-town sheriff and begin a new life with his bride (Grace Kelly) when he learns that gunslinger Frank Miller (Ian MacDonald) is due to arrive at high noon to settle an old score. When Kane turns to the local townspeople for help, they turn their backs on him. The story unfolds in approximate real time– from 10:40 a.m. to high noon in an 84 minute film.
from United Artists

Directed by
Fred Zinnemann

Gary Cooper (Will Kane)
Thomas Mitchell (Jonas Henderson)
Lloyd Bridges (Harvey Pell)
Katy Jurado (Helen Ramirez)
Grace Kelly (Amy Kane)
Otto Kruger (Percy Mettrick)
Lon Chaney Jr (Martin Howe)
Harry Morgan (William Fuller)
Ian MacDonald (Frank Miller)

Eve McVeagh (Mildred Fuller)
Morgan Farley (Minister)
Harry Shannon (Cooper)
Lee Van Cleef (Jack Colby)
Robert J. Wilke (James Pierce)
Sheb Wooley (Ben Miller)
Guy Beach (Fred)
Jeanne Blackford (Mrs. Henderson)
Larry J. Blake (Gillis)
Howland Chamberlain (Hotel Clerk)
Virginia Christine (Mrs. Simpson)
Cliff Clark (Ed Weaver)
John Doucette (Trumbull)
Paul Dubov (Scott)
Jack Elam (Charlie)
Dick Elliott (Kibbee)
Virginia Farmer (Mrs. Fletcher)
Tim Graham (Sawyer)
Tom Greenway (Ezra)
Harry Harvey (Coy)
Nolan Leary (Lewis)
Tom London (Sam)
James Millican (Herb Baker)
William Newell (Jimmy)
William ‘Bill’ Phillips (Barber)
Lucien Prival (Bartender)
Ralph Reed (Johnny)
Ted Stanhope (Station Master)

Written by
John M. Cunningham (story The Tin Star)
Carl Foreman

34. “To Kill A Mockingbird” 1962
Written by Horton Foote and based upon the novel by Harper Lee, this poignantly remembered autobiographical story is seen through the eyes of Jean Louise “Scout” Finch (Mary Badham), a young southern girl. When her father Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck) defends Tom Robinson (Brock Peters), a black man falsely accused of raping a white woman, the town’s heroes and bigots are revealed. The young friend who visits the family is based on Truman Capote, who visited Lee when they were children. Academy Award® Nominations: 8, including Best Picture, Best Director. Robert Duvall’s screen debut.
from Universal-International

Directed by
Robert Mulligan

Gregory Peck (Atticus Finch)
Mary Badham (Jean Louise “Scout” Finch)
Philip Alford (Jem Finch)
Brock Peters (Tom Robinson)
Frank Overton (Sheriff Heck Tate)
John Megna (Dill Harris)
William Windom (Gilmer)
Rosemary Murphy (Miss Maudie Atkinson)
Ruth White (Mrs. Dubose)
Robert Duvall (Arthur “Boo” Radley)
Estelle Evans (Calpurnia)
Paul Fix (Judge Taylor)
Collin Wilcox Paxton (Mayella Violet Ewell)
James Anderson (Bob Ewell)
Alice Ghostley (Stephanie Crawford)
Crahan Denton (Walter Cunningham)
Richard Hale (Mr. Nathan Radley)
Tex Armstrong (Man)
Steve Condit (Walter Cunningham Jr.)
Jamie Forster (Hiram Townsend)
Charles E. Fredericks (Court clerk)
Jester Hairston (Spence Robinson)
Kim Hamilton (Helen Robinson)
Kim Hector (Cecil Jacobs)
Nancy Marshall (Schoolteacher)
Paulene Myers (Jessie)
Hugh Sanders (Dr. Reynolds)
Barry Seltzer (Schoolboy)
Kim Stanley (Narrator (older Scout Finch) (voice))
Jay Sullivan (Court reporter)
Kelly Thordsen (Burly man)
Bill Walker (Reverend Sykes)
Dan White (Man)
Guy Wilkerson (Jury foreman)

Written by
Harper Lee (novel)
Horton Foote

Original Music by
Elmer Bernstein

35. “It Happened One Night” 1934
When Ellie Andrews (Claudette Colbert), a millionaire’s daughter, marries a man her father dislikes, the resulting family squabble sends the beautiful heiress into hiding. She travels across country by bus, a fugitive from high society. En route, she meets the man of her dreams: the sexy but brusque news correspondent Peter Warne (Clark Gable) who has just lost his job — which unknown to Ellie, he hopes to recover by selling her story to his former boss. Together, Peter and Ellie have a series of hapless adventures and comic misunderstandings, leading them to the realization that they were made for each other. First film to win all five major Oscars®. Frank Capra read Samuel Hopkins Adams story in “Cosmopolitan” magazine and bought the rights for $5,000. Clark Gable didn’t initially want the role and Colbert was the fifth choice for the female lead. Budget: $325,000. Remakes: “You Can’t Run Away from It” (Columbia 1934) “Eve Knew Her Apples” (Columbia 1945).
from Columbia Pictures

Directed by
Frank Capra

Clark Gable (Peter Warne)
Claudette Colbert (Ellie Andrews)
Walter Connolly (Alexander Andrews)
Roscoe Karns (Mr. Shapeley)
Jameson Thomas (King Westley)
Alan Hale (Danker)
Arthur Hoyt (Zeke)
Blanche Friderici (Zeke’s Wife)
Charles C. Wilson (Joe Gordon)
Ernie Adams (Bus passenger)
Irving Bacon (Station Attendent)
Ward Bond (Bus Driver)
Harry Bradley (Henderson)
George P. Breakston (Boy)
Charles D. Brown (Reporter)
James Burke ( Detective)
Edmund Burns (Best Man)
Eddy Chandler (Bus Driver)
Wallis Clark (Lovington)
Joseph Crehan (Detective)
Ray Creighton (Bus passenger)
Mickey Daniels (Vendor)
Eva Dennison (Society Woman)
Neal Dodd (Minister)
Oliver Eckhardt (Dykes)
Billy Engle (Bus passenger)
Bess Flowers (Secretary)
Allen Fox (Bus passenger)
Kit Guard (Bus passenger)
Sherry Hall (Reporter)
Frank Holliday (Detective)
Harry Holman (Auto Camp Manager)
Harry Hume (Policeman)
Sam Josephsn (Bus passenger)
Eddie Kane (Radio Announcer)
Milton Kibbee (Drunk)
Mimi Lindell (Bus passenger)
Marvin Loback (Bus passenger)
Rose May (Bus passenger)
William McCall (Bus passenger)
Claire McDowell (Mother)
Kate Morgan (Bus passenger)
Patsy O’Byrne (Bus passenger)
Earl Pingree (Policeman)
Hal Price (Reporter)
Margaret Reid (Bus passenger)
Tom Ricketts (Prissy Old Man)
Ky Robinson (Detective)
Blanche Rose (Bus passenger)
Rita Ross (Bus passenger)
Matty Rupert (Newsboy)
Harry Schultz (Bus passenger)
Marvin Shechter (Bus passenger)
S.S. Simon (Bus passenger)
Bert Starkey (Bus passenger)
Ethel Sykes (Maid of Honor)
Jane Tallent (Bus passenger)
Emma Tansey (Bus passenger)
Harry Todd (Flag Man)
Maidel Turner (Manager’s Wife)
Henry Wadsworth (Drunken Boy)
John Wallace (Bus passenger)
Fred Walton (Butler)
Dave Wengren (Bus passenger)
Charles Wilroy (Bus passenger)
Frank Yaconelli (Tony)

Written by
Samuel Hopkins Adams (story Night Bus)
Robert Riskin

36. “Midnight Cowboy” 1969
This Oscar®-winning film, which features brilliant performances by Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman, brought an unusually gritty realism to the screen and offered a then-rare portrait of New York’s street scene. Joe Buck (Jon Voight), a male prostitute from Texas, heads to Manhattan where he hopes to find plenty of wealthy women willing to pay for the services of a handsome man. When he arrives, the naive country boy befriends Ratso Rizzo (Dustin Hoffman), a tubercular, homeless con artist who dreams of moving to Florida. As they go about trying to get the money Ratso needs, the two men see and confront all the seediness, corruption and cruelty that flourish in the big city. Midnight Cowboy was the first major studio release to sport an X rating and was the first X-rated film to win the Best Picture Academy Award. It was re-rated R by the MPAA in 1971.
from United Artists

Directed by
John Schlesinger

Dustin Hoffman (Ratzo Rizzo)
Jon Voight (Joe Buck)
Sylvia Miles (Cass)
John McGiver (Mr. O’Daniel)
Brenda Vaccaro (Shirley)
Barnard Hughes (Towny)
Ruth White (Sally Buck)
Jennifer Salt (Crazy Annie)
Gilman Rankin (Woodsey Niles)
Gary Owens (Little Joe)
T. Tom Marlow (Little Joe)
George Eppersen (Ralph)
Al Scott (Cafeteria Manager)
Linda Davis (Mother on Bus)
J.T. Masters (Old Cowhand)
Arlene Reeder (Old Lady)
Georgann Johnson (Rich Lady)
Jonathan Kramer (Jackie)
Anthony Holland (TV Bishop)
Bob Balaban (Student)
Jan Tice (Freaked-out Lady)
Paul Benjamin (Bartender)
Peter Scalia (Vegetable Grocer)
Vito Siracusa (Vegetable Grocer)
Peter Zamaglias (Hat Shop Owner)
Arthur Anderson (Hotel Clerk)
Tina Scala (Laundromat Lady)
Alma Felix (Laundromat Lady)
Richard Clarke (Escort Serviceman)
Ann Thomas (The Frantic Lady)
Viva (Gretel McAlbertson)
Gastone Rossilli (Hansel McAlbertson)
Ultra Violet (At the Party)
Paul Jabara (At the Party)
International Velvet (At the Party)
Cecelia Lipson (At the Party)
Taylor Mead (At the Party)
Paul Morrissey (At the Party)
Joan Murphy (Waitress)
Al Stetson (Bus Driver)
Randall Carver (Rapist (in flashback))

Written by
Waldo Salt
James Leo Herlihy (novel)

37. “The Best Years Of Our Lives” 1946
Perhaps the most memorable film about the aftermath of World War II, it unfolds with the homecoming of three veterans (Fredric March, Dana Andrews, and Harold Russell) to their small Midwestern town of Boone City. The leads all touch emotional truths: Loy seems able to express longing, joy, fear and surprise – mostly with her back turned – in a particularly poignant welcome home. The movie never glosses over the reality of altered lives and the inability to communicate the experience of war on the front lines or the home front. A landmark achievement. WWII vet Russell, who lost his hands in the war, is the only person to win two Oscars for the same role, Best Supporting Actor and a special Oscar “for bringing hope and courage to his fellow veterans through his appearance.”
from RKO Radio Pictures

Directed by
William Wyler

Myrna Loy (Milly Stephenson)
Fredric March (Al Stephenson)
Dana Andrews (Fred Derry)
Teresa Wright (Peggy Stephenson)
Virginia Mayo (Marie Derry)
Cathy O’Donnell (Wilma Cameron)
Hoagy Carmichael (Butch Engle)
Gladys George (Hortense Derry)
Harold Russell (Homer Parrish)
Roman Bohnen (Pat Derry)
Ray Collins (Mr. Milton)
Victor Cutler (Woody)
Minna Gombell (Mrs. Parrish)
Walter Baldwin (Mr. Parrish)
Steve Cochran (Cliff Scully)
Dorothy Adams (Mrs. Cameron)
Don Beddoe (Mr. Cameron)
Marlene Aames (Luella Parrish)
Charles Halton (Prew)
Ray Teal (Mr. Mollett)
Howland Chamberlain (Mr. Thorpe)
Dean White (Mr. Novak)
Erskine Sanford (Mr. Bullard)
Michael Hall (Rob Stephenson)
James Ames (Jackie)
Harry Cheshire (Minister)
Joyce Compton
Bert Conway (ATC Sergeant)
Clancy Cooper (Taxi Driver)
Claire Du Brey (Mrs. Talburt)
Blake Edwards (Corporal)
Ben Erway (Latham)
Pat Flaherty (Salvage Foreman)
Teddy Infuhr (Dexter)
Robert Karnes (Tech. Sergeant)
Donald Kerr (Steve the Bartender)
Norman Phillips (Clarence “Stinky” Merkle)
Jack Rice (Desk Clerk)
Ruth Sanderson (Mrs. Garrett)
Ralph Sanford (George H. Gibbons)
John Tyrrell (Angus (Gus) the Waiter)
Cathy Wyler
Judy Wyler

Written by
Robert E. Sherwood
MacKinlay Kantor (novel Glory for Me)

38. “Double Indemnity” 1944
Based on James M. Cain’s hardboiled novel, Billy Wilder’s noir classic is a chilling study of human nature at its most venal. Barbara Stanwyck as Phyllis Dietrichson is the ultimate femme fatale who lures a hapless insurance salesman (Fred MacMurray) into a plot to off her wealthy husband. When the salesman comes to the woman’s suburban home pedalling insurance policies, the wife seduces him into helping her pull off the “perfect crime”: murder the husband, then make it look like he was killed by a train so they can collect on a double indemnity accident claim. The story of “Double Indemnity” was inspired by the notorious Snyder-Gray murder that took place in Queens Village, New York in the 1920s. Albert Snyder was bludgeoned to death by his wife Ruth Snyder and her lover Judd Gray in order to collect his insurance money.
from Paramount Pictures

Directed by
Billy Wilder

Fred MacMurray (Walter Neff)
Barbara Stanwyck (Phyllis Dietrichson)
Edward G. Robinson (Barton Keyes)
Porter Hall (Mr. Jackson)
Jean Heather (Lola Dietrichson)
Tom Powers (Mr. Dietrichson)
Byron Barr (Nino Zachetti)
Richard Gaines (Edward Norton)
Fortunio Bonanova (Sam Garlopis)
John Philliber (Joe Pete)
James Adamson (Pullman Porter)
John Berry
Edmund Cobb (Train Conductor)
Kernan Cripps (Conductor)
Betty Farrington (Nettie, maid)
Bess Flowers (Norton’s Secretary)
Miriam Franklin (Keyes’s Secretary)
Harold Garrison (Redcap)
Judith Gibson (Pacific All-Risk Telephone Operator)
George Magrill
Sam McDaniel (Charlie)
Frank Billy Mitchell (Pullman Porter)
Clarence Muse
Constance Purdy
Dick Rush (Pullman Conductor)
Floyd Shackelford (Pullman Porter)
Oscar Smith (Pullman Porter)
Douglas Spencer (Lou Schwartz)

Written by
Billy Wilder
Raymond Chandler
James M. Cain (novel)

39. “Doctor Zhivago” 1965
The Russian Revolution, seen from the point of view of the intellectual, introspective Dr. Zhivago. As the political landscape changes, and the Czarist regime comes to an end, Zhivago’s relationships reflect the political turmoil raging about him. Though he is married, the vagaries of war lead him to begin a love affair with the beautiful Lara (Julie Christie). But he cannot escape the machinations of a band of selfish and cruel characters: General Streinikoff, a Bolshevik General; Komarovsky (Rod Steiger), Lara’s former lover; and Yevgraf (Alec Guinness), Zhivago’s sinister half-brother. This epic, sweeping romance, told in flashback, captures the lushness of Moscow before the war and the violent social upheaval that followed. Based on the 1957 novel by Boris Pasternak. Academy Award Nominations: 10, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Film Editing. Academy Awards: 5, including Best (Adapted) Screenplay, Best (Color) Cinematography, Best (Color) Art Direction-Set Decoration, Best (Original) Score.
from MGM

Directed by
David Lean

Geraldine Chaplin (Tonya)
Julie Christie (Lara)
Tom Courtenay (Pasha/Strelnikov)
Alec Guinness (Gen. Yevgraf Zhivago)
Siobhan McKenna (Anna)
Ralph Richardson (Alexander Gromeko)
Omar Sharif (Yuri)
Rod Steiger (Komarovsky)
Rita Tushingham (The Girl)
Jeffrey Rockland (Sasha)
Tarek Sharif (Yuri: younger)
Bernard Kay (Bolshevik)
Klaus Kinski (Kostoyed)
Gerard Tichy (Liberius)
Noel Willman (Razin)
Geoffrey Keen (Professor Kurt)
Adrienne Corri (Amelia)
Jack MacGowran (Petya)
Mark Eden (Dam Engineer)
Erik Chitty (Old Soldier)
Roger Maxwell (Beef-Faced Colonel)
Wolf Frees (Delegate)
Gwen Nelson (Female Janitor)
Lucy Westmore (Katya)
Lili Murati (Train Jumper)
Peter Madden (Political Officer)
Ingrid Pitt

Written by
Robert Bolt
Boris Pasternak (novel)

40. “North By Northwest” 1959
Cary Grant stars as the advertising executive Roger Thornhill who is chased cross country by spies (who think he’s a double agent) and the police (who think he’s an assassin). Convinced these sinister men (James Mason and Martin Landau) are trying to kill him, Roger flees and then meets the sexy Eva Marie Saint on a train. Very memorable scenes of Cary Grant’s character being chased by a crop dusting plane and the ending on Mount Rushmore.
from MGM

Directed by
Alfred Hitchcock

Cary Grant (Roger Thornhill)
Eva Marie Saint (Eve Kendall)
James Mason (Phillip Vandamm)
Martin Landau (Leonard)
Jessie Royce Landis (Clara Thornhill)
Leo G. Carroll (The Professor)
Josephine Hutchinson (Handsome Woman)
Philip Ober (Lester Townsend)
Adam Williams (Valerian)
Edward Platt (Victor Larrabee)
Robert Ellenstein (Licht)
Les Tremayne (Auctioneer)
Philip Coolidge (Dr. Cross)
Pat McVey (Chicago Policeman)
Edward Binns (Captain Junket)
Ken Lynch (Chicago Policeman)
Stanley Adams (Lieutenant Harding)
Andy Albin (Farmer)
Ernest Anderson (Porter on 20th Century)
Malcolm Atterbury (Man at Prairie Crossing)
Baynes Barron (Taxi Driver #2)
John Beradino (Sergeant Emile Klinger)
Sara Berner (Telephone Operator)
Taggart Casey (Shaving Man)
Bill Catching (Attendant)
Walter Coy (Reporter)
Jimmy Cross (Taxi Driver #1)
Patricia Cutts
Jack Daly (Steward)
John Damler (Lieutenant)
Lawrence Dobkin (Cartoonist)
Tommy Farrell (Elevator Operator)
Jesslyn Fax
Sally Fraser (Attendant)
Paul Genge (Lieutenant Hagerman)
Ned Glass (Ticket Seller)
Len Hendry (Lieutenant)
Bobby Johnson (Waiter)
Madge Kennedy (Housewife)
Doreen Lang (Maggie)
Alexander Lockwood (Judge)
Frank Marlowe (Taxi Driver (Dakota))
Nora Marlowe (Housekeeper)
James McCallion (Plaza Valet)
Maura McGiveney (Attendant)
Carl Milletaire (Hotel Clerk)
Howard Negley (Conductor on 20th Century)
Maudie Prickett (Plaza Maid)
Ralph Reed (Bellhop)
Harry Seymour (Waiter)
Robert Shayne (Larry Wade)
Doris Singh (Indian Girl)
Olan Soule (Assistant Auctioneer)
Helen Spring (Bidder)
Harvey Stephens (Stockbroker)
Harry Strang (Assistant Conductor)
Dale Van Sickel (Ranger)
Susan Whitney (Attendant)
Frank Wilcox (Weitner)
Robert B. Williams (Patrolman Waggonner)
Carleton Young (Fanning Nelson)

Written by
Ernest Lehman

41. “Westside Story” 1961
A Leonard Bernstein/Stephen Sondheim score backdrops this landmark Broadway musical turned film, in which the modern day Romeo and Juliet, Tony (Richard Beymer) and Maria (Natalie Wood), are involved in 1950s N.Y. street gangs. Academy Award® Nominations: 11, including Best (Adapted) Screenplay. Academy Awards®: 9, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor — George Chakiris, Best Actress — Rita Moreno, Best Scoring of a Musical Picture.
from United Artists

Directed by
Jerome Robbins
Robert Wise

Natalie Wood (Maria)
Richard Beymer (Tony)
Russ Tamblyn (Riff)
Rita Moreno (Anita)
George Chakiris (Bernardo)
Simon Oakland (Lieutenant Schrank)
Ned Glass (Doc)
William Bramley (Officer Krupke)
Tucker Smith (Ice)
Tony Mordente (Action)
David Winters (A-Rab)
Eliot Feld (Baby John)
Bert Michaels (Snowboy)
David Bean (Tiger)
Robert Banas (Joyboy)
Anthony ‘Scooter’ Teague (Big Deal)
Harvey Hohnecker (Mouthpiece)
Tommy Abbott (Gee-Tar)
Susan Oakes (Anybodys)
Gina Trikonis (Graziella)
Carole D’Andrea (Velma)
Jose De Vega (Chino)
Jay Norman (Pepe)
Gus Trikonis (Indio)
Eddie Verso (Juane)
Jaime Rogers (Loco)
Larry Roquemore (Rocco)
Robert E. Thompson (Luis)
Nick Covacevich (Toro)
Rudy Del Campo (Del Campo)
Andre Tayir (Chile)
Yvonne Othon (Consuelo)
Suzie Kaye (Rosalia)
Joanne Miya (Francisca)
John Astin (Glad Hand)
Jimmy Bryant (Tony (singing voice))
Marni Nixon (Maria (singing voice))
Penny Santon (Madam Lucia)
Betty Wand (Anita (singing voice))

Written by
Ernest Lehman
Jerome Robbins (play)
Arthur Laurents (play)
William Shakespeare (play Romeo and Juliet)

Music by
Leonard Bernstein
Stephen Sondheim

42. “Rear Window” 1954
Like the Greenwich Village courtyard view from its titular portal, Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Rear Window is both confined and multileveled: both its story and visual perspective are dictated by its protagonist’s imprisonment in his apartment, convalescing in a wheelchair, from which both he and the audience observe the lives of his neighbors. Cheerful voyeurism, as well as the behavior glimpsed among the various tenants, affords a droll comic atmosphere that gradually darkens when he sees clues to what may be a murder.
from Paramount Pictures

Directed by
Alfred Hitchcock

James Stewart (L.B. “Jeff” Jeffries)
Grace Kelly (Lisa Carol Fremont)
Thelma Ritter (Stella)
Raymond Burr (Lars Thorwald)
Wendell Corey (Thomas J. Doyle)
Judith Evelyn (Miss Lonely Hearts)
Ross Bagdasarian (Songwriter)
Georgine Darcy (Miss Torso)
Sara Berner (Woman on Fire Escape)
Frank Cady (Man on Fire Escape)
Jesslyn Fax (Miss Hearing Aid)
Rand Harper (Honeymooner)
Irene Winston (Mrs. Thorwald)
Havis Davenport (Newlywed)
Jerry Antes (Dancer)
Barbara Bailey ( Choreographer)
Benny Bartlett (Miss Torso’s Friend)
Iphigenie Castiglioni (Woman with Bird)
Marla English (Party Girl)
Bess Flowers (Woman With Poodle)
Fred Graham (Stunt Detective)
Kathryn Grant (Party Girl)
Len Hendry ( Policeman)
Harry Landers (Young Man )
Alan Lee (Landlord)
Mike Mahoney (Policeman)
Eddie Parker
Dick Simmons
Ralph Smiley (Carl)
Anthony Warde (Detective)

Written by
John Michael Hayes
Cornell Woolrich (story)

Original Music by
Bernard Herrmann

43. “King Kong” 1933
A landmark film and a marvel in stop-motion animation, King Kong is the story about the giant ape who is captured on prehistoric Skull Island and brought back by boat to New York City. Robert Armstrong stars as the adventurer Carl Denham, who leads the trip to the strange island to photograph the monster. Along for the trip is Ann Darrow (Fay Wray) and Bruce Cabot as John Driscoll, the ship’s first mate. King Kong’s last stand atop the Empire State Building is one of the more memorable scenes in movie history.
from RKO Radio Pictures

Directed by
Merian C. Cooper
Ernest B. Schoedsack

Fay Wray (Ann Darrow)
Robert Armstrong (Carl Denham)
Bruce Cabot (Jack Driscoll)
Frank Reicher (Captain Englehorn)
Sam Hardy (Weston)
Noble Johnson (Native Chief)
Steve Clemente (Witch King)
James Flavin (Second Mate)
Roscoe Ates (Press Photographer)
Lynton Brent (Reporter)
Barney Capehart (Pilot)
Merian C. Cooper (Pilot)
Dick Curtis (Sailor)
Bob Galloway (Pilot)
Dorothy Gulliver (Girl)
Ethan Laidlaw (Mate)
Vera Lewis (Theater Patron)
Victor Long (Lumpy)
George MacQuarrie (Police Officer)
Leroy Mason (Theater Patron)
Etta McDaniel (Native Woman)
Frank Mills (Reporter)
Dusty Mitchell (Pilot)
Carlotta Monti (Girl)
Gil Perkins (Sailor)
Paul Porcasi (Apple Vendor)
Russ Powell (Watchman )
Russ Rogers (Pilot)
Ernest B. Schoedsack (Pilot)
Madame Sul-Te-Wan (Maid)
Charles Sullivan (Sailor)
Harry Tenbrook (Sailor)
Jim Thorpe (Native dancer)
Ray Turner (Native)
Blackie Whiteford (Sailor)
Victor Wong (Charlie)
Eric Wood (Pilot)

Written by
James Ashmore Creelman
Ruth Rose
Merian C. Cooper (story)
Edgar Wallace (story)

44. “The Birth Of A Nation” 1915
The Birth of a Nation tells the story of two families, one Northern and one Southern, during the Civil War and Reconstruction periods. The Camerons, headed by “Little Colonel” Ben Cameron (Henry B. Walthall), and the Stonemans, headed by politician Austin Stoneman, (Ralph Lewis) have been friends for years, but find themselves on opposite sides of the battle lines when War comes. The Civil War exacts a personal toll on both families, only to be followed by the equally destructive Reconstruction period. Stoneman, now a carpetbagger, moves his family Southand falls under the spell of his mulatto housekeeper, while elevating another mulatto, Silas Lynch (George Siegmann), to power. Cameron watches as blacks take over the state government and harass innocent whites, even threatening his own daughter. In retaliation, he forms the Ku Klux Klan to combat the forces that threaten to destroy his world. This movie today is considered to be racist but yet a milestone in filmmaking. Silent and B&W.
from D.W. Griffith

Directed by
D.W. Griffith

Lillian Gish (Elsie Stoneman)
Mae Marsh (Flora Cameron)
Henry B. Walthall (Colonel Ben Cameron)
Ralph Lewis (Austin Stoneman)
George Siegmann (Silas Lynch)
Walter Long (Gus)

Spottiswoode Aitken (Dr. Cameron)
Mary Alden (Lydia Brown)
George Beranger (Wade Cameron)
Monte Blue
William E. Cassidy
Elmer Clifton (Phil Stoneman)
Miriam Cooper (Margaret Cameron)
Donald Crisp (General U.S. Grant)
Josephine Crowell (Mrs. Cameron)
Sam De Grasse (Senator Sumner)
William De Vaull (Jake)
John Ford (Klansman)
Alberta Franklin
William Freeman (The Sentry)
Howard Gaye (General Robert E. Lee)
Gibson Gowland
Olga Grey (Laura Keene)
Robert Harron (Tod Stoneman)
Joseph Henabery (Abraham Lincoln)
Charles King
Alberta Lee (Mrs. Lincoln)
Jennie Lee (Mammy)
Elmo Lincoln (Blacksmith)
Bessie Love (Piedmont girl)
Eugene Pallette (Union soldier)
Wallace Reid (Jeff, the blacksmith)
Maxfield Stanley (Duke Cameron)
Charles Stevens (Volunteer)
Raoul Walsh (John Wilkes Booth)
Violet Wilkey (Flora as a child)
Tom Wilson (Stoneman’s Servant)
Erich von Stroheim (Man who falls from Roof)

Written by
Thomas F. Dixon Jr. (novels)
D.W. Griffith
Frank E. Woods

45. “A Streetcar Named Desire” 1951
Based on Tennessee Williams celebrated play, Marlon Brando and Kim Hunter star as the brutish Stanley Kowalski and meek Stella (Kim Hunter) a New Orleans couple whose lives are turned upside down with the arrival of Stella’s spinsteresque, neurotic, Southern belle sister Blanche (Vivien Leigh) who is immediately drawn into a battle of wills with Stanley. Karl Malden plays Stanley’s friend and Blanche’s clueless suitor.
from Warner Brothers

Directed by
Elia Kazan

Vivien Leigh (Blanche Dubois)
Marlon Brando (Stanley Kowalski)
Kim Hunter (Stella Kowalski)
Karl Malden (Mitch)
Rudy Bond (Steve)
Nick Dennis (Pablo)
Peg Hillias (Eunice)
Wright King (A Collector)
Richard Garrick (A Doctor)
Ann Dere (The Matron)
Edna Thomas (Mexican Woman)
Mickey Kuhn (A Sailor)
Chester Jones (Street Vendor)
Marietta Canty
Maxie Thrower
Lyle Latell
Mel Archer
Charles Wagenheim

Written by
Oscar Saul
Tennessee Williams (play)

46. “A Clockwork Orange” 1951
Director Stanley Kubrick’s masterful satire on crime and punishment in the ultra-violent future. Excellent performance by Malcolm McDowell as Alex DeLarge, the murderous leader of a quartet of “droogs”, a vicious group of misfits who revel in fighting, stealing, and raping women. Alex is later captured and reprogrammed by the equally sadistic government. Even by today’s standards the scenes of violence seem way over the top. Based on the novel by Anthony Burgess.
from Warner Brothers

Directed by
Stanley Kubrick

Malcolm McDowell (Alex DeLarge)
Patrick Magee (Frank Alexander)
Michael Bates (Chief Guard Barnes)
Warren Clarke (Dim)
James Marcus (Georgie)
Michael Tarn (Pete)
Philip Stone (Mr. DeLarge (“P”))
Sheila Raynor (Mrs. DeLarge (“M”))
Aubrey Morris (P.R. Deltoid)
Miriam Karlin (Cat Lady)
Paul Farrell (Tramp)
David Prowse (Julian)
John Clive (Stage Actor)
Adrienne Corri (Mrs. Alexander)
Carl Duering (Dr. Brodsky)
Clive Francis (Lodger)
Michael Gover (Prison Governor)
Godfrey Quigley (Prison Chaplain)
Madge Ryan (Dr. Branum)
John Savident (Conspirator Dolin)
Anthony Sharp (Minister)
Pauline Taylor (Dr. Taylor)
Margaret Tyzack (Rubinstein)
Steven Berkoff (Constable)
Lindsay Campbell (Detective)
Barrie Cookson
Jan Adair
Gaye Brown
Peter Burton
John J. Carney (CID Man)
Vivienne Chandler
Richard Connaught (Billy-boy)
Prudence Drage
Carol Drinkwater (Sister Feeley)
Lee Fox
Cheryl Grunwald (Rape victim)
Gillian Hills (Sonietta)
Craig Hunter (Doctor)
Shirley Jaffe
Virginia Wetherell (Stage Actress)
Neil Wilson
Katya Wyeth (Girl)

Written by
Stanley Kubrick
Anthony Burgess (novel)

Original Music by
Wendy Carlos

47. “Taxi Driver” 1976
An intense film graphically depicting the tragic consequences of urban alienation, and a hallmark of 1970’s filmmaking, in which Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro), a ex-Marine and New York City taxi driver, goes on a murderous rampage against the pitiable denizens inhabiting the city’s underbelly. Jodie Foster plays the young prostitute Iris who Bickle decides to play guardian angel for. The excellent film score by Bernard Hermann was his last. Academy Award Nominations: 4, including Best Picture, Best Actor — Robert De Niro.
from Columbia Pictures

Directed by
Martin Scorsese

Robert De Niro (Travis Bickle)
Jodie Foster (Iris)
Peter Boyle (Wizard)
Albert Brooks (Tom)
Harvey Keitel (Sport)
Cybill Shepherd (Betsy)
Leonard Harris (Charles Palantine)
Steven Prince (Andy, Gun Salesman)
Diahnne Abbott (Concession Girl)
Frank Adu (Angry Black Man)
Victor Argo (Deli Owner Melio)
Gino Ardito (Policeman at Rally)
Garth Avery (Iris’ Friend)
Harry Cohn (Cabbie in Bellmore)
Copper Cunningham (Hooker in Cab)
Brenda Dickson-Weinberg (Soap Opera Woman)
Harry Fischler (Dispatcher)
Nat Grant (Stick-Up Man)
Richard Higgs (Tall Secret Service Man)
Beau Kayser (Soap Opera Man)
Vic Magnotta (Secret Service Photographer)
Bob Maroff (Mafioso)
Norman Matlock (Charlie T)
Bill Minkin (Tom’s Assistant)
Murray Mosten (Iris’ Time Keeper)
Harry Northup (Doughboy)
Gene Palma (Street Drummer)
Carey Poe (Campaign Worker)
Peter Savage (The John)
Martin Scorsese (Passenger Watching Silhouette)
Robert Shields (Palantine Aide)
Ralph S. Singleton (T.V. Interviewer)
Joe Spinell (Personnel Officer)
Maria Turner (Angry Hooker on Street)
Robin Utt (Campaign Worker)
Jean Elliott (Clerk at Sam Goody store)

Written by
Paul Schrader

48. “Jaws” 1975
From the best-selling novel by Peter Benchley, the New England resort town of Amity Island is terrorized one summer by surprise attacks from a great white shark who starts preying on the inhabitants and vacationers alike. Three unlikely partners team up to hunt down the rogue shark and destroy it: the police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider), a young university-educated oceanographer named Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss), and Quint (Robert Shaw) a crusty, old-time fisherman. It isn’t long into their expedition that they realize that they are the ones being hunted.
from Universal Pictures

Directed by
Steven Spielberg

Roy Scheider (Martin Brody)
Robert Shaw (Quint)
Richard Dreyfuss (Matt Hooper)
Lorraine Gary (Ellen Brody)
Murray Hamilton (Vaughan)
Carl Gottlieb (Meadows)
Jeffrey Kramer (Hendricks)
Susan Backlinie (Chrissie)
Jonathan Filley (Cassidy)
Ted Grossman (Estuary Victim)
Chris Rebello (Michael Brody)
Jay Mello (Sean Brody)
Lee Fierro (Mrs. Kintner)
Jeffrey Voorhees (Alex Kintner)
Craig Kingsbury (Ben Gardner)
Dr. Robert Nevin (Medical Examiner)
Peter Benchley (Interviewer)
Allison Caine
Belle McDonald (Selectman’s Wife)

Written by
Peter Benchley (also novel)
Carl Gottlieb

49. “Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs” 1937
The first full-length animated film produced by Walt Disney. Adapted from the works of the Brothers Grimm, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs stars the voice of Adriana Caselotti as the voice of Snow White who hides out in the woods with the Seven Dwarfs to escape the evil Queen (voiced by Lucille La Verne). Disney received a special Academy Award® for this film — a normal sized one and seven little ones.
from Walt Disney Productions

Directed by
David Hand

Starring the voices of
Adriana Caselotti (Snow White)
Harry Stockwell (Prince)
Lucille La Verne ( The Queen / Witch)
Moroni Olsen (Magic Mirror)
Billy Gilbert (Sneezy)
Pinto Colvig (Sleepy / Grumpy)
Otis Harlan (Happy)
Scotty Mattraw (Bashful)
Roy Atwell (Doc)
Stuart Buchanan ( Huntsman)
Marion Darlington (Bird)

Written by
Dorothy Ann Blank
Richard Creedon
Merrill De Maris
Otto Englander
Earl Hurd
Dick Rickard
Ted Sears
Webb Smith
Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm (story)
Wilhelm Carl Grimm (story)

Assistant Director
Hal Adelquist

Art Directors
Tom Codrick
Hugh Hennesy
Harold Miles
Hazel Sewell
Terrell Stapp

James Algar
Art Babbitt
Jack Campbell
Les Clark
Shamus Culhane
Ugo D’Orsi
Al Eugster
Bernard Garbutt
John Hubley
Milton Kahl
Ward Kimball
Eric Larson
Dick Lundy
Robert Martsch
Joshua Meador
Grim Natwick
Stan Quackenbush
Bill Roberts
George Rowley
Fred Spencer
Robert Stokes
Frank Thomas
Marvin Woodward
Cy Young

Background Artists
Claude Coats
Merle Cox
Phil Dike
Ray Lockrem
Mique Nelson
Maurice Noble

50. “Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid” 1969
A kinder, gentler take on the outlaw mythos common in the western genre. Based loosely on real-life western outlaws Robert Leroy Parker (Paul Newman) and Harry Longbaugh (Robert Redford), better known as Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. Following a string of bank and train robberies in the early 1900’s, the pair find themselves hotly pursued by the authorities. They escape to Bolivia with The Kid’s lover, schoolteacher Etta Place (Katherine Ross), in the hopes of turning their luck around. Based on the William Goldman novel. Music in the movie includes among other great songs, the hit “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” by Burt Bacharach and Hal David.
from 20th Century Fox

Directed by
George Roy Hill

Paul Newman (Butch Cassidy (Robert Leroy Parker))
Robert Redford (The Sundance Kid (Harry Longbaugh))
Katharine Ross (Etta Place)
Strother Martin (Percy Garris)
Henry Jones (Bike Salesman)
Jeff Corey (Sheriff Bledsoe)
George Furth (Woodcock)
Cloris Leachman (Agnes)
Ted Cassidy (Harvey Logan)
Kenneth Mars (Marshal)
Donnelly Rhodes (Macon)
Jody Gilbert (Large Woman)
Timothy Scott (News Carver)
Don Keefer (Fireman)
Charles Dierkop (Flat Nose Curry)
Francisco Cordova (Bank Manager)
Nelson Olmstead (Photographer)
Paul Bryar (Card Player #1)
Sam Elliott (Card Player #2)
Charles Akins (Bank Teller)
Eric Sinclair (Tiffany’s Salesman)
Percy Helton (Sweetface)

Written by
William Goldman

51. “The Philadelphia Story” 1940
A fast talking tabloid magazine columnist (James Stewart) attempts to infiltrate a high society wedding that may turn out to be the biggest event on the social calendar. Tracy Lord (Katharine Hepburn) is the flighty wedding belle set to marry George Kittredge (John Howard), a stodgy but dependable type whom she sees as an antidote to her charismatic and philandering ex-husband (Cary Grant). So the reporters, the playboy, the fiance, and the bride-to-be all converge on the spacious Philadelphia estate of Miss Lord’s father. But just who will end up with whom at the altar is anyone’s guess. Based on Philip Barry’s play. Academy Award® Nominations: 6, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress-Katharine Hepburn.
from MGM

Directed by
George Cukor

Cary Grant (C. K. Dexter Haven)
Katharine Hepburn (Tracy Lord)
James Stewart (Macaulay (Mike) Connor)
Ruth Hussey (Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie)
John Howard (George Kittredge)
Roland Young (Uncle Willie)
John Halliday (Seth Lord)
Mary Nash (Margaret Lord)
Virginia Weidler (Dinah Lord)
Henry Daniell (Sidney Kidd)
Lionel Pape (Edward)
Rex Evans (Thomas)
Hillary Brooke (Main Line Society Woman)
Veda Buckland (Elsie)
Lita Chevret (Manicurist)
Russ Clark (John)
David Clyde
Robert De Bruce (Dr. Parsons)
Dorothy Fay (Main Line Society Woman)
Claude King (Uncle Willie’s Butler)
Florine McKinney (Main Line Society Woman)
Lee Phelps (Bartender)
Hilda Plowright (Librarian)
Helene Whitney (Main Line Society Woman)

Written by
Philip Barry (play)
Donald Ogden Stewart
Waldo Salt

52. “From Here To Eternity” 1953
Landmark example of Hollywood at its finest. An all-star cast brought what was considered an unfilmable novel to the screen with skill and grace. The story of the loves, hopes and dreams of those in a close-knit Army barracks in Hawaii shortly before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Montgomery Clift plays Robert E. Lee “Prew” Prewitt, a former boxer who refuses to fight after blinding a friend in the ring and is sent to the remote outpost as punishment for his insubordination. Love and tragedy abound in this unflattering look at military life and American thought before the war. Based on the novel by James Jones. Eight Oscars® include Best Screenplay (Daniel Taradash) and Cinematography (Burnett Guffey).
from Columbia Pictures

Directed by
Fred Zinnemann

Burt Lancaster (Sergeant Milton Warden)
Montgomery Clift (Robert E. Lee “Prew” Prewitt)
Deborah Kerr (Karen Holmes)
Donna Reed (Alma (Lorene))
Frank Sinatra (Angelo Maggio)
Ernest Borgnine (Sergeant “Fatso” Judson)
Jack Warden (Corp. Buckley)
Philip Ober (Captain Dana Holmes)
Mickey Shaughnessy (Sgt. Leva)
Harry Bellaver (Mazzioli)
John Dennis (Sgt. Ike Galovitch)
Merle Travis (Sal Anderson)
Tim Ryan (Sgt. Pete Karelsen)
Arthur Keegan (Treadwell)
Barbara Morrison (Mrs. Kipfer)
Claude Akins (Dhom)
Vicki Bakken (Suzanne)
Margaret Barstow (Roxanne)
Willis Bouchey (Lieutenant Colonel)
John Bryant (Captain Ross)
Mary Carver (Nancy)
John L. Cason (Corporal Paluso)
Mack Chandler
John Davis
Don Dubbins (Friday Clark)
Moana Gleason (Rose)
Robert Healy (Soldier)
Douglas Henderson (Cpl. Champ Wilson)
James Jones
Robert Karnes (Sgt. Turp Thornhill)
Manny Klein (Trumpet Player)
Edward Laguna
Carey Leverette
Weaver Levi (Bartender)
William Lundmark (Bill)
Freeman Lusk (Colonel Wood)
Tyler McVey (Major Stern)
Kristine Miller (Georgette)
Patrick Miller
Robert Pike (Major Bonds)
Allen Pinson
George Reeves (Sgt. Maylon Stark)
Joe Roach
Fay Roope (Gen. Slater)
Delia Salvi (Billie)
Louise Saraydar
Alvin Sargent (Nair)
Joseph D. Sargent
Joan Shawlee (Sandra)
Angela Stevens (Jean)
Brick Sullivan (Military Guard)
John D. Veitch
Guy Way
Norman Wayne
Robert J. Wilke (Sergeant Henderson)
Jean Willes (Annette)
Carleton Young (Colonel Ayres)

Written by
James Jones (novel)
Daniel Taradash

53. “Amadeus” 1984
A film biography of the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce) as seen through the eyes of rival court composer Antonio Salieri (F. Murray Abraham) on the eve of Salieri’s suicide. He is at once fiercely jealous of and totally awestruck by the young Mozart, whose genius as a composer undeniably exceeds that of any other writer Salieri has heard — including himself. Salieri’s unbridled jealousy of Mozart’s soaring reputation, even as his own wanes, leads him to try to drive Mozart to his death by anonymously commissioning Mozart’s final “Requiem Mass.” Paradoxically, however, it is the obsessed and resentful Salieri who can most truly appreciate the brilliance of Mozart’s revolutionary music. Elizabeth Berridge plays Mozart’s wife, Constanze.
from Orion Pictures

Directed by
Milos Forman

F. Murray Abraham (Antonio Salieri)
Tom Hulce (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Elizabeth Berridge (Constanze Mozart)
Simon Callow (Emanuel Schikaneder)
Roy Dotrice (Leopold Mozart)
Christine Ebersole (Katerina Cavalieri)
Jeffrey Jones (Emperor Joseph II)
Charles Kay (Count Orsini-Rosenberg)
Kenny Baker (Parody Commendatore)
Lisabeth Bartlett (Papagena)
Barbara Bryne (Fran Weber)
Martin Cavani (Young Salieri)
Roderick Cook (Count Von Struck)
Milan Demjanenko (Karl Mozart)
Peter DiGesu (Francesco Salieri)
Richard Frank (Father Vogler)
Patrick Hines (Kappelmeister Bonno)
Nicholas Kepros (Archbishop Colloredo)
Philip Lenkowsky (Salieri’s Servant)
Herman Meckler (Priest)
Jonathan Moore (Baron Van Swieten)
Cynthia Nixon (Lorl)
Brian Pettifer (Hospital Attendant)
Vincent Schiavelli (Salieri’s Valet)
Douglas Seale (Count Arco)
Miroslav Sekera (Young Mozart)
John Strauss (Conductor)
Karl-Heinz Teuber (Wig Salesman)

Written by
Peter Shaffer (also play)

54. “All Quiet On The Western Front” 1930
In All Quiet on the Western Front, a group of German schoolboys, inspired by their professor to fight for their country, enlist in World War I. The film documents their descent into the grim realities of war in graphic detail, from the everyday reality of trench warfare to starvation and butchery. The film tracks the boys in training, battle, and eventually their untimely deaths.
from Universal Pictures

Directed by
Lewis Milestone

Lew Ayres (Paul Baumer)
Louis Wolheim (Katczinsky)
John Wray (Himmelstoss)
Slim Summerville (Tjaden)
Arnold Lucy (Kantorek)
William Bakewell (Albert)
Ben Alexander (Kemmerick)
Scott Kolk (Leer)
Owen Davis Jr. (Peter)
Walter Rodgers (Behm)
Russell Gleason (Muller)
Richard Alexander (Westhus)
Harold Goodwin (Detering)
G. Pat Collins (Lieutenant Bertinck)
Beryl Mercer (Mrs. Baumer)
Edmund Breese (Herr Meyer)
Poupée Andriot (French Girl)
Vince Barnett (Cook)
Daisy Belmore
Marion Clayton (Miss Baumer)
Heinie Conklin (Hammacher)
Yola D’Avril (Suzanne)
Renée Damonde (French girl)
Arthur Gardner (Student)
Raymond Griffith (Gerard Duval)
Bill Irving (Ginger)
Tom London (Orderly)
Bertha Mann (Sister Libertine)
Joan Marsh (Poster Girl)
Edwin Maxwell (Mr. Baumer)
Robert Parrish
ZaSu Pitts
Bodil Rosing (Wachter)
Fred Zinnemann

Written by
Erich Maria Remarque (novel)
George Abbott
Del Andrews
Maxwell Anderson
Walter Anthony
Lewis Milestone

55. “The Sound Of Music” 1965
Maria (Julie Andrews), a winsome postulant at Nonnberg Abbey in Salzberg, is having trouble adjusting to convent life. So her Mother Superior convinces her to accept a position as governess for Captain von Trapp’s seven children. Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer), a lonely widower, realizes how badly his children need mothering and how much he longs for companionship. Eager to solve his domestic dilemma, he proposes to the Baroness (Eleanor Parker) (a haughty woman who dislikes children). But it isn’t long before he realizes he that it’s Maria he is in love with. Based on the story of the real von Trapp family who had to flee their Nazi occupied country in 1938.
from 20th Century Fox

Directed by
Robert Wise

Julie Andrews (Maria)
Christopher Plummer (Captain von Trapp)
Eleanor Parker (The Baroness)
Richard Haydn (Max Detweiler)
Peggy Wood (Mother Abbess)
Charmian Carr (Liesl)
Heather Menzies (Louisa)
Nicholas Hammond (Friedrich)
Duane Chase (Kurt)
Angela Cartwright (Brigitta)
Debbie Turner (Marta)
Kym Karath (Gretl)
Anna Lee (Sister Margaretta)
Portia Nelson (Sister Berthe)
Ben Wright (Herr Zeller)
Daniel Truhitte (Rolfe)
Norma Varden (Frau Schmidt)
Gil Stuart (Franz)
Marni Nixon (Sister Sophia)
Evadne Baker (Sister Bernice)
Doris Lloyd (Baroness Ebberfeld)

Written by
Richard Rodgers (stage musical)
Oscar Hammerstein II (stage musical)
Howard Lindsay (book)
Russel Crouse (book)
Ernest Lehman

56. “M*A*S*H” 1970
“M*A*S*H” imitates the episodic structure of the book upon which it is based, detailing the pranks that the unit’s personnel engage in between the frequent outbreaks of intense surgical activity. Upon arriving in Korea, newly drafted Army doctors Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce (Donald Sutherland) and Nathan Bedford “Duke” Forrest (Tom Skerritt) are sent to M*A*S*H 4077, a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital near the front. They are soon joined by another draftee, Dr. Trapper John McIntyre (Elliott Gould), and the three attempt to maintain their sanity in the face of so much blood and lunacy by showing up the regular army, forming a football team, and staging an elaborate mock suicide.
from 20th Century Fox

Directed by
Robert Altman

Donald Sutherland (Capt. Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce, MD)
Elliott Gould (Capt. John Francis Xavier “Trapper John” McIntyre, MD)
Tom Skerritt (Capt. Augustus Bedford “Duke” Forrest, MD)
Sally Kellerman (Major Margaret (Hot Lips) Houlihan, RN)
Robert Duvall (Major Frank Burns, MD)
Roger Bowen (Lt. Col. Henry Blake, MD)
Rene Auberjonois (Father John Patrick “Dago Red” Mulcahy)
David Arkin (Staff Sergeant Vollmer)
Jo Ann Pflug (Lt. Maria Schneider, RN aka Lieutenant Dish)
Gary Burghoff (Corporal Walter “Radar” O’Reilly)
Fred Williamson (Capt. Oliver Harmon “Spearchucker” Jones, MD)
Michael Murphy (Capt. Ezekiel Bradbury “Me Lay” Marston, IV)
Indus Arthur (Lieutenant Leslie)
Ken Prymus (Private First Class Seidman)
Bobby Troup (Sergeant Gorman)
Kim Atwood (Ho-Jon)
Timothy Brown (Corporal Judson)
John Schuck (Capt. Walter Kosciusko “Painless Pole” Waldowski, DDS)
Dawne Damon (Lt. Storch)
Carl Gottlieb (Capt. “Ugly John” Black)
Tamara Horrocks (Captain Bridget “Knocko” McCarthy)
G. Wood (General Hammond)
Bud Cort (Pvt. Lorenzo Boone)
Danny Goldman (Captain Murrhardt)
Corey Fischer (Captain Bandini)
Stephen Altman (Hawkeye’s 5-Year-Old Son)
Tommy Brown (Football Player)
Buck Buchanan (Football Player)
Jack Concannon (Football Player)
Cathleen Cordell (Nurse Corps Captain)
Ben Davidson (Football Player)
J.B. Douglas (Colonel Merril)
Tom Falk (Corporal)
Sumi Haru (Japanese Nurse)
Susan Ikeda (Japanese Caddie)
Dale Ishimoto (Korean Doctor)
Jerry Jones (Motor Pool Sergeant)
Ted Knight (Offstage Dialog (voice))
Harvey Levine (2nd Lieutenant)
Weaver Levy (Korean Doctor)
John Mamo (Japanese Golf Pro)
Marvin Miller (Offstage Dialog (voice))
John Myers (Football Player)
H. Lloyd Nelson (Offstage Dialog (voice))
Monica Peterson (Pretty WAC)
Masami Saito (Japanese Caddie)
Samantha Scott (Nurse/Pin-up Model)
Noland Smith (Football Player)
Fran Tarkenton (Football Player)
Diane Turley (Correspondent)
Hiroko Watanabe (Korean Prostitute)
Howard Williams (Football Player)
Tom Woodeschick (Football Player)
Yoko Young (Japanese Servant)

Written by
Ring Lardner Jr.
Richard Hooker (novel)

57. “The Third Man” 1949
The fractured Europe post-World War II is perfectly captured in Carol Reed’s masterpiece thriller, set in a Vienna still shell-shocked from battle. Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten) is an alcoholic pulp writer come to visit his old friend Harry Lime (Orson Welles). But when Cotton first arrives in Vienna, Lime’s funeral is under way. From Lime’s girlfriend and an occupying British officer, Martins learns of allegations of Lime’s involvement in racketeering, which Martins vows to clear from his friend’s reputation. As he is drawn deeper into postwar intrigue, Martins finds layer under layer of deception, which he desperately tries to sort out. Welles’s long-delayed entrance in the film has become one of the hallmarks of modern cinematography, and it is just one of dozens of cockeyed camera angles that seem to mirror the off-kilter postwar society. Cotten and Welles give career-making performances, and the Anton Karas zither theme will haunt you.
from Lion International Films /
Selznick Distributing Corp

Directed by
Carol Reed

Joseph Cotten (Holly Martins)
Alida Valli (Anna Schmidt)
Trevor Howard (Major Calloway)
Orson Welles (Harry Lime)
Ernst Deutsch (“Baron” Kurtz)
Erich Ponto (Dr. Winkel)
Siegfried Breuer (Popescu)
Hedwig Bleibtreu (Old Woman)
Bernard Lee (Sergeant Paine)
Wilfrid Hyde-White (Crabbin)
Nelly Arno (Kurtz’ Mother)
Leo Bieber (Barman (Casanova))
Alexis Chesnakov (Brodsky)
Herbert Halbik (Hansel)
Paul Hardtmuth (Hall porter)
Paul Horbiger (Porter)
Geoffrey Keen (British Policeman)
Annie Rosar (Porter’s wife)
Frederick Schreicker (Hansel’s Father)
Jenny Werner (Winkel’s Maid)

Written by
Graham Greene
Alexander Korda
Carol Reed
Orson Welles

58. “Fantasia” 1940
Originally intended as the first in a series of projects bringing together animation with classical music, Fantasia was somewhat of a disappointment for Disney. But over the years, Fantasia has grown in popularity– culminating in the new Fantasia 2000. It was first conceived as a feature length vehicle for Mickey Mouse starring in the comedic segment “The Socerer’s Apprentice”. Other popular segments: “The Nutcracker Suite” and the “Night on Bald Mountain”.
from Walt Disney Productions

Directed by
James Algar
Samuel Armstrong
Ford Beebe
Norman Ferguson
Jim Handley
T. Hee
Wilfred Jackson
Hamilton Luske
Bill Roberts
Ben Sharpsteen

Leopold Stokowski ( Himself)
Deems Taylor (Himself)
Walt Disney (Mickey Mouse (voice))
Hugh Douglas (Narrator)
Julietta Novis (Soloist (“Ave Maria”))

Written by
Joe Grant
Dick Huemer
Lee Blair
Elmer Plummer
Phil Dike
Sylvia Moberly-Holland
Norman Wright
Albert Heath
Bianca Majolie
Graham Heid
Perce Pearce
Carl Fallberg
William Martin
Leo Thiele
Robert Sterner
John McLeish
Otto Englander
Webb Smith
Erdman Penner
Joseph Sabo
Bill Peet
Campbell Grant
Arthur Heinemann
Phil Dike
Oskar Fischinger

Edwin Aardal
Art Babbitt
Preston Blair
Jack Bradbury
Paul Busch
Jack Campbell
Bob Carlson
Les Clark
Ugo D’Orsi
Philip Duncan
Art Elliott
John Elliotte
Hugh Fraser
Franklin Grundeen
Harry Hamsel
Bill Justice
Lynn Karp
Walt Kelly
Paul B. Kossoff
Hicks Lokey
John Lounsbery
Edward Love
Don Lusk
Daniel MacManus
Murray McClellan
John McManus
Joshua Meador
James Moore
Milt Neil
Lester Novros
Art Palmer
George Rowley
Don Patterson
Ray Patterson
William Shull
Grant Simmons
Robert Stokes
Howard Swift
Norman Tate
Riley Thompson
Don Tobin
Harry Toombs
Berny Wolf
Cornett Wood
Marvin Woodward
Cy Young
Robert W. Youngquist

Animation Supervisors
Art Babbitt
Norman Ferguson
Oliver M. Johnston Jr
Ward Kimball
Eric Larson
Joshua Meador
Fred Moore
Wolfgang Reitherman
Don Towsley
Vladimir Tytla

Art Directors
Ken Anderson
Bruce Bushman
Arthur Byram
Tom Codrick
Robert Cormack
Harold Doughty

Yale Gracey
Hugh Hennesy
John Hubley
Dick Kelsey
J. Gordon Legg
Kay Nielsen
Lance Nolley
Ernest Nordli
Kendall O’Connor
Charles Payzant
Curtiss D. Perkins
Charles Philippi
Thor Putnam
Herbert Ryman
Zack Schwartz
Terrell Stapp
McLaren Stewart
Al Zinnen

Background Artists
W. Richard Anthony
Nino Carbe
Claude Coats
Charles Conner
Merle Cox
Al Dempster
Roy Forkum
Eric Hansen
John Hench
Ray Huffine
Ethel Kulsar
Edward Levitt
Ray Lockrem
Brice Mack
Gerald Nevius
Art Riley
Stan Spohn
Joe Stanley
Ed Starr
Robert Storms

Character Designers
James Bodrero
Earl Hurd
John P. Miller
Elmer Plummer
Martin Provinsen
Duke Russell
Lorna S. Soderstrom
John Walbridge

Special Effect Animators
Miles E. Pike
John F. Reed

59. “Rebel Without A Cause” 1955
The classic film about alienated and rebellious youth that made James Dean an indelible icon. “Rebel Without a Cause” focuses on Jim Stark (James Dean) a teenage social outcast searching for his identity. His dysfunctional parents (a milquetoast father and a cantankerous mom) can’t help him and he shuns any form of authority. The young man only finds solace in the company of two fellow teenage misfits, but even they aren’t able to prevent tragedy from befalling this reckless and uncontrollable anti-hero.
from Warner Bros.

Directed by
Nicholas Ray

James Dean (Jim Stark)
Natalie Wood (Judy)
Sal Mineo (Plato)
Jim Backus (Jim’s father)
Ann Doran (Jim’s Mother)
Corey Allen (Buzz Gunderson)
William Hopper (Judy’s Father)
Rochelle Hudson (Judy’s Mother)
Dennis Hopper (Goon)
Edward Platt (Juvenile Officer Ray)
Steffi Sidney (Mil)
Marietta Canty (Plato’s Nurse)
Virginia Brissac (Jim’s Grandmother)
Beverly Long (Helen)
Ian Wolfe (Lecturer)
Frank Mazzola (Crunch)
Robert Foulk (Gene)
Jack Simmons (Cookie)
Tom Bernard (Harry)
Nick Adams (Moose)
Jack Grinnage (Chick)
Clifford Morris (Cliff)
Dorothy Abbott (Nurse)
Jimmy Baird (Beau)
Paul Birch (Police Chief)
Paul Bryar (Desk Sergeant)
Louise Lane (Policewoman)
Nelson Leigh (Sergeant)
David McMahon (Crunch’s Father)
Peter Miller (Hoodlum)
Bruce Noonan (Monitor)
Nicholas Ray (Man in last shot)
Gus Schilling (Attendant)
Almira Sessions (Old Lady Teacher)
Dick Wessel (Guide)
Robert B. Williams (Ed, Moose’s Father)
House Peters Jr (Officer)

Written by
Nicholas Ray
Irving Shulman
Stewart Stern
Leon Uris
David Weisbart

60. “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” 1981
When the Allies discover the Nazis are planning to use the Lost Ark of the Covenant (where the remains of the broken tablets of the Ten Commandments were placed) as a weapon, they send archeologist Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) to find it first. En route Jones and his feisty ex-girlfriend (Karen Allen) must escape the clutches of evil Nazis, duplicitous “natives,” and a nest of venomous snakes — not to mention the wrath of God.
from Paramount Pictures

Directed by
Steven Spielberg

Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones)
Karen Allen (Marion Ravenwood)
Paul Freeman (Rene Belloq)
Ronald Lacey (Toht)
John Rhys-Davies (Sallah)
Denholm Elliott (Marcus Brody)
Alfred Molina (Sapito)
Wolf Kahler (Dietrich)
Anthony Higgins (Gobler)
Vic Tablian (Barranca/Monkey Man)
Don Fellows (Colonel Musgrove)
William Hootkins (Major Eaton)
Bill Reimbold (Bureaucrat)
Fred Sorenson (Jock)
Patrick Durkin (Australian Climber)
Matthew Scurfield (Second Nazi)
Malcolm Weaver (Ratty Nepalese)
Sonny Caldinez (Mean Mongolian)
Anthony Chinn (Mohan)
Pat Roach (Giant Sherpa/1st Mechanic)
Christopher Frederick (Otto)
Tutte Lemkow (Imam)
Ishaq Bux (Omar)
Kiran Shah (Abu)
Souad Messaoudi (Fayah)
Terry Richards (Arab Swordsman)
Steve Hanson (German Agent)
Frank Marshall (Pilot)
Martin Kreidt (Young Soldier)
George Harris (Katanga)
Eddie Tagoe (Messenger Pirate)
John Rees (Sergeant)
Tony Vogel (Tall Captain )
Ted Grossman (Peruvian Porter)

Written by
Lawrence Kasdan
George Lucas (story)
Philip Kaufman (story)

61. “Vertigo” 1958
James Stewart stars as the San Francisco detective John ‘Scottie’ Ferguson who has a fear of heights and is hired by an old school friend to follow his wife (Kim Novak). He soon falls in love with her and then tragedy strikes. One of Hitchcock’s more suspenseful pictures.
from Paramount Pictures

Directed by
Alfred Hitchcock

James Stewart (John ‘Scottie’ Ferguson)
Kim Novak (Madeleine Elster/Judy Barton)
Barbara Bel Geddes (Marjorie ‘Midge’ Wood)
Tom Helmore (Gavin Elster)
Henry Jones (Coroner)
Raymond Bailey (Scottie’s Doctor)
Ellen Corby (Manageress of McKittrick Hotel)
Konstantin Shayne (Pop Leibel)
Lee Patrick ( Older Mistaken Identification)
Isabel Analla
Jack Ano
John Benson ( Salesman)
Margaret Brayton (Ransohoff’s Saleslady)
Paul Bryar ( Captain Hansen)
Roxann Delman (Ransohoff’s Model)
Mollie Dodd (Beautician)
Carlo Dotto (Ernie’s Bartender)
Joanne Genthon (Carlotta Valdez)
Don Giovanni (Salesman)
Roland Got (Maitre d’ at Ernie’s)
Fred Graham (Death Fall Officer)
Buck Harrington (Elster’s Gateman)
June Jocelyn ( Miss Woods)
Miliza Milo ( Saleswoman)
Julian Petruzzi (San Francisco Flower Seller)
William Remick (Jury Foreman)
Jack Richardson (Escort)
Bruno Santina (Waiter at Ernies)
Nina Shipman (Younger Mistaken Identification)
Dori Simmons (Middle-Aged Mistaken Identity)
Ed Stevlingson (Inquest Attorney)
Sara Taft (Nun)

Written by
Samuel A. Taylor
Alec Coppel
Pierre Boileau (novel …d’Entre les Morts)
Thomas Narcejac (novel …d’Entre les Morts)

Original Music by
Bernard Herrmann

62. “Tootsie” 1982
Michael Dorsey (Dustin Hoffman), a desperate actor makes himself up as a woman to land a role in a soap opera — and becomes a national sensation. Falling in love with one of the soap’s leading women doesn’t simplify things in this uproariously funny and touching story. Academy Award Nominations: 10, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor–Dustin Hoffman, Best (Original) Screenplay. Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress– Jessica Lange.
from Columbia Pictures

Directed by
Sydney Pollack

Dustin Hoffman (Michael Dorsey / Dorothy Michaels)
Jessica Lange (Julie Nichols)
Teri Garr (Sandy)
Dabney Coleman (Ron)
Charles Durning (Les Nichols)
Bill Murray (Jeff)
Geena Davis (April)
Sydney Pollack (George Fields)
George Gaynes (John Van Horn)
Doris Belack (Rita)
Ellen Foley (Jacqui)
Peter Gatto (Rick)
Lynne Thigpen (Jo)
Ronald L. Schwary (Phil Weintraub)
Debra Mooney (Mrs. Mallory)
Amy Lawrence (Amy)
Kenny Sinclair (Boy)
Susan Merson (Page)
Michael Ryan (Middle-Aged Man)
Robert D. Wilson (Stage Hand)
James Carruthers (Middle-Aged Man)
Estelle Getty (Middle-Aged Woman)
Christine Ebersole (Linda)
Bernie Pollack (Actor #1)
Sam Stoneburner (Actor #2)
Marjorie Lovett (Salesgirl)
Willy Switkes (Man at Cab)
Gregory Camillucci (Maitre d’)
Barbara Spiegel (Billie)
Tony Craig (Joel Spector)
Walter Cline (Bartender)
Suzanne von Schaack (Party Girl)
Anne Shropshire (Mrs. Crawley)
Pamela Lincoln (Secretary)
Mary Donnet (Receptionist)
Bernie Passeltiner (Mac)
Mallory Jones (Girl #1)
Patti Cohane (Girl #2)
Murray Schisgal (Party Guest)
Greg Gorman (Photographer)
Anne Prager (Acting Student)
John Carpenter (First Actor)
Bob Levine (Second Actor)
Richard Whiting (Priest)
Jim Jansen (Stage Manager #2)
Susan Egbert (Diane)
Kas Self (Acting Student)
Tom Mardirosian (Stage Manager)
Richard Wirth (Mel (Technical Director))
Gavin Reed (Director)
Annie Korzen (Autograph Hound)
Ibbits Warriner (Autograph Hound)
Lois De Banzie (Autograph Hound)
Stephen Prutting (Autograph Hound)
Carole Holland (Autograph Hound)
Phillip Borsos

Written by
Larry Gelbart
Murray Schisgal
Don McGuire (story)
Barry Levinson
Elaine May

63. “Stagecoach” 1939
One of the most classic Hollywood westerns ever made. A stagecoach begins its journey to a frontier colony; among the travellers are a good-hearted prostitute whom the righteous townsfolk have exiled, a liquor salesman, a gambler, an alcoholic doctor, a sheriff, a hightailing businessman and a soldier’s pregnant wife. Almost immediately, the Ringo Kid (John Wayne), an escaped convict who’s both highly moral and completely innocent, intercepts them: he wants to kill the person who set him up before willingly returning to prison. The journey proves perilous as the quarreling group encounters angry Indians and violent desperadoes — and celebrate one magnificent moment that brings them together, and teaches mercy to even the most rigid among them.
from United Artists

Directed by
John Ford

Claire Trevor (Dallas)
John Wayne (Ringo Kid)
Andy Devine (Buck)
John Carradine (Hatfield)
Thomas Mitchell (Doc Boone)
Louise Platt (Lucy Mallory)
George Bancroft (Curly Wilcox)
Donald Meek (Mr. Peacock)
Berton Churchill (Mr. Gatewood)
Tim Holt ( Lieutenant Blanchard)
Tom Tyler (Luke Plummer)
Chief John Big Tree (Indian Scout)
Edward Brady (Owner of Saloon)
Yakima Canutt (Cavalry Scout)
Nora Cecil (Landlady of Doc)
Bill Cody (Rancher)
Marga Ann Deighton (Mrs. Pickett)
Franklyn Farnum (Deputy)
Francis Ford (Billy Pickett)
Brenda Fowler (Mrs. Gatewood)
Robert Homans (Editor)
William Hopper (Cavalry Sergeant)
Si Jenks (Bartender)
Cornelius Keefe (Captain Whitney)
Florence Lake (Nancy Whitney)
Duke R. Lee (Lordsburg Sheriff)
Theodore Lorch (Express Agent in Lordsburg)
Chris-Pin Martin (Chris)
Jim Mason (Jim)
Louis Mason (Sheriff at Tonto)
Merrill McCormick (Ogler)
Walter McGrail (Captain Sickle)
Paul McVey (Express Agent)
Kent Odell (Billy Pickett Jr)
Artie Ortego (Bar Patron in Lordsburg)
Vester Pegg ( Hank Plummer)
Jack Pennick (Bartender Jerry)
Joe Rickson (Ike Plummer)
Buddy Roosevelt (Rancher)
Elvira Rios (Chris’s Wife)
Harry Tenbrook ( Telegraph Operator)
Mary Kathleen Walker (Lucy’s Infant Child)
Bryant Washburn (Cavalry Captain)
Whitehorse (Indian Leader)
Hank Worden (Cavalryman)

Written by
Dudley Nichols
Ben Hecht
Ernest Haycox (story Stage to Lordsburg)

64. “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” 1977
After Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) witnesses a neon fleet of U.F.O.s, he and others are mysteriously drawn to a remote area of Wyoming where aliens may make first contact with the human race. Academy Award nominations: 8, including Best Director. Academy Awards: 2, including Best Cinematography and a Special Achievement Award for Best Sound.
from Columbia Pictures

Directed by
Steven Spielberg

Richard Dreyfuss (Roy Neary)
Francois Truffaut (Claude Lacombe)
Teri Garr (Ronnie Neary)
Melinda Dillon (Jillian Guiler)
Bob Balaban (David Laughlin)
J. Patrick McNamara (Project Leader)
Warren J. Kemmerling (Wild Bill)
Roberts Blossom (Farmer)
Philip Dodds (Jean Claude)
Cary Guffey (Barry Guiler)
Shawn Bishop (Neary Children)
Adrienne Campbell (Neary Children)
Justin Dreyfuss (Toby Neary)
Lance Henriksen (Robert)
Merrill Connally (Team Leader)
George DiCenzo (Major Benchley)
Amy Douglass (Implantee)
Alexander Lockwood (Implantee)
Gene Dynarski ( Ike)
Mary Gafrey (Mrs. Harris)
Norman Bartold (Ohio Tolls)
Josef Sommer (Larry Butler)
Reverend Michael J. Dyer (Himself)
Roger Ernest (Highway Patrolman)
Carl Weathers (Military Police)
F.J. O’Neil (ARP Project Member)
Randy Herman (Returnee #1 Flt. 19)
Hal Barwood (Returnee #2 Flt. 19)
Matthew Robbins (Returnee #3 Flt. 19)
David Anderson (Air Traffic Controller)
Richard L. Hawkins (Air Traffic Controller)
Craig Shreeve (Air Traffic)
Bill Thurman (Air Traffic)
Roy E. Richards (Air East Pilot)
Gene Rader (Hawker)
Eumenio Blanco (Federale)
Daniel Nunez (Federale)
Chuy Franco (Federale)
Luis Contreras (Federale)
James Keane (Radio Telescope Team)
Dennis McMullen (Radio Telescope Team)
Cy Young (Radio Telescope Team)
Tom Howard (Radio Telescope Team)
Richard Stuart (Truck Dispatcher)
Bob Westmoreland (Load Dispatcher)
Matt Emery (Special Leader)
Galen Thompson (Special Forces)
John Dennis Johnston (Special Forces)
John Ewing (Dirty Tricks #1)
Keith Atkinson (Dirty Tricks #2)
Robert Broyles (Dirty Tricks #3)
Kirk Raymond (Dirty Tricks #4)
Howard K. Smith (Television Reporter)

Written by
Steven Spielberg
Paul Schrader

65. “The Silence Of The Lambs” 1991
As Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter, Anthony Hopkins is the archetypical antihero–cultured, quick-witted, uncontainable–a portrait of the sharpest human faculties gone diabolically wrong. His performance marked him as a major star in America, and the movie swept the 1991 Academy Awards.
from Orion Pictures

Directed by
Jonathan Demme

Jodie Foster (Clarice Starling)
Anthony Hopkins (Dr. Hannibal Lecter)
Scott Glenn (Jack Crawford)
Anthony Heald (Dr. Frederick Chilton)
Lawrence A. Bonney (FBI Instructor)
Kasi Lemmons (Ardelia Mapp)
Lawrence T. Wrentz (Agent Burroughs)
Frankie Faison (Barney)
Don Brockett (Friendly Psychopath)
Frank Seals Jr (Brooding Psychopath)
Stuart Rudin (Miggs)
Masha Skorobogatov (Young Clarice)
Jeffrey Lane (Clarice’s Father)
Leib Lensky (Mr. Lang)
Red Schwartz (Mr. Lang’s Driver)
Jim Roche (TV Evangelist)
Brooke Smith (Catherine Martin)
Ted Levine (Jame Gumb)
James B. Howard (Boxing Instructor)
Bill Miller (Mr. Brigham)
Chuck Aber (Agent Terry)
Gene Borkan (Oscar)
Pat McNamara (Sheriff Perkins)
Tracey Walter (Lamar)
Kenneth Utt (Dr. Akin)
Dan Butler (Roden)
Paul Lazar (Pilcher)

Adelle Lutz (TV Anchor Woman)
Obba Babatunde (TV Anchor Man)
George Michael (TV Sportscaster)
Diane Baker (Senator Ruth Martin)
Roger Corman (FBI Director Hayden Burke)
Ron Vawter (Paul Krendler)
Charles Napier (Lt. Boyle)
Jim Dratfield (Sen. Martin’s Aide)
D. Stanton Miranda (1st Reporter)
Rebecca Saxon (2nd Reporter)
Danny Darst (Sgt. Tate)
Cynthia Ettinger (Officer Jacobs)
Brent Hinkley (Officer Murray)
Steve Wyatt (Airport Flirt)
Alex Coleman (Sgt. Pembry)
David Early (Spooked Memphis Cop)
Andre B. Blake (Tall Memphis Cop)
Bill Dalzell III (Distraught Memphis Cop)
Chris Isaak (SWAT Commander)
Daniel von Bargen (SWAT Communicator)
Tommy Lafitte (SWAT Shooter)
Josh Broder (EMS Attendant)
Buzz Kilman (EMS Driver)
Harry Northup (Mr. Bimmel)
Lauren Roselli (Stacy Hubka)
Lamont Arnold ( Flower Delivery Man)
John Hall (State Trooper)
George A. Romero (FBI Agent in Memphis)

Written by
Ted Tally
Thomas Harris (novel)

Original Music by
Howard Shore

66. “Network” 1976
A TV network cynically exploits a deranged ex-TV anchor’s ravings and revelations about the media for their own profit.
from United Artists

Directed by
Sidney Lumet

Faye Dunaway (Diana Christensen)
William Holden (Max Schumacher)
Peter Finch (Howard Beale)
Robert Duvall (Frank Hackett)
Wesley Addy (Nelson Chaney)
Ned Beatty ( Arthur Jensen)
Beatrice Straight (Louise Schumacher)
William Prince (Edward George Ruddy)
Conchata Ferrell (Barbara Schlesinger)
Arthur Burghardt (Great Ahmed Kahn)
Bill Burrows (TV Director)
John Carpenter (George Bosch)
Jordan Charney (Harry Hunter)
Kathy Cronkite (Mary Ann Gifford)
Ed Crowley ( Joe Donnelly)
Jerome Dempsey (Walter C. Amundsen)
Gene Gross (Milton K. Steinman)
Stanley Grover (Jack Snowden)
Cindy Grover (Caroline Schumacher)
Darryl Hickman ( Bill Herron)
Mitchell Jason (Arthur Zangwill)
Paul Jenkins (TV Stage Manager)
Ken Kercheval (Merrill Grant)
Kenneth Kimmins (Associate Producer)
Lynn Klugman (TV Production Assistant)
Carolyn Krigbaum (Max’s Secretary)
Zane Lasky (Audio Man)
Michael Lipton ( Tommy Pellegrino)
Michael Lombard (Willie Stein)
Pirie MacDonald (Herb Thackeray)
Russ Petranto (TV Associate Director)
Bernard Pollock ( Lou)
Roy Poole (Sam Haywood)
Sasha von Scherler (Helen Miggs)
Lane Smith (Robert McDonough)
Ted Sorel (Giannini)
Fred Stuthman (Mosaic Figure)
Cameron Thomas ( TV Technical Director)
Marlene Warfield ( Laureen Hobbs)
Lydia Wilen ( Hunter’s Secretary)
Lee Richardson (Narrator (voice))
Todd Everett (Reporter)
Lance Henriksen (Lawyer)

Written by
Paddy Chayefsky

67. “The Manchurian Candidate” 1962
A complex paranoid political horror story about a brainwashed American platoon and a decorated soldier programmed to assassinate political enemies. The former platoon commander Bennett Marco (Frank Sinatra) must piece together the clues to discover the killer’s identity, his next target, and who is behind this sinister plan. Seasoned cast delivers strong performances, with an uncharacteristically hard-bitten Sinatra, a maliciously identifiable Harvey, and a frighteningly overbearing Lansbury. Political juxtaposition and factual plausibility lend terrifying realism. Based on Richard Condon’s harrowing novel. Academy Award Nominations: Best Film Editing, Best Supporting Actress–Angela Lansbury.
from United Artists

Directed by
John Frankenheimer

Frank Sinatra (Bennett Marco)
Laurence Harvey (Raymond Shaw)
Janet Leigh (Rosie)
Angela Lansbury (Mrs. Iselin)
Henry Silva (Chunjin)
James Gregory (Senator John Iselin)
Leslie Parrish (Jocie Jordon)
John McGiver (Senator Thomas Jordon)
Khigh Dhiegh (Yen Lo)
James Edwards (Corporal Melvin)
Douglas Henderson (Colonel)
Albert Paulsen (Zilkov)
Madame Spivy (Berezovo)
Barry Kelley (Secretary of Defense)
Joe Adams (Psychiatrist)
Lloyd Corrigan (Holborn Gaines)
Whit Bissell (Medical Officer)
Mimi Dillard (Melvin’s Wife)
Anton Van Stralen (Officer)
John Lawrence (Grossfeld)
Tom Lowell (Lembeck)
Richard LePore (Mavole)
Nick Bolin (Berezovo)
Nicky Blair (Silvers)
William Thourlby (Little)
Irving Steinberg (Freeman)
John Francis (Haiken)
Lou Krugg (Manager)
Robert Riordan (Nominee)
Reggie Nalder (Gomel)
Miyoshi Jingu (Miss Gertrude)
Anna Shin (Korean Girl)
Helen Kleeb (Chairlady)
Maye Henderson (Chairlady)
Mickey Finn (Reporter)
Richard Norris (Reporter)
John Indrisano (Reporter)
Mike Masters (F.B.I. Man)
Tom Harris (F.B.I. Man)
Marquita Moll (Soprano)
Robert Burton (Convention Chairman)
Karen Norris (Secretary)
Bess Flowers (Gomel)
Jean Vaughn (Nurse)
Ray Spiker (Policeman)
Merritt Bohn (Jilly)
Frank Basso (Photographer)
Harry Holcombe (General)
Ray Dailey (Page Boy)
Julie Payne (Party Guest)
Lana Crawford (Party Guest)
Evelyn Byrd (Party Guest)
Estelle Etterre (Woman in Lobby)
Mary Benoit (Woman in Lobby)
Rita Kenaston (Woman in Lobby)
Maggie Hathaway (Woman in Lobby)
Joan Douglas (Woman in Lobby)
Ralph Gambina (Man in Lobby)
Frances E. Nealy (Woman in Lobby)
Sam ‘Kid’ Hogan (Man in Lobby)
James Yagi (Man in Lobby)
Lee Tung Foo (Man in Lobby)
Raynum K. Tsukamoto (Man in Lobby)
Paul Frees (Narrator (voice))

Written by
George Axelrod
Richard Condon (novel)
John Frankenheimer

68. “An American In Paris” 1951
Musical about a young G.I. who remains in Paris after World War II to study art. Jerry Mulligan (Gene Kelly) wants to live the life of the great painters — holed up in a Montmartre garret, starving for his art. But the reality is less romantic than the fantasy, so when a rich American gallery owner offers to support him, he agrees — even if the bargain means joining her entourage of lovers. Then he meets Lise (Leslie Caron), a young French girl, and instantly falls in love. Unfortunately, she’s already engaged to Henri Baurel, an older man who saved her from the Nazis. But when Henri discovers that she cares for another, he gracefully exits, leaving the young couple to a life together. Academy Award® Nominations: 8, including Best Director. Academy Awards®: 6, including Best Picture, Best Story and Screenplay. Kelly won a special Oscar® for his achievements.
from MGM

Directed by
Vincente Minnelli

Gene Kelly (Jerry Mulligan)
Leslie Caron (Lise Bouvier)
Oscar Levant (Adam Cook)
Georges Guetary (Henri Baurel)
Nina Foch (Milo Roberts)
Marie Antoinette Andrews (News Vendor)
Martha Bamattre (Mathilde Mattieau)
Madge Blake (Edna Mae Bestram)
Nan Boardman (Maid)
Eugene Borden (Georges Matthieu)
Andre Charisse (Dancing Partner)
Ann Codee (Therese)
Adele Coray (Honeymooner)
George Davis (Francois)
Art Dupuis (Driver)
John Eldredge (Jack Jansen)
Jeanne Lafayette (Nun)
Louise Laureau (Nun)
Paul Maxey (John McDowd)
Greg McClure (Artist)
Noel Neill (American girl)
Anna Q. Nilsson (Kay Jansen)
Alfred Paix (Postman)
Don Quinn (Honeymooner)
Hayden Rorke (Tommy Baldwin)
Dick Wessel (Ben Macrow)
Mary Young (Old-woman-dancer)

Written by
Alan Jay Lerner

69. “Shane” 1953
Arguably the best western ever, this classic is about a quiet gunfighter (Alan Ladd) who defends homesteaders from a gang of thugs. Based on the novel by Jack Schaefer. Academy Award Nominations: 6, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor–Jack Palance, Best Supporting Actor–Brandon de Wilde. Academy Awards: Best Cinematography.
from Paramount Pictures

Directed by
George Stevens

Alan Ladd (Shane)
Jean Arthur (Marian Starrett)
Van Heflin (Joe Starrett)
Brandon De Wilde (Joey Starrett)
Jack Palance (Jack Wilson)
Ben Johnson (Chris Calloway)
Edgar Buchanan (Lewis)
Elisha Cook Jr. (Frank Torrey)
Ellen Corby (Mrs. Torrey)
Emile Meyer (Rufus Ryker)
Douglas Spencer (Mr. Shipstead)
John Dierkes (Morgan Ryker)
Paul McVey (Grafton)
John Miller (Atkey)
Edith Evanson (Mrs. Shipstead)
Leonard Strong (Ernie Wright)
Ray Spiker (Johnson)
Janice Carroll (Susan Lewis)
Martin Mason (Howells)
Helen Brown (Mrs. Lewis)
Nancy Kulp (Mrs. Howells)
Howard Negley (Pete)
George J. Lewis (Ryker Man)
Chester W. Hannan (Ryker Man)
Bill Cartledge (Ryker Man)
Steve Raines (Ryker Man)
Ewing Miles Brown (Ryker Man)
Rex Moore (Ryker Man)
Charles Quirk (Clerk)
Jack Sterling (Ryker Man)
Beverly Washburn (Ruth Lewis)
Henry Wills (Ryker Man)

Written by
Jack Schaefer (story)
A.B. Guthrie Jr.
Jack Sher

Original Music by
Victor Young

70. “The French Connection” 1971
This account of one of the largest U.S. drug busts at the time, loosely based on a true story and Moore’s book, features one of the most famous chase scenes in film history as cars careen below the elevated train tracks dodging city traffic. The chase begins when a pair of hard-boiled New York City narcotics detectives, Jimmy ‘Popeye’ Doyle (Gene Hackman) and Buddy Russo (Roy Scheider), uncover an elaborate heroin smuggling ring headed by a French crime boss. Hackman makes a lasting impression as tough-guy cop Popeye Doyle. Wunderkind Friedkin made his commercial breakthrough and won an Oscar for Best Director.
from 20th Century Fox

Directed by
William Friedkin

Gene Hackman (Jimmy ‘Popeye’ Doyle)
Fernando Rey (Alain Charnier)
Roy Scheider (Buddy Russo)
Tony Lo Bianco (Sal Boca)
Marcel Bozzuffi (Pierre Nicoli)
Frederic de Pasquale (Devereaux)
Bill Hickman (Mulderig)
Ann Rebbot (Marie Charnier)
Harold Gary (Weinstock)
Arlene Farber (Angie Boca)
Eddie Egan (Simonson)
Andre Ernotte (La Valle)
Sonny Grosso (Klein)
Benny Marino (Lou Boca)
Pat McDermott (Chemist)
Alan Weeks (Drug Pusher)
Al Fann (Informant)
Irvng Abrahams (Police Mechanic)
Randy Jurgensen (Police Sergeant)
William Coke (Motorman)
Maureen Mooney (Bicycle Girl)
Robert Weil (Auctioneer)

Written by
Ernest Tidyman
Robin Moore (novel)

71. “Forrest Gump” 1994
The Academy Award winner for Best Picture, Best Director Robert Zemeckis, and Best Actor Tom Hanks, this unlikely story of a slow-witted but good-hearted man somehow at the center of the pivotal events of the 20th century is a funny and heartwarming epic. Hanks plays the title character, a shy Southern boy in love with his childhood best friend (Robin Wright) who finds that his ability to run fast takes him places. As an All-Star football player he meets John F. Kennedy; as a soldier in Vietnam he’s a war hero; and as a world champion Ping-Pong player he’s hailed by Richard Nixon. Becoming a successful shrimp-boat captain, he still yearns for the love of his life, who takes a quite different and much sadder path in life. The visual effects incorporating Hanks into existing newsreel footage is both funny and impressive, but the heart of the film lies in its sweet love story and in the triumphant performance of Hanks as an unassuming soul who savors the most from his life and times.
from Paramount Pictures

Directed by
Robert Zemeckis

Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump)
Robin Wright (Jenny Curran)
Gary Sinise (Lieutenant Dan Taylor)
Sally Field (Mrs. Gump)
Mykelti Williamson (Bubba Blue)
Rebecca Williams (Nurse at Park Bench)
Michael Conner Humphreys (Young Forrest)
Harold G. Herthum (Doctor)
George Kelly (Barber)
Bob Penny (Cronie)
John Randall (Cronie)
Sam Anderson (Principal)
Margo Moorer (Louise)
Ione M. Telech (Elderly Woman)
Christine Seabrook (Elderly Woman’s Daughter)
Peter Dobson (Young Elvis Presley)
Siobhan Fallon (School Bus Driver)
Alexander Zemeckis (School Bus Boy)
Logan Livingston Gomez (School Bus Boy)
Ben Waddel (School Bus Boy)
Elizabeth Hanks (School Bus Girl)
Hanna R. Hall (Young Jenny Curran)
Tyler Long (Red Headed Boy)
Christopher Jones (Boy with Cross)
Grady Bowman (Fat Boy)
Kevin Mangan (Jenny’s Father)
Fay Genens (Jenny’s Grandmother)
Frank Geyer (Police Chief)
Rob Landry (Red Headed Teen)
Jason McGuire (Fat Teen)
Pete Auster (Teen with Cross)
Sonny Shroyer (College Football Coach)
Brett Rice (High School Football Coach)
Ed Davis (High School Football Coach)
Daniel C. Striepeke (Recruiter)
Bruce Lucvia (Kick Off Return Player)
David Brisbin (Newscaster)
Kirk Ward (Earl)
Angela Lomas (Black Student)
Timothy Record (Black Student)
Deborah McTeer (Woman with Child on Park Bench)
Mark Matheisen (Jenny’s Date)
Al Harrington (Local Anchor #1)
Jed Gillin (President Kennedy (voice))
Bob Harks (University Dean)
Don Fischer (Army Recruiter)
Kenneth Bevington (Army Bus Driver)
Michael Flannery (Bus Recruit)
Gary Robinson (Bus Recruit)
Marlena Smalls (Bubba’s Mother)
Kitty K. Green (Bubba’s Great Grandmother)
John Worsham (Southern Gentleman)
Afemo Omilami (Drill Sergeant)
Matt Wallace (Barracks Recruit)
Dante McCarthy (Topless Girl)
Paulie DiCocco (Emcee)
Mike Jolly (Club Patron)
Michael Kemmerling (Club Patron)
John Voldstad (Club Patron)
Jeffrey Winner (Club Patron)
Russ Wilson (Pick-up Truck Driver)
Daniel J. Gillooly (Helicopter Gunman)
Calvin Gadsden (Sergeant Sims)
Aaron Izbicki (Dallas)
Michael Burgess (Cleveland)
Steven Griffith (Tex)
Bill Roberson (Fat Man at Bench)
Michael McFall (Army Hospital Male Nurse)
Eric Underwood (Mail Call Soldier)
Stephen Derelian (Wounded Soldier)
Byron Minns (Wounded Soldier)
Stephen Wesley Bridgewater (Hospital Officer)
Bonnie Burgess (Army Nurse)
Scott Oliver (National Correspondent #1)
John William Galt (President Johnson (voice))
Hilary Chaplain (Hilary)
Isabel Rose (Isabel)
Jay Ross (Veteran at War Rally)
Richard D’Alessandro (Abbie Hoffman)
Dick Stilwell (Policeman at War Rally)
Kevin Davis (Black Panther)
Michael Jace (Black Panther)
Geoffrey Blake (Wesley)
Tim Perry (Hippie at Commune)
Vanessa Roth (Hollywood Boulevard Girlfriend)
Emily Carey (Hollywood Boulevard Girlfriend)
Paul Raczkowski (Man in VW Bug)
Valentino (Chinese Ping Pong Player)
Dick Cavett (Himself)
Joe Stefanelli (John Lennon’s Voice (voice))
Tiffany Salerno (Carla)
Marla Sucharetza (Lenore)
Aloysius Gigl (Musician Boyfriend)
Jack Bowden (National Correspondent #4)
Joe Alaskey (President Nixon (voice))
Lazarus Jackson (Discharge Officer)
W. Benson Terry (Stanley Loomis)
Matt Rebenkoff (Drugged Out Boyfriend)
Peter Bannon (Local Correspondent #2)
Joe Washington (Local Anchor #2)
Nora Dunfee (Elderly Southern Woman)
Nathalie Hendrix (Local Anchor #3)
Hallie D’Amore (Waitress in Cafe)
Jim Hanks (Running Double)
Chiffonye Cobb (Hannibal Reporter)
Juan Singleton (Hannibal Reporter)
Bobby Richardson (Hannibal Reporter)
Michael Mattison (Taxi Driver)
Lenny Herb (Young Man Running)
Charles Boswell (Aging Hippie)
Tim McNeil (Wild Eyed Man)
Haley Joel Osment (Forrest Junior)
Lonnie Hamilton (The Minister)
Teresa Denton (Lieutenant Dan’s Fiancee)
Jim Keller (Hippie at Commune)
Mary Ellen Trainor (Jenny’s Babysitter)

Written by
Eric Roth
Winston Groom (novel)

72. “Ben-Hur” 1959
The story of Judah Ben-Hur (Charlton Heston), a Judean Prince, who as a galley slave saves the life of a Roman nobleman. He is adopted by the Roman and becomes a respected citizen and a famed chariot racer. Upon his return to Judea, Ben-Hur witnesses the crucifixion of Jesus, and is inspired to convert to Christianity. The chariot racing scene is often regarded as one of the most exciting action sequences ever filmed. Based on the 1880 novel by Lew Wallace. Academy Award® Nominations: 12, including Best (Adapted) Screenplay. Academy Awards®: 11, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor–Charlton Heston, Best Supporting Actor–Hugh Griffith.
from MGM

Directed by
William Wyler

Charlton Heston (Judah Ben-Hur)
Jack Hawkins (Quintus Arrius)
Haya Harareet (Esther)
Stephen Boyd (Messala)
Hugh Griffith (Sheik Ilderim)
Martha Scott (Miriam)
Cathy O’Donnell (Tirzah)
Sam Jaffe (Simonides)
Finlay Currie (Balthasar)
Frank Thring (Pontius Pilate)
Terence Longdon (Drusus)
George Relph (Tiberius)
Andre Morell (Sextus)
Edward J. Auregul (Athenian)
Ady Berber (Malluch)
Marina Berti (Flavia)
Hugh Billingsley (Mario)
Jerry Brown (The Corinthian)
Robert Brown (Chief of Rowers)
Lando Buzzanca (Jew Slave in the Desert)
Joe Canutt (Sportsman)
Otello Capanna (The Byzantine)
Emile Carrer (Rower No. 28)
Richard Coleman (Metellus)
Michael Cosmo (Raimondo)
Alfredo Danesi (Armenian)
David Davies (Quaestor)
Victor De La Fosse (Galley Officer)
Mino Doro (Gratus)
Michael Dugan (Seaman)
Dino Fazio (Marcello)
Enzo Fiermonte (Galley Officer)
Giuliano Gemma (Roman in the Baths)
John Glenn (Rower No. 42)
Jose Greci (Mary)
Richard Hale (Gaspar)
Claude Heater (The Christ)
John Horsley (Spintho)
Bill Kuehl (Soldier)
Duncan Lamont (Marius)
Howard Lang (Hortator)
Stevenson Lang (Blind Man)
John Le Mesurier (Doctor)
Tutte Lemkow (Leper)
Cliff Lyons (Lublon)
Luigi Marra (Syrian)
Ferdy Mayne (Captain of Rescue Ship)
Tiberio Mitri (Roman at Bath)
Aldo Mozele (Barca)
Thomas O’Leary (Starter at Race)
Remington Olmstead (Decurian)
Laurence Payne (Joseph)
Aldo Pial (Cavalry Officer)
Diego Pozzetto (Villager)
Hector Ross (Officer)
Maxwell Shaw (Rower No. 43)
Noel Sheldon (Centurion)
Aldo Silvani (Man in Nazareth)
Reginald Lal Singh (Melchior)
Pietro Tordi (Pilate’s Servant)
Ralph Truman (Aide to Tiberius)
Raimondo Van Riel (Old Man)
Stella Vitelleschi (Amrah)
Dervis Ward (Jailer)
Joe Yrigoyen (Egyptian)

Written by
Karl Tunberg
Lew Wallace (novel)
Maxwell Anderson
Christopher Fry
Gore Vidal

73. “Wuthering Heights” 1939
Based on Emily Brontë’s 1847 novel, this powerful screen version tells the story of star-crossed lovers Cathy (Merle Oberon) and Heathcliff (Laurence Olivier) whose wild, inseparable spirits are betrayed by Cathy’s earthly ambitions. Academy Award Nominations: 8, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor–Laurence Olivier, Best Screenplay. Academy Awards: Best (Black-and-White) Cinematography.
from Samuel Goldwyn Company

Directed by
William Wyler

Merle Oberon (Cathy Linton)
Laurence Olivier (Heathcliff)
David Niven (Edgar Linton)
Flora Robson (Ellen Dean)
Donald Crisp (Dr. Kenneth)
Geraldine Fitzgerald (Isabella Linton)
Hugh Williams (Hindley)
Leo G. Carroll (Joseph Earnshaw)
Miles Mander (Mr. Lockwood)
Cecil Kellaway (Earnshaw)
Cecil Humphreys (Judge Linton)
Sarita Wooton (Cathy (younger))
Rex Downing (Heathcliff (younger))
Douglas Scott (Hindley (younger)
Alice Ahlers (Frau Johann, harpsocord)
Frank Benson (Heathcliffe Servant)
Romaine Callender (Robert)
Vernon Downing (Giles)
Harold Entwistle (Beadle)
Helena Grant (Miss Hudkins)
Sam Harris (Wedding Guest)
Susanne Leach (Guest)
Tommy Martin (Little Boy)
Schuyler Standish (Little Boy)
William Stelling (Dancer)
Eric Wilton (Linton Servant)

Written by
Charles MacArthur
Ben Hecht
Emily Brontë (novel)

74. “The Gold Rush” 1925
Classic Charlie Chaplin comedy set against the backdrop of the Alaskan gold rush. When theTramp (here The Lone Prospector) is trapped in a mountain cabin with two other fortune hunters, Chaplin can manage to make even starvation funny, culminating in the memorable scene of him cooking a boot. Back in town, the Tramp falls for a dance-hall girl (Georgia Hale), but it seems impossible that she could ever notice him.
from Charles Chaplin Productions / United Artists

Directed by
Charles Chaplin

Charles Chaplin (The Lone Prospector)
Mack Swain (Big Jim McKay)
Tom Murray (Black Larson)
Georgia Hale (Georgia)
Henry Bergman (Hank Curtis)
Albert Austin (A Prospector)
Chester Conklin
Betty Morrissey (Georgia’s friend)
Malcolm Waite (Jack Cameron)

Written by
Charles Chaplin

75. “Dances With Wolves” 1925
Rewarded for his heroism in the Civil War, Lt. John Dunbar wants to see the American frontier before it is gone. He is assigned to an abandoned fort, where a Sioux tribe is his only neighbor. Overcoming the language barrier and their mutual fear and distrust, Dunbar and the proud Indians gradually become friends. Winner of seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, Kevin Costner
from Orion Pictures

Directed by
Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner (Lieutenant Dunbar)
Mary McDonnell (Stands With a Fist)
Graham Greene (Kicking Bird)
Rodney A. Grant (Wind in His Hair)
Floyd Red Crow Westerman (Ten Bears)
Tantoo Cardinal (Black Shawl)
Robert Pastorelli (Timmons)
Charles Rocket (Lieutenant Elgin)
Maury Chaykin (Major Fambrough)
Jimmy Herman (Stone Calf)
Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse (Smiles A Lot)
Michael Spears (Otter)
Jason R. Lone Hill (Worm)
Tony Pierce (Spivey)
Doris Leader Charge (Pretty Shield)
Tom Everett (Sergeant Pepper)
Larry Joshua (Sergeant Baker)
Kirk Baltz (Edwards)
Wayne Grace (Major)
Donald Hotton (General Tide)
Annie Costner (Christine)
Conor Duffy (Willie)
Elisa Daniel (Christine’s Mother)
Percy White Plume (Big Warrior)
John Tail (Escort Warrior)
Steve Reevis (Sioux #1/Warrior #1)
Sheldon Wolfchild (Sioux #2/Warrior #2)
Wes Studi (Toughest Pawnee)
Buffalo Child (Pawnee #1)
Clayton Big Eagle (Pawnee #2)
Richard Leader Charge (Pawnee #3)
Redwing Ted Nez (Sioux Warrior)
Marvin Holy (Sioux Warrior)
Raymond Newholy (Sioux Courier)
David J. Fuller (Kicking Bird’s Son)
Ryan White Bull (Kicking Bird’s Eldest Son)
Otakuye Conroy (Kicking Bird’s Daughter)
Maretta Big Crow (Village Mother)
Steven Chambers (Guard)
William H. Burton (General’s Aide)
Bill W. Curry (Confederate Cavalryman)
Nick Thompson (Confederate Soldier)
Carter Hanner (Confederate Soldier)
Kent Hays (Wagon Driver)
Robert Goldman (Union Soldier)
Frank P. Costanza (Tucker)
James A. Mitchell (Ray)
R.L. Curtin (Ambush Wagon Driver)

Written by
Michael Blake

76. “City Lights” 1931
City Lights is a Chaplin masterpiece starring his character The Tramp who befriends a blind flower girl (Virginia Cherrill) and then takes money from a drunken millionaire in order to pay for an operation to restore her sight. Certainly one of Charlie Chaplin’s best movies
from United Artists

Directed by
Charles Chaplin

Virginia Cherrill (A Blind Girl)
Florence Lee (Blind Girl’s Grandmother)
Harry Myers (An Eccentric Millionaire)
Allan Garcia (Eccentric Millionaire’s Butler)
Hank Mann (A Prizefighter)
Charles Chaplin (A Tramp)
Robert Parrish
Albert Austin (Street Cleaner)
Eddie Baker
Henry Bergman (Janitor)
James Donnelly
Jean Harlow
John Rand (Tramp)
Stanhope Wheatcroft

Written by
Charles Chaplin

77. “American Graffiti” 1973
The bittersweet innocence of pre-Kennedy assassination America is brilliantly captured in Lucas’ study of a night in the lives of the Class of 1962. Cruising in their hot rods, eating at Mel’s Diner, and listening to Wolfman Jack spin the latest platters draws a nostalgic pastoral with the shadow of Vietnam almost visible on the horizon. Academy Award Nominations: 5, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best (Original) story and Screenplay.
from Universal Pictures

Directed by
George Lucas

Richard Dreyfuss (Curt Henderson)
Ron Howard (Steve Bolander)
Paul Le Mat (John Milner)
Charles Martin Smith (Terry Fields)
Cindy Williams (Laurie)
Candy Clark (Debbie)
Mackenzie Phillips (Carol)
Wolfman Jack (Disc Jockey)
Bo Hopkins (Joe)
Manuel Padilla Jr. (Carlos)
Beau Gentry (Ants)
Harrison Ford (Bob Falfa)
Jim Bohan (Holstein)
Jana Bellan (Budda)
Deby Celiz (Wendy)
Lynne Marie Stewart (Bobbie)
Terence McGovern (Mr. Wolfe)
Kathleen Quinlan (Peg)
Tim Crowley (Eddie)
Scott Beach (Mr. Gordon)
John Brent (Car Salesman)
Gordon Analla (Bozo)
John Bracci (Station Attendant)
Jody Carlson (Girl in Studebaker)
Del Close (Man at Bar (Guy))
Charles Dorsett (Man at Accident)
Stephen Knox (Kid at Accident)
Joe Miksak (Man at Liquor Store)
George Meyer (Bum at Liquor Store)
James Cranna (Thief)
Johnny Weissmuller Jr. (Badass #1)
William Niven (Clerk at Liquor Store)
Al Nalbandian (Hank)
Bob Pasaak (Dale)
Chris Pray (Al)
Susan Richardson (Judy)
Fred Ross (Ferber)
Jan Dunn (Old Woman)
Charles Q. Murphy (Old Man)
Ed Greenberg (Kip)
Lisa Herman (Girl in Dodge)
Irving Israel (Mr. Kroot)
Kay Ann Kemper (Jane)
Joe Spano (Vic)
Debralee Scott (Falfa’s Girl)
Ron Vincent (Jeff)
Donna Wehr (Carhop)
Cam Whitman (Balloon Girl)
Jan Wilson (Girl at Dance)
Suzanne Somers (Blonde in T-Bird)
Caprice Schmidt (Announcer at dance)

Written by
Willard Huyck
Gloria Katz
George Lucas

78. “Rocky” 1976
Italian-American underdog Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) gets a one-in-a-million chance at boxing glory when the handlers for heavyweight champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) decide to set up a sure-win title bout with a born loser. It’s all part of a Bicentennial public relations stunt, but, unfortunately for them, Rocky trains for the fight like a man whose life depends on the outcome — which, in a way, it does. In the end, the “nobody” from Philadelphia battles Creed with the heart of a true champion. Academy Award Nominations: 10, including Best Actor–Sylvester Stallone, Best (Original) Screenplay–Sylvester Stallone. Academy Awards: 3, including Best Picture, Best Director.
from United Artists

Directed by
John G. Avildsen

Sylvester Stallone (Rocky Balboa)
Talia Shire (Adrian)
Burt Young (Paulie)
Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed)
Burgess Meredith (Mickey)
Thayer David (Jergens)
Joe Spinell (Gazzo)
Jimmy Gambina (Mike)
Bill Baldwin (Fight Announcer)
Aldo Silvani (Cut Man)
George Memmoli (Ice Rink Attendant)
Jodi Letizia (Marie)
Diana Lewis (TV Commentator)
George O’Hanlon (TV Commentator)
Larry Carroll (TV Interviewer)
Stan Shaw (Dipper)
Don Sherman (Bartender)
Billy Sands (Club Fight Announcer)
Pedro Lovell (Club Fighter)
DeForest Covan (Apollo’s Corner)
Simmy Bow (Club Corner Man)
Tony Burton (Apollo’s Trainer)
Hank Rolike (Apollo Corner Man)
Shirley O’Hara (Secretary)
Kathleen Parker (Paulie’s Date)
Frank Stallone (Streetcorner Singer)
Lloyd Kaufman (Drunk)
Jane Marla Robbins (Owner of Pet Shop)
Jack Hollander (Fats)
Joe Sorbello (Bodyguard)
Christopher Avildsen (Chiptooth)
Frankie Van (Club Fight Referee)
Lou Filippo (Championship Fight Announcer)
Paris Eagle (Fighter)
Robert L. Tangrea (Streetcorner Singer)
Peter Glassberg (Streetcorner Singer)
William E. Ring (Streetcorner Singer)
Joseph C. Giambelluca (Streetcorner Singer)
Joe Frazier (Himself)

Written by
Sylvester Stallone

79. “The Deer Hunter” 1978
Five friends — Nick (Christopher Walken), Michael (Robert De Niro), Steven (John Savage), Stan (John Cazale), and Axel (Chuck Aspergen) work at a steel mill in small town Pennsylvania in 1968. They have their own local bar and their annual deer hunts. But three of them — Michael, Nick, and Steven, soon leave for Vietnam and lose their innocence witnessing the horrors of war. Meryl Streep’s movie debut.
from Universal Pictures

Directed by
Michael Cimino

Robert De Niro (Michael)
John Cazale (Stan)
John Savage (Steven)
Christopher Walken (Nick)
Meryl Streep (Linda)
George Dzundza (John)
Chuck Aspegren (Axel)
Shirley Stoler (Steven’s Mother)
Rutanya Alda (Angela)
Pierre Segui (Julien)
Mady Kaplan (Axel’s Girl)
Amy Wright (Bridesmaid)
Mary Ann Haenel (Stan’s Girl)
Richard Kuss (Linda’s Father)
Joe Grifasi (Bandleader)
Christopher Colombi Jr. (Wedding Man)
Victoria Karnafel (Sad Looking Girl)
Jack Scardino (Cold Old Man)
Joe Strnad (Bingo Caller)
Helen Tomko (Helen)
Paul D’Amato (Sergeant)
Dennis Watlington (Cab Driver)
Charlene Darrow (Red Head)
Jane-Colette Disko (Girl Checker)
Michael Wollet (Stock Boy)
Robert Beard (World War Veteran)
Joe Dzizmba (World War Veteran)
Father Stephen Kopestonsky (Priest)
John F. Buchmelter III (Bar Patron)
Frank Devore (Barman)
Tom Becker (Doctor)
Lynn Kongkham (Nurse)
Nongnuj Timruang (Bar Girl)
Po Pao Pee (Chinese Referee)
Dale Burroughs (Embassy Guard)
Parris Hicks (Sergeant)
Samui Muang-Intata (Chinese Bodyguard)
Sapox Colisium (Chinese Man)
Vitoon Winwitoon (NVA Officer)
Somsak Sengvilai (V.C. Referee)
Charan Nusvanon (Chinese Boss)
Jiam Gongtongsmoot (Chinese Man at Door)

Chai Peyawan
Mana Hansa (South Vietnamese Prisoner)
Sombot Jumpanoi
Phip Manee (Woman in Village)
Ding Santos (V.C. Guard)
Krieng Chaiyapuk (V.C. Guard)
Ot Palapoo (V.C. Guard)
Chok Chai Mahasoke (V.C. Guard)

Written by
Deric Washburn
Michael Cimino (story)
Louis Garfinkle (story)
Quinn K. Redeker (story)

80. “The Wild Bunch” 1969
The year is 1913 and the outlaw gang known as the Wild Bunch (led by William Holden as Pike) decide to pull one last job before retirement. They are hired by a renegade Mexican general to transport weapons and have to dodge danger at every turn, only to be double-crossed by their ruthless employer. Gripping action capped off by an absolutely shocking ultraviolent finale typical of New Hollywood films (such as Arthur Penn’s “Bonnie and Clyde”) and their message that the world is utterly without loyalty or redemption.
from Warner Bros

Directed by
Sam Peckinpah

William Holden (Pike Bishop)
Ernest Borgnine (Dutch Engstrom)
Robert Ryan (Deke Thornton)
Edmond O’Brien (Sykes)
Warren Oates (Lyle Gorch)
Jaime Sanchez (Angel)
Ben Johnson (Tector Gorch)
Emilio Fernandez (Mapache)
Strother Martin (Coffer)
L.Q. Jones (T.C)
Albert Dekker (Pat Harrigan)
Bo Hopkins (Crazy Lee)
Dub Taylor (Mayor Wainscoat)
Paul Harper (Ross)
Jorge Russek (Lieutenant Zamorra)
Alfonso Arau (Herrera)
Chano Urueta (Don Jose)
Elsa Cardenas (Elsa)
Bill Hart (Jess)
Rayford Barnes (Buck)
Stephen Ferry (Sergeant McHale)
Sonia Amelio (Teresa)
Aurora Clavell (Aurora)
Enrique Lucero (Ignacio)
Elizabeth Dupreyron (Rocio)
Yolanda Ponce (Yolis)
Jos Chavez (Juan Jos)
Rene Dupreyon (Juan)
Pedro Galvan (Benson)
Graciela Doring (Emma)
Major Perez (Perez)
Fernando Wagner (Mohr)
Jorge Rado (Ernst)
Ivan Scott (Paymaster)
Seora Madero (Margaret)
Margarito Luna (Luna)
Chalo Gonzalez (Gonzalez)
Lilia Castillo (Lilia)
Elizabeth Unda (Carmen)
Julio Corona (Julio)

Written by
Walon Green
Sam Peckinpah
Roy N. Sickner

81. “Modern Times” 1936
Charlie Chaplin bid farewell to silent comedy with this funny and poignant masterpiece. He stars as a factory worker fed-up with the job and his tyrannical boss (who keeps an eye on all his employees via a big-brother TV monitor). When he meets and falls in love with an orphaned street waif, the two dream of a nice suburban existence… but the cops are never far behind, chasing the vagabond couple.
from United Artists

Directed by
Charlie Chaplin

Charles Chaplin (A factory worker)
Paulette Goddard (A gamin)
Henry Bergman (Cafe Proprietor)
Tiny Sandford (Big Bull)
Chester Conklin (Mechanic)
Hank Mann (Burglar)
Stanley Blystone (Sheriff Couler)
Allan Garcia (President of the Electro Steel Corporation)
Richard Alexander (Cellmate)
Cecil Reynolds (Minister)
Mira McKinney (Minister’s Wife)
Murdock MacQuarrie (J. Widdecombe Billows)
Wilfred Lucas (Juvenile Officer)
Edward Le Saint (Sheriff Conlon)
Fred Malatesta (Waiter)
Sammy Stein (Turbine Operator)
Juana Sutton
Ted Oliver (Billows’ assistant)
Norman Ainsley
Bobby Barber (Worker)
Heinie Conklin (Workman)
Gloria DeHaven (Gamin’s Sister)
Frank Hagney (Shipbuilder)
Chuck Hamilton (Worker)
Lloyd Ingraham (Governor)
Walter James (Assembly Line Foreman)
Edward Kimball
Frank Moran (Convict)
James C. Morton (Assembly Worker)
Louis Natheaux (Burglar)
John Rand (Convict)
Harry Wilson (Worker)

Written by
Charlie Chaplin

82. “Giant” 1956
They call it Giant because everything in this picture is big, from the generous running time (more than 200 minutes) to the sprawling ranch location (a horizon-to-horizon plain with a lonely, modest mansion dropped in the middle) to the high-powered stars. Stocky Rock Hudson stars as the confident, stubborn young ranch baron Bick Benedict, who woos and wins the hand of Southern belle Elizabeth Taylor, a seemingly demure young beauty who proves to be Hudson’s match after she settles into the family homestead. For many the film is chiefly remembered for James Dean’s final performance, as poor former ranch hand Jett Rink, who strikes oil and transforms himself into a flamboyant millionaire playboy. Director George Stevens won his second Oscar for this ambitious, grandly realized (if sometimes slow moving) epic of the changing socioeconomic (and physical) landscape of modern Texas, based on Edna Ferber’s bestselling novel. The talented supporting cast includes Mercedes McCambridge as Bick’s frustrated sister, put out by the new “woman of the house”; Chill Wills as the Benedicts’ garrulous rancher neighbor; Carroll Baker and Dennis Hopper as the Benedicts’ rebellious children; and Earl Holliman and Sal Mineo as dedicated ranch hands.
from Warner Bros.

Directed by
George Stevens

Elizabeth Taylor (Leslie Lynnton Benedict)
Rock Hudson (Jordan “Bick” Benedict)
James Dean (Jett Rink)
Carroll Baker (Luz Benedict younger)
Jane Withers (Vashti Snythe)
Chill Wills (Uncle Bawley Benedict)
Mercedes McCambridge (Luz Benedict older)
Dennis Hopper (Jordan Benedict III)
Sal Mineo (Angel Obregon II)
Rod Taylor (Sir David Karfrey)
Judith Evelyn (Mrs. Horace Lynnton)
Earl Holliman (Bob Dace)
Robert Nichols (Pinky Snythe)
Paul Fix (Dr. Horace Lynnton)
Alexander Scourby (Old Polo)
Fran Bennett (Judy Benedict)
Charles Watts (Whiteside)
Elsa Cardenas (Juana Benedict)
Carolyn Craig (Lacey Lynnton)
Monte Hale (Bale Clinch)
Sheb Wooley (Gabe Target)
Mary Ann Edwards (Adarene Clinch)
Victor Millan (Angel Obregon I)
Mickey Simpson (Sarge)
Pilar Del Rey (Mrs. Obregon)
Maurice Jara (Dr. Guerra)
Noreen Nash (Lona Lane)
Ray Whitley
Napoleon Whiting (Swazey)
Nick Adams (Jett Rink (voice))
Elsa Aguirre
Barbara Barrie (Mary Lou Decker)
Dana Dillaway (Judy, age 4)
Peter Dunn
Tina Menard (Lupe)
Max Terhune (Dr. Walker)
Natividad Vacio (Eusebio)

Written by
Fred Guiol
Ivan Moffat
Edna Ferber (novel)

83. “Platoon” 1986
Oliver Stone’s examination of U.S. involvement in Vietnam, and the struggle for the hearts and minds of a group of battle-weary grunts. New soldier Chris (Charlie Sheen) finds himself in the midst of a fragmented troop, half of whom are constantly high on drugs. The other, “sober” soldiers, led by a gung-ho commander, are determined to plow ahead and win the war at all costs. But when their violence gets out of control, Chris has to decide which side he’s on — those who use war as an excuse to forget morality, or those who try to understand and learn from the cruelty around them. Writer/director Oliver Stone drew on his first-hand combat experiences to create this powerful film. Academy Award® Nominations: 8, including Best (Original) Screenplay. Academy Awards®: 4, including Best Picture, Best Director.
from Hemdale Film Corporation

Directed by
Oliver Stone

Charlie Sheen (Chris)
Tom Berenger (Sgt. Barnes)
Willem Dafoe (Sgt. Elias)
Forest Whitaker (Big Harold)
Johnny Depp (Lerner)
Keith David (King)
Francesco Quinn (Rhah)
Kevin Dillon (Bunny)
John C. McGinley (Sgt. O’Neill)
Reggie Johnson (Junior)
Mark Moses (Lt. Wolfe)
Corey Glover (Francis)
Chris Pedersen (Crawford)
Bob Orwig (Gardner)
Corkey Ford (Manny)
David Neidorf (Tex)
Richard Edson (Sal)
Tony Todd (Warren)
Kevin Eshelman (Morehouse)
James Terry McIlvain (Ace)
J. Adam Glover (Sanderson)
Ivan Kane (Tony)
Paul Sanchez (Doc)
Dale Dye (Captain Harris)
Peter Hicks (Parker)
Basile Achara (Flash)
Steve Barredo (Fu Sheng)
Chris Castillejo (Rodriguez)
Andrew B. Clark (Tubbs)
Bernardo Manalili (Village Chief)
Than Rogers (Village Chief’s Wife)
Li Thi Van (Village Chief’s Daughter)
Clarisa Ortacio (Old Woman)
Romy Sevilla (One-Legged Man)
Mathew Westfall (Terrified Soldier)
Nick Nickelson (Mechanized Soldier #1)
Warren McLean (Mechanized Soldier #2)
Li Mai Thao (Rape Victim)
Ron Barracks (Medic)
Oliver Stone (Army officer in bunker destroyed by suicide attack)

Written by
Oliver Stone

84. “Fargo” 1996
Yah, sure like there is this guy named Jerry Lundegaard (William H. Macy) and he sells cars and stuff and he owes lots of money so he decides to have his wife kidnapped. But the guys he has kidnap her are real losers, one is this little guy (Steve Buscemi) and then there is this other guy who is really weird (Peter Stormare) and he doesn’t talk and stuff. So the kidnapping goes really wrong. Then there is this pregnant lady cop (Frances McDormand) and she starts asking all sorts of questions. She’s really smart and she eats like every fifteen minutes. A really great movie, you betcha. You should see it. Yah.
from Gramercy Pictures

Directed by
Joel Coen
Ethan Coen

Frances McDormand (Marge Gunderson)
William H. Macy (Jerry Lundegaard)
Steve Buscemi (Carl Showalter)
Peter Stormare (Gaear Grimsrud)
Kristin Rudrud (Jean Lundegaard)
Harve Presnell (Wade Gustafson)

Tony Denman (Scotty Lundegaard)
Gary Houston (Irate Customer)
Sally Wingert (Irate Customer’s Wife)
Kurt Schweickhardt (Car Salesman)
Larissa Kokernot (Hooker #1)
Melissa Peterman (Hooker #2)
Steve Reevis (Shep Proudfoot)
Warren Keith (Reilly Diefenbach)
Steve Edelman (Morning Show Host)
Sharon Anderson (Morning Show Hostess)
Larry Brandenburg (Stan Grossman)
James Gaulke (State Trooper)
J. Todd Anderson (Victim in the Field (not tAFKaP))
Michelle Suzanne Le Doux (Victim in Car)
John Carroll Lynch (Norm Gunderson)
Bruce Bohne (Lou)
Petra Boden (Cashier)
Steve Park (Mike Yanagita)
Wayne A. Evenson (Customer)
Cliff Rakerd (Officer Olson)
Jessica Shepherd (Hotel Clerk)
Peter Schmitz (Airport Lot Attendant)
Steve Shaefer (Mechanic)
Michelle Hutchison (Escort)
David S. Lomax (Man in Hallway)
Jose Feliciano (Himself)
Don William Skahill (Night Parking Attendant)
Bain Boehlke (Mr. Mohra)
Rose Stockton (Valerie)
Robert Ozasky (Bismarck Cop #1)
John Bandemer (Bismarck Cop #2)
Don Wescott (Bark Beetle Narrator)
Bruce Campbell (Soap Opera Actor)

Written by
Joel Coen
Ethan Coen

Original music by
Carter Burwell

85. “Duck Soup” 1933
Duck Soup is the Marx Brothers’ most anarchic and irreverent film, considered by many to be their masterpiece. Groucho plays Rufus T. Firefly, dictator of the tiny nation of Freedonia, who decides to go to war with a neighboring country just because he’s already paid a month’s rent on the battlefield. Chico and Harpo come on board as two rather bumbling and incompetent spies, meant to assist Rufus in his military maneuvers. Comic madness ensues, culminating in the famous mirror sequence featuring three identical Grouchos — two of them Chico and Harpo in disguise. Was a flop when first released. Zeppo’s last screen appearance with his brothers.
from Paramount Pictures

Directed by
Leo McCarey

Groucho Marx (Rufus T. Firefly)
Harpo Marx (Pinky)
Chico Marx (Chicolini)
Zeppo Marx (Bob Rolland)
Margaret Dumont (Mrs. Teasdale)
Raquel Torres (Vera Marcal)
Louis Calhern (Ambassador Trentino)
Edmund Breese (Zander)
Leonid Kinskey (Agitator)
Charles Middleton (Prosecutor)
Verna Hillie (Secretary)
Edgar Kennedy (Lemonade Dealer)
George MacQuarrie (First Judge)
Edwin Maxwell (Secretary of War)
William Worthington (First Minister of Finance)
E.H. Calvert
Davison Clark (Second Minister of Finance)
Eric Mayne (Third Judge)
Frederick Sullivan (Second Judge)

Written by
Bert Kalmar
Harry Ruby
Nat Perrin (dialogue)
Arthur Sheekman (dialogue)

86. “Mutiny On The Bounty” 1935
English conscripts sailing on a mission to Tahiti buckle under the chastisements of cruel Captain William Bligh (Charles Laughton). The captain’s grotesque abuses of power, including a brutal flogging that results in the death of the sick old ship’s doctor, finally inspire a mutiny on the return voyage, conducted under the leadership of fair-minded officer Fletcher Christian (Clark Gable). A solid sea-going adventure epic with breathtaking location photography, authentically designed, elaborate ships and props, and compelling performances from its leads. Academy Award® Nominations: 8, including three Best Actors (Gable, Laughton, and Tone), Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, and Best Score.
from MGM

Directed by
Frank Lloyd

Charles Laughton (Captain William Bligh)
Clark Gable (Fletcher Christian)
Franchot Tone (Roger Byam)
Herbert Mundin (Smith)
Eddie Quillan (Ellison)
Dudley Digges (Bacchus)
Donald Crisp (Burkitt)
Henry Stephenson (Sir Joseph Banks)
Francis Lister (Captain Nelson)
Spring Byington (Mrs. Byam)
Movita (Tehanni)
Mamo (Maimiti)
Byron Russell (Quintal)
Percy Waram (Coleman)
David Torrence (Lord Hood)
John Harrington (Mr. Purcell)
Douglas Walton (Stewart)
Ian Wolfe (Maggs)
DeWitt Jennings (Fryer)
Ivan F. Simpson (Morgan)
Vernon Downing (Hayward)
William Bambridge (Hitihiti)
Marion Clayton (Mary Ellison)
Stanley Fields (Muspratt)
Wallis Clark (Morrison)
Crauford Kent (Lieutenant Edwards)
Pat Flaherty (Churchill)
Alec Craig (McCoy)
Charles Irwin (Thompson)
Dick Winslow (Tinkler)
Lionel Belmore (Innkeeper)
Nadine Beresford (Ellison’s mother)
James Cagney (Extra)
Harry Cording
Sam Wallace Driscoll
Harold Entwistle (Captain Colpoys)
Mary Gordon (Peddler)
Winter Hall (Chaplain)
Hal Le Sueur (Millard)
Robert Livingston (Young)
Doris Lloyd (Cockney Moll)
King Mohjave (Richard Skinner)
Charles Nauu
David Niven
John Powers (Hillebrandt)
William Stack (Judge Advocate)
Will Stanton (Portsmouth Joe)
David Thursby (McIntosh)
Eric Wilton (Captain Nelson)

Written by
Talbot Jennings
Jules Furthman
Carey Wilson
Charles Nordhoff (novel)
James Norman Hall (novel)

87. “Frankenstein” 1931
Based on Mary Shelly’s book, Frankenstein stars Colin Clive as the mad scientist Dr. Henry Frankenstein who creates a mute, man-made monster (accidentally giving him the brain of a criminal) played to perfection by Boris Karloff. Definitely the definitive monster movie. Long-censored footage was restored in1987 including the legendary scene of the hulking monster tossing a little girl into a lake.
from Universal Pictures

Directed by
James Whale

Colin Clive (Dr. Henry Frankenstein)
Mae Clarke (Elizabeth)
John Boles (Victor Moritz)
Boris Karloff (The Monster (as ‘?’ in opening credits))
Edward Van Sloan (Dr. Waldman)
Frederick Kerr (Baron Frankenstein)
Dwight Frye (Fritz)
Lionel Belmore (The Burgomaster)
Marilyn Harris (Little Maria)
Arletta Duncan (Bridesmaid)
Francis Ford (Wounded Villager)
Michael Mark (Ludwig, Maria’s father)
Pauline Moore (Bridesmaid)
Cecilia Parker (Maid)

Written by
Francis Edward Faragoh
Garrett Fort
Mary Shelley (novel)
Peggy Webling (play)
John L. Balderston (adaptation)
Robert Florey
John Russell

Makeup Design
Jack Pierce

88. “Easy Rider” 1931
Two motorcyclists, Wyatt (Peter Fonda) and Billy (Dennis Hopper) embark on a coast-to-coast odyssey in search of real America, encountering along the way the many faces of its big cities and small towns, a hippie commune, drugs, and sex in a New Orleans bawdy house. Directed by Dennis Hopper at the age of 31 for a mere $340,000, this film went on to make multiple millions and change the pop culture landscape.This often-imitated but never-duplicated movie defined a generation and has a great soundtrack (featuring The Byrds, The Band, Steppenwolf, Jimi Hendrix, The Electric Prunes, and more). Record producer Phil Spector is also featured in the film, and late novelist Terry Southern (“The Magic Christian”) collaborated with Hopper and Fonda on the script. Academy Award Nominations: Best Supporting Actor–Jack Nicholson, Best (Original) Story and Screenplay.
from Columbia Pictures

Directed by
Dennis Hopper

Peter Fonda (Wyatt (Captain America))
Dennis Hopper (Billy)
Jack Nicholson (George Hanson)
Antonio Mendoza (Jesus)
Phil Spector (Connection)
Mac Mashourian (Bodyguard)
Warren Finnerty (Rancher)
Tita Colorado (Rancher’s Wife)
Luke Askew (Stranger on Highway)
Luana Anders (Lisa)
Sabrina Scharf (Sarah)
Sandy Wyeth (Joanne)
Robert Walker Jr. (Jack)
Robert Ball (Mime#1)
Ellie Wood Walker (Mime#3)
Carmen Phillips (Mime#2)
Michael Pataki (Mime#4)
George Fowler Jr. (Guard)
Keith Green (Sheriff)
Hayward Robilard (Cat Man)
Arnold Hess Jr. (Deputy)
Buddy Causey Jr. (Customer #1)
Duffy Lafont (Customer #2)
Blase M. Dawson (Customer #3)
Paul Guedry Jr. (Customer #4)
Suzie Ramagos (Girl #1)
Elida Ann Hebert (Girl #2)
Rose LeBlanc (Girl #3)
Mary Kaye Hebert (Girl #4)
Cynthia Grezaffi (Girl #5)
Colette Purpera (Girl #6)
Toni Basil (Mary)
Karen Black (Karen)
Lea Marmer (Madame)
Cathe Cozzi (Dancing Girl)
Thea Salerno (Hooker #1)
Anne McClain (Hooker #2)
Beatriz Monteil (Hooker #3)
Marcia Bowman (Hooker #4)
David C. Billodeau (Pickup Truck)
Johnny David (Pickup Truck)

Written by
Peter Fonda
Dennis Hopper
Terry Southern

89. “Patton” 1970
An award-winning and highly praised biography of controversial World War II hero General George S. Patton (George C. Scott). The film covers his wartime activities and accomplishments, beginning with his entry into the North African campaign and ending with his removal from command after his outspoken criticism of US post-war military strategy. Tracing his personal rivalry with Romel, his problematic treatment of his own men and his nearly runaway contempt for diplomacy, the film triumphs as an enduring portrait of a complex and larger-than-life figure. Academy Award® Nominations: 10. Academy Awards®: 8, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor–George C. Scott, Best (Adapted) Screenplay–Francis Ford Coppola/Edmund H. North.
from 20th Century Fox

Directed by
Franklin J. Schaffner

George C. Scott (Gen. George S. Patton Jr.)
Karl Malden (General Omar N. Bradley)
Michael Bates (Field Marshal Sir Bernard Law Montgomery)
Stephen Young (Captain Chester B. Hansen)
Ed Binns (Major General Walter Bedell Smith)
Lawrence Dobkin (Colonel Gaston Bell)
John Doucette (Major General Lucian K. Truscott)
James Edwards (Sergeant William G. Meeks)
Frank Latimore (Lieutenant Colonel Henry Davenport)
Richard Munch (Colonel General Alfred Jodl)
Morgan Paull (Captain Richard N. Jenson)
Siegfried Rauch (Captain Oskar Steiger)
Paul Stevens (Lieutenant Colonel Charles R. Codman)
Michael Strong (Brigadier General Hobart Carver)
Karl Michael Vogler (Field Marshal Erwin Rommel)
Abraxas Aaran (Willy)
Peter Barkworth (John Welkin)
John Barrie (Air Vice-Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham)
David Bauer (Lieutenant General Harry Buford)
Tim Considine (Slapped Soldier)
Albert Dumortier (Moroccan Minister)
Gerald Flood (Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder)
Jack Gwyllim (Harold Alexander)
David Healy (Clergyman)
Bill Hickman (General Patton’s Driver)
Sandy Kevin (Correspondent)
Carey Loftin (General Bradley’s Driver)
Alan MacNaughton (British Briefing Officer)
Lionel Murton (3rd Army Chaplain)
Clint Ritchie (Tank Captain)
Douglas Wilmer (Major General Francis de Guingand)
Patrick J. Zurica (First Lieutenant Alexander Stiller)

Written by
Edmund H. North
Francis Ford Coppola
Ladislas Farago (book Patton: Ordeal and Triumph)
Omar N. Bradley (book A Soldier’s Story)

90. “The Jazz Singer” 1927
The film that started a lasting craze — the talking picture. Al Jolson made his film debut — and became a star — playing the role of a cantor’s son who’d rather be a singing sensation on Broadway than follow in his father’s footsteps. But forsaking his religious duties may cost him his family’s love. The first feature film to utilize Synchronous Sound. Tunes include “Mammy,” “Toot, Toot, Tootsie” and more. Academy Award Nominations: 2, including Best Adapted Writing. Academy Awards: Special Award for technical achievement.
from Warner Bros

Directed by
Alan Crosland

Al Jolson (Jakie Rabinowitz (Jack Robin))
May McAvoy (Mary Dale)
Warner Oland (The Cantor)
Eugenie Besserer (Sara Rabinowitz)
Otto Lederer (Moisha Yudelson)
Bobby Gordon (Jakie Rabinowitz (age 13))
Richard Tucker (Harry Lee)
Cantor Joseff Rosenblatt (Concert Recital (Himself))
Nat Carr (Levi)
Claire Delmar
William Demarest (Buster Billings)
Joseph Green
Roscoe Karns (Agent)
Myrna Loy (Chorus Girl)
Anders Randolf (Dillings)
Will Walling (Doctor)

Written by
Alfred A. Cohn
Jack Jarmuth
Samson Raphaelson (play)

91. “My Fair Lady” 1964
An insufferably arrogant linguist, Professor Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison), bets a colleague that he can transform a flower-selling Cockney guttersnipe into a regal lady. His quarry, the irrepressible Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn), accepts his offer for diction lessons in good faith, hoping to improve her station with a career as a shopgirl. After her smashing society debut at the Ascot races, she witnesses Higgins in a self-congratulatory moment and stalks out in a rage, causing him to finally recognize that he’s fallen in love with his creation and can’t live without her. This quintessential musical from Lerner and Loewe was based on the 1913 play “Pygmalion” by George Bernard Shaw. Academy Award® Nominations: 12, including Best (Adapted) Screenplay. Academy Awards®: 8, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor–Rex Harrison.
from Warner Bros

Directed by
George Cukor

Audrey Hepburn (Eliza Doolittle)
Rex Harrison (Professor Henry Higgins)
Stanley Holloway (Alfred P. Doolittle)
Wilfrid Hyde-White (Colonel Hugh Pickering)
Gladys Cooper (Mrs. Higgins)
Jeremy Brett (Freddie Eynsford-Hill)
Theodore Bikel (Zoltan Karpathy)
Mona Washbourne (Mrs. Pearce)
Isobel Elsom (Mrs. Eynsford-Hill)
John Alderson (Jamie)
Lois Battle (Second Maid)
Marjorie Bennett (Cockney with Pipe)
Oscar Beregi Jr. (Greek Ambassador)
Betty Blythe (Lady at Ball)
Iris Bristol (Flower Girl)
Buddy Bryant (Prince)
Walter Burke (Main Bystander)
Jennifer Crier (Mrs. Higgins’ Maid)
Maurice Dallimore (Selsey Man)
Henry Daniell (Prince Gregor of Transylvania)
Roy Dean (Footman)
Brendan Dillon (Leading Man)
Kai Farelli (Juggler)
Charles E. Fredericks (King)
Ayllene Gibbons (Fat Woman at Pub)
Jack Greening (George)
Beatrice Grenough (Grans Lady)
Clive Halliday (Costermonger)
Sam Harris (Guest at Ball)
Eric Heath (Costermonger)
Eugene Hoffman (Juggler)
John Holland (Butler)
Lillian Kemble-Cooper (Lady Ambassador)
Alma Lawton (Flower Girl)
Queenie Leonard (Cockney Bystander)
Moyna MacGill (Lady Boxington)
Laurie Main (Hoston Man)
Owen McGiveney (Man at Coffee Stand)
John McLiam (Harry)
Alan Napier (Ambassador)
Marni Nixon (Eliza Doolittle (singing voice))
James O’Hara (Costermonger)
Richard Peel (Costermonger)
Barbara Pepper (Doolittle’s Dance Partner)
Olive Reeves-Smith (Mrs. Hopkins)
Dinah Ann Rogers (First Maid)
Victor Rogers (Policeman)
Baroness Rothschild (Queen of Transylvania)
Miriam Schiller (Landlady)
Bill Shirley (Freddie (singing voice))
Jacqueline Squire (Parlor Maid)
Michael St. Clair (Bartender)
Geoffrey Steele (Taxi Driver)
Grady Sutton (Ascot Extra/Guest at Ball)
Gwendolyn Watts (Cook)
Ron Whelan (Algernon/Bartender)
Ben Wright (Footman at Ball)
Ben Wrigley (Costermonger)

Written by
Alan Jay Lerner
George Bernard Shaw (play Pygmalion)

92. “A Place In The Sun” 1951
George Stevens won an Oscar for his 1951 adaptation of Theodore Dreiser’s novel An American Tragedy, though the film seems a little overwrought today and even self-parodying at times. Still, Montgomery Clift’s performance as a poor lad so drawn to a rich, beautiful girl (Elizabeth Taylor) that he contemplates killing his lower-class fiancée (Shelley Winters) is powerful, sympathetic, and mesmerizing. Taylor makes a strong impression, but Winters is awfully good in the less-glamorous role. The tone of the film is oppressive–the film doesn’t exactly breathe with possibility–but there are lots of good reasons to give this movie a visit.
from Paramount Pictures

Directed by
George Stevens

Montgomery Clift (George Eastman)
Elizabeth Taylor (Angela Vickers)
Shelley Winters (Alice Tripp)
Anne Revere (Hannah Eastman)
Keefe Brasselle (Earl Eastman)
Fred Clark (Bellows)
Raymond Burr (Frank Marlowe)
Herbert Heyes (Charles Eastman)
Shepperd Strudwick (Anthony Vickers)
Frieda Inescort (Mrs. Vickers)
Kathryn Givney (Louise Eastman)
Walter Sande (Jansen)
Ted de Corsia (Judge)
John Ridgely (Coroner)
Lois Chartrand (Marsha)
Paul Frees (Morrison)
Robert Anderson (Eagle Scout)
Gertrude Astor
Lulu Mae Bohrman
Ken Christy (Warden)
Charles Dayton (Kelly)
Marilyn Dialon (Frances Brand)
Frances Driver (Maid)
Ralph Dunn (Policeman)
Laura Elliot (Miss Harper)
Al Ferguson (Bailiff)
Kathleen Freeman (Martha)
Lisa Golm (Maid)
Sam Harris (Man)
Len Hendry (Guard)
James Horne (Tom Tipton)
Frank Hyers (Guard)
Carmencita Johnson
Mary Kent (Mrs. Roberts)
Philip Kieffer (Jailer)
Mike Mahoney (Motorcycle Officer)
Robert Malcolm (Guard)
Harold McNulty (Jury Foreman)

Lee Miller (Bus Driver)
Pearl Miller (Miss Newton)
Hans Moebus (Butler)
Jay Morley (Executive)
William B. Murphy (Mr. Whiting)
Ed O’Neill (Deputy)
Ezelle Poule (Receptionist)
John Reed (Joe Parker)
Wallace Scott (Factory Guard)
Bill Sheehan (Court Clerk)
Douglas Spencer (Boatkeeper)
Josephine Whittell (Eastman’s Secretary)
Eric Wilton (Butler)
Ian Wolfe (Dr. Wyeland)
Frank Yaconelli (Truck Driver)

Written by
Harry Brown
Michael Wilson
Theodore Dreiser (novel An American Tragedy)
Patrick Kearney (play)

93. “The Apartment” 1960
C. C. Baxter (Jack Lemmon), an ambitious young insurance clerk tries to get ahead by lending his apartment key to several of the company’s philandering executives. But when he falls in love with Fran Kubelik (Shirley MacLaine), the building’s elevator operator, he soon realizes that she’s the woman his married boss (Fred MacMurray) has been taking to the apartment for romantic trysts. Spurred on by the exhortations of the philosophising doctor who lives next door to him, the troubled young man eventually re-examines his priorities and decides to be true to himself and drop out of the rat race. In the process, he also wins the girl. Academy Award® Nominations: 10, including Best Actor–Jack Lemmon, Best Actress–Shirley MacLaine. Academy Awards®: 5, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay.
from United Artists

Directed by
Billy Wilder

Jack Lemmon (C. C. (Bud) Baxter)
Shirley MacLaine (Fran Kubelik)
Fred MacMurray (J. D. Sheldrake)
Ray Walston (Joe Dobisch)
Jack Kruschen (Doctor Dreyfuss)
Joan Shawlee (Sylvia)
Edie Adams (Miss Olsen)
David Lewis (Al Kirkeby)
David White (Mr. Eichelberger)
Hal Smith (Santa Claus)
Joyce Jameson (The Blonde)
Benny Burt (Bartender)
Dorothy Abbott (Office Worker)
Frances Weintraub Lax (Mrs. Lieberman)
Hope Holiday (Margie MacDougall)
Johnny Seven (Karl Matuschka)
Naomi Stevens (Mrs. Dreyfuss)
Willard Waterman (Mr. Vanderhof)

Written by
I.A.L. Diamond
Billy Wilder

94. “Goodfellas” 1960
Based on the book by Nicholas Pileggi, GoodFellas chronicles the life of Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) from his dreams of being a gangster, to his adoption by a local “family” led by Paul Cicero (Paul Sorvino), and his 30 years in the Mafia Family ending with his life in the Witness Protection Program. Great performances by Joe Pesci as Tommy De Vito, the psycho mobster and Lorraine Bracco who plays Karen, Henry’s wife. Directed by Martin Scorcese.
from Warner Bros.

Directed by
Martin Scorsese

Robert De Niro (James Conway)
Ray Liotta (Henry Hill)
Joe Pesci (Tommy DeVito)
Lorraine Bracco (Karen Hill)
Paul Sorvino (Paul Cicero)
Frank Sivero (Frankie Carbone)
Tony Darrow (Sonny Bunz)
Mike Starr (Frenchy)
Frank Vincent (Billy Batts)
Chuck Low (Morris Kessler)
Frank DiLeo (Tuddy Cicero)
Henny Youngman (Himself)
Gina Mastrogiacomo (Janice Rossi)
Catherine Scorsese (Tommy’s Mother)
Charles Scorsese (Vinnie)
Suzanne Shepherd (Karen’s Mother)
Debi Mazar (Sandy)
Margo Winkler (Belle Kessler)
Welker White (Lois Byrd)
Jerry Vale (Himself)
Julie Garfield (Mickey Conway)
Christopher Serrone (Young Henry)
Elaine Kagan (Henry’s Mother)
Beau Starr (Henry’s Father)
Kevin Corrigan (Michael Hill)
Michael Imperioli (Spider)
Robbie Vinton (Bobby Vinton)
John Williams (Johnny Roastbeef)
Daniel P. Conte (Dr. Dan)
Tony Conforti (Tony)
Frank Pellegrino (Johnny Dio)
Ronald Maccone (Ronnie)
Tony Sirico (Tony Stacks)
Joe D’Onofrio (Young Tommy)
Steve Forleo (City Detective #1)
Richard Dioguardi (City Detective #2)
Frank Adonis (Anthony Stabile)
John Manca (Nickey Eyes)
Joseph Bono (Mikey Franzese)
Katherine Wallach (Diane)
Mark Evan Jacobs (Bruce)
Angela Pietropinto (Cicero’s Wife)
Marianne Leone (Tuddy’s Wife)
Marie Michaels (Mrs. Carbone)
LoNardo (Frenchy’s Wife)
Melissa Prophet (Angie)
Illeana Douglas (Rosie)
Susan Varon (Susan)
Elizabeth Whitcraft (Tommy’s Girlfriend @ Copa)
Clem Caserta (Joe Buddha)
Samuel L. Jackson (Stacks Edwards)
Fran McGee (Johnny Roastbeef’s Wife)
Paul Herman (Dealer)
Edward McDonald (Himself)
Edward Hayes (Defense Attorney)
Daniela Barbosa (Young Henry’s Sister #1)
Gina Mattia (Young Henry’s Sister #2)
Joel Calendrillo (Young Henry’s Older Brother)
Anthony Valentin (Young Michael)
Edward D. Murphy (Liquor Cop #1)
Michael Citriniti (Liquor Cop #2)
Peter Hock (Mailman)
John Di Benedetto (Bleeding Man)
Manny Alfaro (Gambling Doorman)
Thomas Lowry (Hijacked Driver)
Margaret Smith (School Guard)
Richard Mullally (Cop #1)
Frank Albanese (Mob Lawyer)
Paul McIsaac (Judge – 1956)
Bob Golub (Truck Driver at Diner)
Louis Eppolito (Fat Andy)
Tony Lip (Frankie the Wop)
Mikey Black (Freddy No Nose)
Peter Cicale (Pete the Killer)
Anthony Powers (Jimmy Two Times)
Vinny Pastore (Man with Coatrack)
Anthony Alessandro (Henry’s 60’s Crew)
Victor Colicchio (Henry’s 60’s Crew)
Mike Contessa (Cicero’s 60’s Crew)
Philip Suriano (Cicero’s 60’s Crew)
Paul Mougey (Terrorized Waiter)
Norman Barbera (Bouncer)
Anthony Polemini (Copa Captain)
James Quattrochi (Henry Greeter #1)
Lawrence Sacco (Henry Greeter #2)
Dino Laudicina (Henry Greeter #3)
Thomas E. Camuti (Mr. Tony Hood #1)
Andrew Scudiero (Mr. Tony Hood #2)
Irving Welzer (Copa Announcer)
Jesse Kirtzman (Beach Club Waiter)
Russell Halley (Bruce’s Brother #1)
Spencer Bradley (Bruce’s Brother #2)
Bob Altman (Karen’s Dad)
Joanna Bennett (Marie #1)
Gayle Lewis (Marie #2)
Gaetano Lisi (Paul #3)
Luke Walter (Truck Driver)
Ed Deacy (Detective Deacy)
Larry Silvestri (Detective Silvestri)
John ‘Cha Cha’ Ciarcia (Batts’ Crew #1)
Vito Picone (Vito)
Janis Corsair (Vito’s Girlfriend)
Frank Aquilino (Batts’ Crew #2)
Lisa Dapolito (Lisa)
Michael Calandrino (Godfather at Table)
Vito Antuofermo (Prizefighter)
Vito Balsamo (Harry’s 70’s Crew)
Peter Fain (Harry’s 70’s Crew)
Vinnie Gallo (Harry’s 70’s Crew)
Gaetano LoGiudice (Harry’s 70’s Crew)
Garry Pastore (Harry’s 70’s Crew (as Garry Blackwood))
Nicole Burdette (Carbone’s Girlfriend)
Stella Keitel (Henry’s Older Child (Judy))
Dominique DeVito (Henry’s Baby (Ruth))
Michaelangelo Graziano (Bar Patron)
Paula Gallo (Janice’s Girlfriend #1)
Nadine Kay (Janice’s Girlfriend #2)
Tony Ellis (Bridal Shop Owner)
Peter Onorati (Florida Bookie)
Jamie De Roy (Bookie’s Sister)
Joel Blake (Judge – 1971)
M. Clay Dear (Security Guard w/Lobsters)
Thomas Hewson (Drug Buyer)
Gene Canfield (Prison Guard in Booth)
Margaux Guerard (Judy Hill @ 10 Years)
Violet Gaynor (Ruth Hill @ 8 Years)
Tobin Bell (Parole Officer)
Berlinda Tolbert (Stacks’ Girlfriend)
Nancy Ellen Cassaro (Joe Buddha’s Wife)
Adam Wandt (Kid)
Joseph P. Gioco (Garbage Man)
Isiah Whitlock Jr. (Doctor)
Alyson Jones (Judy Hill @ 13 Years)
Ruby Gaynor (Ruth Hill @ 11 Years)
Bo Dietl (Arresting Narc)
Matthew T. Gitkin (Warehouse Worker)

Written by
Nicholas Pileggi (also novel Wiseguy)
Martin Scorsese

95. “Pulp Fiction” 1994
Quentin Tarantino cops a little from about a million different sources, mixes in some clever (and occasionally overwritten) dialogue, about a billion …, some standout performances from John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson (one super-bad cat!), Uma Thurman and Bruce Willis, and comes up with one of the freshest, most influential films in recent years.
from Miramax Films

Directed by
Quentin Tarantino

John Travolta (Vincent Vega)
Samuel L. Jackson (Jules Winnfield)
Uma Thurman (Mia)
Laura Lovelace (Waitress)
Harvey Keitel (Winston Wolf)
Tim Roth (Pumpkin)
Phil LaMarr (Marvin)
Amanda Plummer (Honey Bunny)
Frank Whaley (Brett)
Maria de Medeiros (Fabienne)
Ving Rhames (Marsellus Wallace)
Burr Steers (Roger)
Eric Stoltz (Lance)
Rosanna Arquette (Jody)
Christopher Walken (Captain Koons)
Paul Calderon (Paul)
Bruce Willis (Butch Coolidge)
Bronagh Gallagher (Trudy)
Jerome Patrick Hoban (Ed Sullivan look-alike)
Michael Gilden (Phillip Morris Page)
Gary Shorelle (Ricky Nelson look-alike)
Susan Griffiths (Marilyn Monroe look-alike)
Eric Clark (James Dean look-alike)
Joseph Pilato (Dean Martin look-alike)
Brad Parker (Jerry Lewis look-alike)
Steve Buscemi (Buddy Holly look-alike)
Lorelei Leslie (Mamie Van Doren look-alike)
Emil Sitka (“Hold hands, you love birds!”)
Brenda Hillhouse (Butch’s Mother)
Chandler Lindauer (Young Butch)
Sy Sher (Klondike)
Robert Ruth (Sportscaster)
Rich Turner (Sportscaster)
Angela Jones (Esmeralda Villalobos)
Don Blakely (Wilson’s Trainer)
Carl Allen (Dead Floyd Wilson)
Karen Maruyama (Gawker)
Kathy Griffin (Herself)
Venessia Valentino (Pedestrian / Bonnie)
Linda Kaye (Shot Woman)
Duane Whitaker (Maynard)
Peter Greene (Zed)
Stephen Hibbert (The Gimp)
Alexis Arquette (Fourth Man)
Quentin Tarantino (Jimmie)
Julia Sweeney (Raquel)
Lawrence Bender (Long Hair Yuppie Scum)
Dick Miller (Monster Joe (scenes deleted))

Written by
Quentin Tarantino
Roger Avary (stories)

96. “The Searchers” 1956
After marauding Comanches kill his brother’s family and kidnap their youngest daughter, bitter, morally ambiguous Civil War veteran Ethan Edwards (John Wayne) sets forth on a desperate quest to find his niece, Debbie (Natalie Wood), and save her from the “savages.” In tow, however, he has young Martin Pawley (Jeffrey Hunter), the adoptive son of the dead family. Their quest leads them hundreds of miles over several agonizing years of dead ends and double-crosses. As it becomes clearer that Debbie is living among the Comanches peacefully and has little memory of white society, Ethan resolves not to rescue her, it seems, but to save her from the disgrace of miscegenation by killing her. An epic story and dense, richly layered characterization combine with Winton C. Hoch’s lush cinematography to create a vivid tapestry of post-Civil War America. Ethan’s tight-lipped racism and willingness to shoot a man in the back dramatically upends Wayne’s heroic archetype. Based on the novel by Alan LeMay.
from Warner Bros.

Directed by
John Ford

John Wayne (Ethan Edwards)
Jeffrey Hunter (Martin Pawley)
Vera Miles (Laurie Jorgensen)
Ward Bond (Reverend Captain Samuel Johnson Clayton)
Natalie Wood (Debbie Edwards (older))
John Qualen (Lars Jorgensen)
Olive Carey (Mrs. Jorgensen)
Henry Brandon (Chief Scar)
Ken Curtis (Charlie McCorry)
Harry Carey Jr. (Brad Jorgensen)
Antonio Moreno (Emilio Figueroa)
Hank Worden (Mose Harper)
Beulah Archuletta (Look)
Walter Coy (Aaron Edwards)
Dorothy Jordan (Martha Edwards)
Pippa Scott (Lucy Edwards)
Patrick Wayne (Lieutenant Greenhill)
Lana Wood (Debbie Edwards (younger))
Pipe Line Begishe (Comanche)
Exactly Sonnie Betsuie (Comanche)
Danny Borzage (Accordionist at funeral)
Ruth Clifford (Deranged woman at fort)
Pete Grey Eyes (Comanche)
Feather Hat Jr. (Comanche)
Nacho Galindo (Mexican bartender)
Jack Tin Horn (Comanche)
Harry Black Horse (Comanche)
Away Luna (Comanche)
Robert Lyden (Ben Edwards)
Cliff Lyons (Colonel Greenhill)
Peter Mamakos (Jerem Futterman)
Mae Marsh (Woman at fort)
Bob Many Mules (Comanche)
Jack Pennick (Private)
Chuck Roberson (Ranger at wedding)
Smile White Sheep (Comanche)
Many Mules Son (Comanche)
Percy Shooting Star (Comanche)
William Steele (Nesby)
Chief Thundercloud (Comanche chief)
Billy Yellow (Comanche)

Written by
Frank S. Nugent
Alan Le May (novel)

97. “Bringing Up Baby” 1938
Directed by Howard Hawks and co-starring Cary Grant (David Huxley) and Katherine Hepburn (Susan Vance), this is the archetypical screwball comedy. While golfing, Susan falls in love with David, a paleontologist. “Baby” is her pet leopard. Any summary of the film’s plot cannot begin to suggest what a delightful experience it is to observe her pursuit of him, complicated at one point by mistaken identity (stay with me on this) when Baby is mistaken for another leopard which has escaped from the local zoo.
from RKO Radio Pictures

Directed by
Howard Hawks

Katharine Hepburn (Susan Vance)
Cary Grant (David Huxley)
Charles Ruggles (Major Applegate)
Walter Catlett (Slocum)
Barry Fitzgerald (Mr. Gogarty)
May Robson (Mrs. Elizabeth Carlton Random)
Fritz Feld (Dr. Lehman)
Leona Roberts (Mrs. Gogarty)
George Irving (Alexander Peabody)
Tala Birell (Mrs. Lehman)
Virginia Walker (Alice Swallow)
John Kelly (Elmer)
William ‘Billy’ Benedict (Caddy)
Billy Bevan (Bartender)
Stanley Blystone (Doorman)
Ward Bond (Cop)
Jack Carson (Roustabout)
Edward Gargan (Zoo Official)
Geraldine Hall (Maid)
George Humbert (Waiter)
Richard Lane (Circus Manager)
Buck Mack (Zoo Official)
Pat O’Malley (Deputy)
Buster Slavin (Caddy)
Frank M. Thomas (Circus Barker)
Pat West (Mac)

Written by
Dudley Nichols
Hagar Wilde

98. “Unforgiven” 1992
Winner of four Academy Awards, including best picture, director, supporting actor, and best editing, Clint Eastwood’s 1992 masterpiece stands as one of the greatest and most thematically compelling Westerns ever made. “The movie summarized everything I feel about the Western,” said Eastwood at the time of the film’s release. “The moral is the concern with gunplay.” To illustrate that theme, Eastwood stars as a retired, once-ruthless killer-turned-gentle-widower and hog farmer. He accepts one last bounty-hunter mission–to find the men who brutalized a prostitute–to help support his two motherless children. Joined by his former partner (Morgan Freeman) and a cocky greenhorn (Jaimz Woolvett), he takes on a corrupt sheriff (Oscar winner Gene Hackman) in a showdown that makes the viewer feel the full impact of violence and its corruption of the soul. Dedicated to Eastwood’s mentors Sergio Leone and Don Siegel and featuring a colorful role for Richard Harris, it’s arguably Eastwood’s crowning directorial achievement.
from Warner Bros.

Directed by
Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood (William Munny)
Gene Hackman (Little Bill Daggett)
Morgan Freeman (Ned Logan)
Richard Harris (English Bob)
Jaimz Woolvett (The Schofield Kid)
Saul Rubinek (W.W. Beauchamp)
Frances Fisher (Strawberry Alice)
Anna Levine (Delilah Fitzgerald)
David Mucci (Quick Mike)
Rob Campbell (Davey Bunting)
Anthony James (Skinny Dubois)
Tara Dawn Frederick (Little Sue)
Beverley Elliott (Silky)
Liisa Repo-Martell (Faith)
Josie Smith (Cross Creek Kate)
Shane Meier (Will Munny)
Aline Levasseur (Penny Munny)
Cherrilene Cardina (Sally Two Trees)
Robert Koons (Crocker)
Ron White (Clyde Ledbetter)
Mina E. Mina (Muddy Chandler)
Henry Kope (German Joe Schultz)
Jeremy Ratchford (Deputy Andy Russell)
John Pyper-Ferguson (Charley Hecker)
Jefferson Mappin (Fatty Rossiter)
Walter Marsh (Barber)
Garner Butler (Eggs Anderson)
Larry Reese (Tom Luckinbill)
Blair Haynes (Paddy McGee)
Frank C. Turner (Fuzzy)
Sam Karas (Thirsty Thurston)
Lochlyn Munro (Texas Slim)
Ben Cardinal (Johnny Foley)
Philip Hayes (Lippy MacGregor)
Michael Charrois (Wiggens)
William Davidson (Buck Barthol)
Paul McLean (Train Person #1)
James Herman (Train Person #2)
Michael Maurer (Train Person #3)
Larry Joshua (Bucky)
George Orrison (The Shadow)
Greg Goossen (Fighter)

Written by
David Webb Peoples

99. “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” 1967
In this cinema classic, a young woman named Joey Drayton (Katharine Houghton) brings home her fiance John Wade Prentice (Sidney Poitier) to meet her parents. When the man turns out to be a distinguished black doctor, the “liberal” parents (Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy) are forced to reexamine their beliefs regarding interracial marriage. This was Spencer Tracy’s last film. Academy Award® Nominations: 10, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor–Spencer Tracy. Academy Awards®: Best Actress–Katharine Hepburn, Best (Original) Story and Screenplay.
from Columbia Pictures

Directed by
Stanley Kramer

Spencer Tracy (Matt Drayton)
Sidney Poitier (John Wade Prentice)
Katharine Hepburn (Christina Drayton)
Katharine Houghton (Joey Drayton)
Cecil Kellaway (Monsignor Ryan)
Beah Richards (Mrs. Prentice)
Roy E. Glenn Sr. (Mr. Prentice)
Isabel Sanford (Tillie)
Virginia Christine (Hilary St. George)
Alexandra Hay (Carhop)
Barbara Randolph (Dorothy)
D’Urville Martin (Frankie)
Tom Heaton (Peter)
Grace Gaynor (Judith)
John Hudkins (Cab Driver)

Written by
William Rose

100. “Yankee Doodle Dandy” 1942
An outstanding musical about the life and times of George M. Cohan (James Cagney), playwright, entertainer, composer and patriot. Academy Award® Nominations: 8, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Story. Academy Awards®: Best Actor–James Cagney, Best Sound Recording, Best Scoring of a Musical Picture.
from Warner Bros.

Directed by
Michael Curtiz

James Cagney (George M. Cohan)
Joan Leslie (Mary Cohan)
Walter Huston (Jerry Cohan)
Richard Whorf (Sam Harris)
Irene Manning (Fay Templeton)
George Tobias (Dietz)
Rosemary De Camp (Nellie Cohan)
Jeanne Cagney (Josie Cohan)
Frances Langford (Nora Bayes (singer))
George Barbier (Erlanger)
S.Z. Sakall (Schwab)
Walter Catlett (Manager)
Douglas Croft (George M. Cohan (age 13))
Eddie Foy Jr. (Eddie Foy)
Minor Watson (Albee)
Chester Clute (Goff)
Odette Myrtil (Madame Barthold)
Patsy Lee Parsons (Josie Cohan (age 12))
Jack Young (The President)
Eddie Acuff (Reporter)
Murray Alper (Wiseguy)
Leon Belasco (Magician)
Henry Blair (George Cohan, age 7)
Walter Brooke (Reporter)
Leslie Brooks (Chorus girl “Little Johnny Jones”)
Georgia Carroll (Betsy Ross)
Dick Chandlee (Teenager)
Spencer Charters (Stage Manager)
Wallace Clark (Teddy Roosevelt)
William B. Davidson (Stage manager, N.Y.)
Ann Doran (Receptionist)
Tom Dugan (Actor, railroad station)
Bill Edwards (Reporter)
Frank Faylen (Sergeant)
Pat Flaherty (White House guard)
James Flavin (Union Army veteran)
William Forrest (1st critic)
Creighton Hale (Telegraph operator)
John Hamilton (Recruiting officer)
Harry Hayden (Dr, Lewellyn)
William Hopper (Reporter)
Joyce Horne (Teenager)
Thomas E. Jackson (Stage manager)
Marijo James (Sister act)
Edward Keane (2nd critic)
Dorothy Kelly (Sister act)
Fred Kelsey (Irish cop in “Pecks Bad Boy”)
Phyllis Kennedy (Fanny)
Audrey Long (Receptionist)
Jo Ann Marlowe (Josie Cohan, age 6)
Frank Mayo (Hotel clerk)
George Meeker (Hotel Clerk)
Dolores Moran (Girl)
Lee Murray (Jockey)
Garry Owen (Army clerk)
Francis Pierlot (Dr. Anderson)
Joyce Reynolds (Teenager)
Ruth Robinson (Nurse)
Clinton Rosemond (White House butler)
Syd Saylor (Star Boarder)
Charles Smith (Teenager)
Sailor Vincent (Schultz in “Pecks Bad Boy”)
Dick Wessel (Union Army veteran)
Poppy Wilde (Chorus girl “Little Johnny Jones”)
Joan Winfield (Sally)

Written by
Edmund Joseph
Robert Buckner (also story)