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Monday 23rd of July 2018
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Scott McClellan Didn’t Out Bush for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Cheney Did.

by Mark Karlin, Editor and Publisher, BuzzFlash.com

As we’ve noted before, BuzzFlash feels personally invested in the exposing of the White House treason surrounding the outing of Valerie Plame, which resulted in impairing our national security when it comes to tracking weapons of mass destruction. Following up on a David Corn commentary shortly after the infamous Bob “The Traitor” Novak column, BuzzFlash helped Corn raise the alarm about the dangerous and illegal significance of the identification of Plame as a CIA operative.

10 Signs of Intelligent Life at YouTube (Smart Video Collections)

by OpenCulture

It’ss been a constant lament by Sarah, “It’s Me”, that YouTube offers its users scant little intellectual content. And that content is itself hard to find. Just visit YouTube’s so-called Education Section, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything actually educational. But the good news is that we’re seeing some recent signs of intelligent life at YouTube. The video service hosts an increasing number of intellectually redeemable video collections. And so we figured why not do some heavy lifting and bring a few your way. If YouTube won’t make them easy to find, then we will. (Also see 10 Ways to Make Your iPod a Better Learning Gadget.)

Move Your Money: A New Year’s Resolution

Last week, over a pre-Christmas dinner, the two of us, along with political strategist Alexis McGill, filmmaker/author Eugene Jarecki, and Nick Penniman of the HuffPost Investigative Fund, began talking about the huge, growing chasm between the fortunes of Wall Street banks and Main Street banks, and started discussing what concrete steps individuals could take to help create a better financial system. Before long, the conversation turned practical, and with some help from friends in the world of bank analysis, a video and website were produced devoted to a simple idea: Move Your Money.

Walking Nervous Breakdown

by Michael Ventura

The thing about doing radio is that you can’t stop and think. That’s what they call “dead air.” Radio artists of old – Jean Shepherd, Fred Allen – knew how to pause and let a moment hover, but you don’t ever stop. I had stopped. I was being interviewed in a dingy Pacifica station in Studio City. Dingy is dingy, I don’t mind it, but suddenly that day (some years ago) I minded a lot. I noticed the little broadcast booth was dark, and there were coffee stains on the table by the mics, and the carpet was worn almost through, and it was dirty, there was stuff around – stuff, scraps of this and that … a used paper cup by the trash basket (someone missed the throw?), a stapler on its side on the table (why hadn’t anyone put it right, how long had it been like that, an hour, all day, days?).

What will we do if big two go bust?

by Rolfe Winkler

They don’t know it, but taxpayers stand to lose billions as the housing bubble bursts. And in a bipartisan effort to “do something” to save the housing market, President Bush and the Democratic Congress appear set to put taxpayers on the hook for billions more.

Until now, losses in the housing world have been confined to homeowners, mortgage lenders, banks and investors in toxic mortgage securities. But by virtue of the implicit federal guarantee backing mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, U.S. taxpayers may be one of the largest mortgage lenders in the world – set to lose billions, like all the others.

While You Were Sleeping, The Economy Collapsed

by Neithercorp

One of the most powerful forces in human psychology is the force of habit. Consistency, apathetic comfort, ties men to the ocean bottom to squeeze every ounce of oxygen from their last breath until it is gone, and we wake up at 50 or 60, only realizing then that we have done the same things and thought the same thoughts for decades without err. Repetition makes us easy to startle and easy to control. Any sudden break in daily routine can cause most people to freeze; animals gripped with terror at the very possibility of necessary individual action or adaptation.

Can you survive economic crisis?

by Drew Zahn

Booming preparedness industry says Americans are stockpiling

© 2014 WorldNetDail

To some, the term “survivalist” conjures images of camouflage-clad men stockpiling freeze-dried food in a mountain cabin, but in the current economic crisis, the people quietly preparing to survive catastrophe may just be your next-door neighbors.

In his column in last month’s Financial Times, business and technology expert Ade McCormack writes, “The world is in crisis and with it the world of business. Many of us have two plans. Plan A involves President Barack Obama performing some economic magic. Plan B involves a revolver, a vegetable patch and a subscription to Survivalist Monthly.”